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Chapter 101: No Title

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Seeing how those cadets were turning crazy, Fatty knew that this time, the impact was truly too great. Hamid was a direct person; he would say whatever there was to say. Everyone knew that until now, the academy had not yet officially started its lessons. Those who registered for the two modules taught by Russell had almost started fighting, as there was a quota on those who could attend his classes. The leaders of the academy had already convened several meetings to confirm who would attend his lectures, but nobody had ever heard of someone who could receive Russell’s tutelage alone.

One needed to just think further on Hamid’s words before he would understand that this maintenance camp instructor was Russell’s first disciple! Just solely judging on the fact that Russell had to send someone and inform Fatty when he was attending a meeting would allow others to know how bullish this person was.

In the past when Russell was still part of the Gyaca Woods Empire, many of his battle examples were included in the syllabus of the education in the Leray Federation. The number of people who idolized him could not be counted! Thereafter, when the Gyaca Woods Empire brazenly invaded the Federation, the person commanding the Imperial Army was naturally Russell. At that moment, everyone in the Federation held deep-bone hatred towards him! But this sort of hatred was not enough to conceal their reverence and fear towards this military expert. When these cadets were discussing, they had mentioned many times of finding a way to assassinate Russell! Wiping out the existence of this person was practically the thought the Federation had during their most difficult time. This person was truly too dangerous!

When these violent thoughts were traced back to their roots, naturally, it was due to the foundation built upon their reverence towards Russell’s capabilities in military affairs.

After Russell joined their nation, his insurrection immediately caused the entire Gyaca Woods Empire’s offense on Newton Galaxy to crumble entirely. No matter how much they hated this person, it had instead been transformed into ineffable joy!

The more hated the person was, the happier others would be! Russell’s accomplishments in military affairs had finally stopped being used by the enemies of the Federation. On the contrary, he was the guarantee towards Federation’s future victory against the other nation! For the Gyaca Woods Empire to lose their top general, what could they do after that? They could only count down the days to their destruction!

Becoming the disciple of this famous general was the dream of every single cadet in the military academy. It might possibly even be the dream of many young commanding officers.

This dream had once been relinquished by Fatty. Fortunately, those who knew of this matter were few. Otherwise, Fatty would most likely be cursed to death by others.

Looking at these cadets who would become future soldiers and seeing the fireworks in their eyes, Fatty began to feel alarmed and immediately waved his hand: “Let’s forget about everything. Everyone should continue working hard in their learning! Dismissed, dismissed!” Saying that, he immediately ran off.

The special forces camp cadets felt grief to the extent that they were half-dead. Why was this fatty not their instructor?!

The one feeling even more grieved than others was Katherine. She truly wanted to turn back time, and if possible, all the way until that moment when Fatty was squeezing his way amidst the crowd of female students. This lesson taught to her would be engraved in her mind. She finally understood what it meant by “judging a book by its cover” and would never do so for eternity and neither would she ever despise a fatty. Others need not be said, but the other party was, at the very least, heavier than you are!

How would the maintenance camp cadets let Tian Xing Jian go that easily? They surrounded Fatty with three layers on the outside and three layers on the inside and went jabbering non-stop.

Fatty angrily shouted, “A group of ingrates! Today, you have thrown the face of this father! If not for that white rabbit student who came to call me, I’d not have known what had happened! A group of males being beaten so thoroughly by a female student… is that something you can be proud of?”

A male student mumbled, “Our profession is research-based. How could people like us, who used our brain, fight with others who move their fists?”

Fatty jumped up three feet high before scolding, “You will not fight if you can’t win? Are you engineers and I am not?” The more he thought, the angrier he got. Damn, this father took on the responsibility of protecting the nation. None of you should ever think of escaping from me. He immediately commanded, “From today onwards, everyone will be undergoing physical training! Otherwise, all of you will be like bean sprouts when pulled outside that could be bullied by anyone. Everyone, start running!”

Fatty jumped up and down in releasing his anger. Those rogue cadets knew this wretched person had changed the topic, and yet, they couldn’t do anything. Instead of tasting the lamb, they ended up creating trouble for themselves. Despite the blame overflowing to the heavens, they were ultimately forced to begin the strengthening plan decided by Fatty.

The white rabbit student ended up behind. She happily jumped towards Fatty and said, “Instructor, I’ve measured the weight of my luggage and it really was 25 kilograms! You are really accurate!” After that, she asked Fatty bewilderedly, “Instructor, why do you call me big white rabbit? Am I really white?”

Fatty bled from his seven orifices as he struggled to reply, “That’s right, really, really white!” That “white” from being an idiot [1]!

It was seldom for him to not have lessons for half a day. Fatty had taken the initiative to forget the arrangement given by Russell for him to study battle examples on his own. Coincidentally, today was the day An Lei was resting at home, so he decided to go back home and revel with his eyes.

After training those maintenance camp cadets to the extent that they were foaming from their mouths, Fatty did not care how bitter they were towards him and went home directly.

Mother An was having an afternoon nap. An Lei, though, was curled up on the sofa watching the television; however, as she was afraid of disturbing Mother An, An Lei decided to use her earphones.

Fatty stealthily walked towards the sofa. He wanted to find the best angle to peep, yet in the end, he found out with disappointment that the shirt worn by An Lei did not give him any opportunities. ‘I’ll never choose a designer who designs this sort of home-worn clothes!’ Fatty angrily cursed in his heart.

The living room was really quiet, and there was only the occasional soft laugh coming from An Lei as she watched the television. The clock hanging on the wall was tick-tocking non-stop as well, seemingly as if it was reminding him that time would never stop. Fatty stood behind the sofa silently as he watched An Lei, watching this gentle and sweet-tempered girl, watching that alluring, lovable figure of hers with curves akin to water ripples, watching her swan-like neck with a pair of mellow and full shoulders, watching that perfectly round, soft bosom that appeared firm and upright when set off against the slender waist of hers, watching that beautiful butt that pulled on a moving arc, watching the innocent yet concentrated expression she had when watching the television, and watching her curled up on the sofa just like an indolent kitten.

Fatty felt that no matter how he watched, it would still not be enough. He truly wanted to stand here forever and watch this little girl who was engrossed in the television as time ticked by until he grew old.

When the television programme ended, An Lei took out her earphones regretfully. For the sake of not frightening her, Fatty slid to the door and made some sound from opening the door.

Seeing that Fatty had come back, An Lei ran over barefooted before delightedly asking, “When did you come back? Do you not need to go for your lessons later?”

Fatty replied naively, “Mn, there’s nothing this afternoon. I have been competing with others before noon, causing my entire body to be full of mud, so I came back to bathe. Want to bathe together?” An Lei shyly gave Fatty a look with that red face of hers: “I’ll bring your clothes.”

While waiting for her to bring down his clothes, Fatty had long tunneled into the bathroom. An Lei knocked on the door and said, “I’ve brought your clothes… I’ll place it…” She had yet to finish her words before Fatty replied with a loud voice, acting as if he had not heard anything, “Ah, you’ve brought them already? So fast!”

“Shua!” This wretched person opened the door in the nude before asking foolishly, “Where are the clothes?” An Lei screamed out. She had never thought that Fatty would be so evil. Immediately closing her eyes, she said, “Darling Tian, you are such a pervert!”

Fatty did not care that much. After taking his clothes, he pulled An Lei into the bathroom before closing the door.

[1] 白痴的白: “白痴” refers to idiot. “白” refers to white. So the white in idiot. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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