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Chapter 100: No Title

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

“Is this person… our instructor? That fatty who looks harmless?” A female cadet exerted all her strength on the arm of another female cadet beside her, asking her with a look of disbelief. That female cadet who was being grabbed upon opened her mouth widely and took in a deep breath. Whether she was in pain or frightened, she remained stunned and speechless.

Regardless whether it was the maintenance camp or the special forces camp, the cadets did not know how to express their current feelings and were all startled beyond words.

That was even more so for the cadets of the special forces camp, including those old soldiers; they felt as if they had been smacked fiercely on the face! No wonder others would say that ignorance is bliss. Comparing themselves to Fatty, they felt that just with their few colors would never be enough for others to look at [1]. The military was filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. In the past, they always thought that if the heaven was first, then they would be second. Now, they knew otherwise—all those were just farts!

Katherine had even covered her terrified face as she looked upon Fatty. She had honestly never thought that this fair and plump chap would be so formidable. Wasn’t challenging him simply seeking her death? So the other party was letting her go her way and it was truly as what he had said—her minuscule combat techniques were merely just a move or two of child-play kung fu. If that single kick of his landed on her body, would the cells and flesh on this body of hers still have anything left behind?

Fatty did not care about those cadets. Since he wanted to display how awe-inspiring he was, then he would do so to the end! He would completely make sure all these people, who did not know how high the heavens were and how thick the earth was, were convinced! Otherwise, there would be even more trouble in the future.

Coldly sneering, he walked towards the side of the training ground belonging to the special forces camp. Turning back to look at those dumb-as-wooden-chicken cadets, he said, “Is the special forces that amazing?!”

Grabbing a training grenade, he abruptly threw it. That grenade moved through a beautiful arc over the skies before directly landing outside the perimeters of the training ground! After that, he grabbed two bayonets before reversing one and piercing it into the high-density power measurement mark, all the way until the handle could not even be seen. As for the other bayonet, he did not even look as he threw it. That bayonet flew across 15 meters before landing right on the throat of the figure.

Fatty had looked at those wide mouths of the special forces cadet while taking a standard rifle used by the special forces. After a few sounds of pitter-patter, in just a few seconds, he had dismantled the rifle into a pile of parts, and then, closing his eyes, he used an extremely fast speed to return the rifle to its original shape.

Fatty was originally a paragon of someone who would get hyped up when in front of an audience. At this moment, he was becoming addicted. With a pat on the energy box, he raised the rifle, aiming it at the target 100 meters away before sweeping it across. The bullets did not hit the heart of the target, but instead, it lined up in a line before cutting through the neck of the target. The special forces cadets all knew that this fatty was too lazy to let them go and check the results of hitting the mark and was using this method to tell others that the rifle was meant to be played this way!

Throwing the rifle aside, he then walked towards the obstacle course before tossing a stopwatch and unhurriedly pressed it, after which he suddenly leapt out just like a cheetah. That enormous explosiveness had allowed him to accelerate to his maximum speed within moments. Walls of one meter tall, two meters tall, three meters tall were all treated like there were no obstacles at all; none of them could slow down his movements. After passing through the wall of three meters tall, in just three steps, he crossed over the single-wooden bridge. His body had not even swayed even once. The rope course was even more like one that had been meant as a warm-up for him. Every time he climbed, there would not be a single strand of time or energy wasted. Reaching the mud pool, Fatty was just like a crocodile hunting; that body of his that seemed stupid had actually flew through the pool quickly. Although his back was mere centimeters away from the barbed wire above and his posture did not look good, his speed was frightening. After that, the horizontal pole and other obstacles could not slow him down at all. It was only when he finished the entire obstacle course did he finally slow down and take out the stopwatch before stopping it.

None of them needed to look at the stopwatch in his hand; the special forces training camp cadets all knew that compared to this fatty, even their own instructor wasn’t his match!

What was called a commando? This was!

The special forces cadets were ashamed and unable to show their faces. They had merely learned some chicken feather, garlic skin [2] before strutting out and terrorizing others. Only now did they finally know how ignorant they were!

Even though Fatty was showing off, he had the means to do so! Only such a person had the qualifications to boast! And being laughed by this person was fine. If he did not have the qualifications to laugh at you, then who would?!

