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Chapter 9: Online War Simulation

Translator: Chaos_, Luna Editor: Geoffrey_

Days passed very quickly. The people in the research lab were discussing the overall situation regarding the war on the land. There had been too many different rumors going on. Through the hyper-internet, television news was broadcasted about all the victories the Federation Army had, as if the overall situation was perfectly well.

Being the only person in the research lab with actual combat experience, Tian Xing Jian did not buy what was said in the news. He knew that even though their overall victory was certain, after analyzing the overall situation, the Federation still had to face this arduous test. After all, the Gyaca Woods Empire was a nation that was fundamentally built on military power. Furthermore, their army had a truly formidable combat power. This sort of combat power was not what the Leray Federation Army, who had been in long periods of peace, could match. Thus, it was most certain that this war would be a long period of closely-fought contests.

National power and equipment readiness were just one of the many important factors for achieving victory in this war. There were still many other factors that would determine the conclusion. Sometimes, a commanding officer might make the mistake of sending the most talented fleet, whose weaponry and equipment were equivalent to a few months of gross domestic product for the entire nation, to its funeral.

Tian Xing Jian remained the same. Staying in front of the central computer day in and day out, he looked for all sorts of techniques that could be used to increase his chances of survival. Looking as how every single life on the television disappeared just like that, he felt full of despair for his own future. This sort of despair and torment was urging him on to concentrate even further to learn all the different techniques that may seem useless.

《An Illustration of Battling with A Mecha》, 《An Unconventional Way of Controlling Battle Mecha》, 《Deductions on the Results of War》, 《The History of Wars between Mankind》, 《The Art of Survival》, 《Science of Commanding the Battleship》, 《The Secrets of Outer Space Dogfight》, 《Tactics for Surprising the Enemy After Being Conquered》, 《Tempering the Velocity of Your Hand》, 《How to Maintain Your Distance》, 《Research of Assistance Devices》, 《Precision Attacks》, 《Understanding Poisons》, 《Training the Sixth Sense》, 《Reproductive Health》, 《How to Last for a Longer Period of Time》, 《The Ten Sensitive Spots of a Female Body》, 《72 Methods of Love》...

Other than a few random nonsense that were the private collections of some wealthy, dirty person, the other courses of specialties could not be found outside. Most of these courses were classified under confidential, with many of these titles never been seen by military instructors and ordinary instructors in the academy.

Fatty poured his passion into following these courses. The perseverance and willpower he displayed when learning had caused everyone in the research lab to consider themselves as being not as good as Fatty. His hardworking attitude was on an entirely different level than even the most frantic worker — Boswell. He had even utilized simulations of the various environments of planets within the gravity room to train his unarmed techniques, control of Battle Mechas, and many other different trainings. Milan termed this as self-oppression.

Half a year passed. The overall situation of war did not proceed according to the promise the Federation’s president gave during his televised speech to the entire nation. Both factions continued on at an impasse a war on Miracolo Planet. But, the ground situation had improved markedly after the Federation sent soldiers in. Gyaca Woods Empire could no longer be as reckless as before in surrounding all the cities. They had pulled back to those cities which they conquered at the very beginning. Their previous swarm attacks had now been stopped ever since the Federation’s air force exterminated all their attacking teams garrisoned in over 20 cities. Now, warfare had turned back to the non-cities area as the Empire formed a defense line to prevent the Federation Army from attacking their cities through certain channels.

Fatty’s bizarre training time had also been taken away because Professor Boswell’s investigations had reached a crucial stage. This was an online war simulation that depended fully on actual figures to simulate war, so as to groom large amounts of military talents and to make up for the deficiency of the Leray Federation’s military academy’s lack of proper command training.

There was no need to say how important this online war simulation was for the Jialipalan military institute of Leray Federation. The person in charge of data calculations and making a simulated cabin, Fatty, was also thoroughly into it. He had been completely overwhelmed by this unprecedented tool.