After training for a week, these cadets finally understood that being part of the special forces was not something as easy as they had thought it would be. They had to put in countless times more sweat and maybe even blood than the ordinary soldiers. Without undergoing tens of thousands of tough trainings, one would never be qualified to become an appropriate commando, and for them to participate in this training camp with their vanity, was something they could only blame themselves for!

The captain instructor of the special forces camp really felt regretful. He had never thought that this fat first lieutenant, who did not seem he could run, was actually a veteran of the special forces. Furthermore, not only was he a veteran, he was also one of the best. Whichever special forces camp he was placed in, he would still remain as the first choice of becoming the company commander!

Just based on what the other party had revealed, he was really far off from him! If this was on the battlefield in the rear enemy lines, meeting such a commando would only have one outcome—death. In the special forces, only the most outstanding person had the capabilities to speak. This was the tradition passed down from several hundreds of years in the Federation special forces, and this was a rule! Only with power could one shoulder the responsibility of ensuring the troops were safe, only with power could he be the insurance to completing the mission!

The captain knew that there was a purpose for this fatty to show off. He chose the most basic subjects of the special forces.

His skills in unarmed wrestling need not be said; seeing that fried-dough-twist-like steel railing and the fallen tree was enough to prove it. His skills in armed combat was proven by those two stabs that included both close and far range, showing how others would never be his opponent! He was fierce and accurate! As for the rifle, there was no need for an explanation—the other party was truly an expert in playing with rifles! Dismantling, assembling, and shooting were all at an extreme standard! As for the grenade throwing, the other party had merely gave it a toss, and his distance was more than 60 meters away from the perimeter walls of the training ground—he did that casually as if he was playing! The obstacle course was one that made others feel shocked. It felt like this fatty had been born for this purpose. One could simply see that the other party had reached this standard after training and embroiling for long periods of time in battles behind the enemy lines!

What the captain did not know was that after the war started, Fatty had escaped from the battlefield for more 20 times, and whatever terrain there was was something he had ran from before. Adding that thousands of kilometers in distance would ensure his technique in this aspect to be absolutely number one under the heavens.

Compared to the silence of the special forces camp, the maintenance camp cadets were in seventh heaven. They had long treated fatty as a deity in their heart, these cadets had originally not seen before the world outside, and furthermore, they were at the age of idolizing heroes. With their own instructor, who had used his own prowess to vent the anger of these cadets, that sort of feeling were entirely invigorating to the maximum!

Their decision of coming to this maintenance camp was correct! This fatty was someone they would certainly follow! Bull, he was truly too bullish [3]! What was an expert? This was an expert! Furthermore, the other party had been concealing himself. You would not know when he would become crazy, and this caused all of them to helpless start idolizing him!

Fatty saw the expressions of marvel on everyone and could not help but feel joy. This father had been forced to this state that time by the black bear instructor, suffering until today when I could finally take my revenge. Occasionally showing off felt damningly addictive.

Right as he was feeling joy, he suddenly heard a fierce shout, “Who threw this grenade!” Fatty turned around, only to see that it was Hamid. He took that training grenade and walked over with a furious expression that seemed to be here to seek punitive actions.

Fatty was startled: “Who did it hit?”

The moment Hamid saw it was him, his attitude immediately became docile again and asked, “Was it you who threw it?” Seeing fatty nodding, he placed that training grenade in his hand before continuing, “It almost hit General Russell. Remember to be careful next time!”

Fatty felt a burst of terror. He scolded himself for being so happy that he forgot about his place. Hurriedly replying, he said, “Pardon me, pardon me, I’m way too careless!”

Several of the cadets who saw that fatty had actually almost “crushed” Russell to death with the grenade felt schadenfreude. This fatty would most likely have a serious ending, yet in the end, the next sentence said by Hamid had caused them to be stunned.

Hamid said to Fatty, “Just nice, general has asked me to inform you that he has a meeting this afternoon and will not be having lessons with you. You should go arrange time to study some examples of battles by yourself.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The moment Hamid left, he left behind a group of dumbstruck wooden chickens.

Chaos_ Chaos_

[1] They lacked in kung fu compared to Fatty, so much so that it wasn’t worth for others to view them. Author uses color to describe how colorful it is.

[2] Some trivial techniques.

[3] Very fierce as an expert.

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