The central data used to build this system was so huge that it had startled everyone who participated in its creation. This simulation system’s Battle Mecha, fleet, planet, nation, and even the grass and trees were simulated to the degree that it all felt real. Included in the simulation were various factors that may affect the war such as topography, weather, and other environmental factors. However, the mysterious factor of luck would certainly divert the system’s simulation and reality. Nothing could be done to solve this. Still, being a system used for training, its current capability was enough.

This system had received the military and the President’s office’s close attention. During the final phase of this experiment, the capital’s military institute and the three big military academies within the steel battling institute had invested in twenty high-grade research labs in order to perfect this system.

Finally, after a year since the war broke out for the Leray Federation, on this commemorative day, the online war simulator called《Real War》 was completed and had been opened to the three big military institutes and the army. Certain simulations had also been included in the graduating trainee’s examinations, much like how real combat exercises were part of their examination. And those military men who could not meet certain standards in the simulation examinations would similarly not be promoted.


Fatty was smiling so greatly that his mouth had become crooked. Right now, he was suppressing someone. His opponent was ranked as a 5 star Federation Tiger commando. They were current battling in a mountainous region with their Battle Mechas.

After a few minutes, the battle had concluded. When the fatty was engaging in a close-combat fight with his opponent, he retreated to a location next to a cliff, showing a scene of not being able to withstand against the opponent’s * type of attack. After that, he activated his mecha’s propulsion system, pushing his mecha high up in the sky. His opponent’s Battle Mecha did not have the time to react. With a “hong”, a huge piece of rock weighing dozens of ton dropped down and smashed him into pulp. This was a trap which Fatty had long set up — he had demolished the structure supporting a protruding rock, and all he used was just a remote controlled landmine.


A burst of gasp sounded from the observation room. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

“It can’t be? Such a thing can even happen?”

“SM01314 is truly too wretched, despicable, and shameless.”

“Which academy did this chap come from? Does anyone recognize him? Can we request for the human search engine to find out who exactly he is?”

“That’s right, he’s too shameless. Should this old man find out who the real person is… hmph hmph…”

“300 battles already! What kind of tricks does this chap still have?”

“The religion of wretchedness will unite the entire martial world for a thousand years. The founder of SM is unrivaled, enjoying life as an immortal and living forever!”

“Damn! This chap obviously has strength! Yet, why can’t he just fight with his opponents using swords and rifles? Everytime, such a thing will happen.”

“What sh*t strength does he have? This chap is totally unorthodox. Every time I battle with him, I feel rather flustered.”

“Indeed, he is quite unorthodox. Last time, he was clearly in front of me, yet in the end, he appeared from behind me.”

“Me too! That chap’s final match yesterday was with me. I’ve flipped through the entire place, yet I can’t find him at all. So I thought he had left already, yet when I left, the system declared him as the winner. F***! Guess what he said this morning when I asked him? He said he was sleeping.”

The observation room for the online war simulation was filled with lively discussions with the main topic being this fatty’s 300 winning streak.

This wretched person called SM01314 could fully display his prowess on the online war simulation. Without worrying that someone would take revenge on him, he displayed the innumerable wretched battle techniques without any restraints at all. Every time someone fought with him, he or she would have the same feeling — unwilling for it to end like this! And they would have the resentment of being played by SM after the battle. Everyone felt that this chap has never truly won a battle by depending on his own combat power in an orthodox manner.

Once this resentment reached a certain degree, Fatty would become the street rat who was scolded and beaten by everyone in the online simulation war system. Ever since his 200th match, everyone had already been wishing for someone to dispose of this shameless chap, yet it was a pity that no one was able to do it thus far.

This online web simulation was truly a favor given to him by the heavens. In this place, he would not need to be afraid of dying. Furthermore, reading books like 《Psychology》, 《The Way of Concealment Like An Assassin》, and many others had truly directed him on this path. With so many different kinds of opponents in the online web simulation, Fatty did not have to use Milan or the other researchers as his opponent.

“Damned fatty, so this was where you were hiding!”

Just when he exited the simulation cabin, Tian Xing Jian saw the beautiful pilot directing her anger at him.

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