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Chapter 64: Peirce’s Sign

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Why was she here?

Tian Xing Jian’s mind was in a total mess. Karl tried his best to shake him a few times before he finally woke up from his stupor

Returning to his office in a daze, Tian Xing Jian was no longer able to fully concentrate when he saw the battle reports in his computer.

The appearance of that girl had stirred up the softest part of Tian Xing Jian. This fatty, who was usually wretched and shameless to the point of a steel reinforced bone [1], was currently in a state where he was flooded by the memories resurfacing in his heart. He had weird expressions on his face—at times, it was sorrow; at times, it was agony; and at times, he would be gritting his teeth as if he was in excruciating pain.

Karl did not know what sickness had relapsed in Fatty. As he began feeling more and more alarmed from watching him, he suddenly saw Fatty stand up and shout, “Go f*** your mother! This father will just stake everything he has! After all, there’s so much meat on this body! Whoever loves it will be given to who!”

Karl was so shocked by Fatty’s actions that he jumped. Fatty was possessed! Turning around, Karl ran off immediately, only to be grabbed by Fatty before he could escape.

“Karl, analyze for me. What do you think Russel is trying to do?”

Karl’s large brain shook here and there, making others suspect how that thin neck of his could bear the shaking for such a long time. Finally, after shaking for a while, a sentence came out from him: “The gap is too far! I can’t analyze it.”

Fatty sighed helplessly as he perused through the information on the battles once again to make a deduction. He had done this battle deduction many many times, and every time, the outcome would be the same—he could not find out the hidden objective of the enemy.

Karl stood by the side as he watched Fatty draw weird symbols on the map skilfully while inputting the various data required in the procedure of deduction. Even though he did not understand what those symbols were, Karl understood what the data represented. If he was the one doing the deduction, a long time would be needed to be spent to analyze the data from the combat intelligence reports before this set of data could be obtained. Seeing Fatty drawing symbols on the map, he supplied the data in a short moment baselessly, making Karl dizzy since he could not understand what was going on.

The deduction procedure’s strategic deployment map was produced. Fatty looked at this map while deeply pondering over it. Karl extended that huge brain of his forward before looking at it together with him. The two of them looked at the deployment map for a long time, yet neither of them had any clues what was the objective behind the enemy’s actions.

According to the degree of the Imperial Army’s offense alongside the casualties faced currently by the defending Federation Army, Tian Xing Jian could certainly deduce the offensive military strength of the Imperial Army.

But, where exactly did this military power come from? The empty, blank space on the report hurt his mind. According to this deduced military strength data, the Imperial Army could certainly continue their push all the way into Jialipalan!

Just a few more dozens of hours, if they did not transfer the army units from other defense lines, the Federation Army would certainly lose Garo Mountain. All Russell needed to do was to continue this degree of offense until the sky darkened. He could bring out his right fist—that terrifying fist—that could one-hit kill the Federation regardless of whether the action was continuing their offense towards Garo Mountain, forcefully breaking through, or continuing on into the flanks before attacking the defense lines where the troops were transferred to in Garo Mountain.

Karl opened up a document on the computer before saying to Fatty, “This is the combat report of the exchange fire between our outer space fleet and the enemy. Have a look at it. Just like Garo Mountain, Russell had somehow produced a fleet.”

Fatty did not look at the combat report; instead, he continued looking at the current situation on the military map in a daze, mechanically turning towards Karl as he said, “Tell me, if I tell you that Russell is currently sending the Imperial Army to their death, would you believe me?”

Karl turned about and left. This Fatty was truly mad. If he suddenly became crazy, someone’s life might be threatened.

Fatty shook his head. He did not believe in it himself, as the signal produced from the offense deployment had merely been a coincidence.

After deducing for another half a day, nothing came out of it, leading to Fatty lying back on his chair and closing his eyes as he racked his brain from all angles. However, that symbol which looked like a Peirce’s Sign on the map continued orbiting in his brain as it would not leave!

Peirce’s Sign was a set of famous space signs during the era of ancient Earth invented by a colonel named Peirce. The period when Peirce was born was when humans first entered the outer space age. As humans had just discovered that they could bring about the natural wormhole in space, just like the age of navigation by sea, countless organizations popped up as they started their own adventure fleets, exploring the vast cosmos and searching for an unknown world.

That was the golden age, as the adventurers had written in their memoirs the mystical experiences out there, carrying on eternally in the annals of history.

However, as the advancement of technology was still considered quite slow, most exploration teams started by humans entering the warp points did not return, especially so for a great amount of private adventurers, as their communication and space flight equipment were not dependable. When they were lost, nobody truly knew which spaceships had entered which space warp points. As for the space flight records left behind by the adventurers outside the warp points, most of them had been destroyed by either the ultra-heavy particles existing in the cosmos or the comets that passed by. With the records being so small and the adventurers having unclear goals, descendants would not easily discover the records left behind.

All kinds of malpractice made the Earth Federation forbid any forms of private exploration. After bringing outer space exploration into the jurisdiction under of the Federation, only the high-level organizations of the government could ensure a system to be used for outer space exploration–every single exploration ship sent by the Federation would have to maintain communication with an enormous surface command and control center.

However, even though the Federation’s government could ensure safety under their jurisdiction, the expenditures were too great and the exploration progression was too slow, leading to them being denounced by the public.

Furthermore, such control could not stop the curiosity of humans towards outer space; there would be batches upon batches of adventurers who stepped onto the journey towards the vast outer space for the sake of becoming famous or rich, and in the end, becoming records of people MIA [2].

At this time, the Earth Federation’s military Air Force Colonel Peirce invented a Micro-Photon Powder which he disseminated in the outer space’s information record sign. After several rounds of testing, this set of Sign System had been forcefully installed on every single outer spaceship by the Federation, bringing about the prologue to the true outer space exploration age!

Peirce’s Sign System allowed for those adventurers to scatter the Micro-Photon Powder on their electronic signal before entering the space warppoints, allowing for anybody who came by the same location to shine a decipher equipment before understanding what information had been hidden within. The Micro-Photon Powder was truly dazzling in the vast cosmos, and anyone could see it from a far distance. It was a good tool for those whose spaceships had broken down, alerting other spaceships of their location, so that they could come to their aid.

During the initial period of outer space exploration age, this system invented by Peirce was a huge contributor to the hastened advancement of development for humans, and it became one of the most famous signal systems in the entire history of mankind.

As the communications technology advanced, many more dependable technology came to play, and by now, Peirce’s signal was no longer being used; however, it remained as a classical product for graphical signaling, and the military institutes would frequently touch on this set of signals.

Fatty had touched upon this system when he was training in the scouts camp, as it could be used as a secret signal system when the scouts entered the rear enemy lines.

On the map, that sign was signaling something which nobody could truly think of. This sign that was made up of the bases that were attacked had a very simple meaning to it: Kill me; otherwise, you die! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[1] Figurative meaning: he is truly obstinate with regards to how shameless he is, just like how hard a steel reinforced bone; those vice are imbued deep within.

[2] Missing in action

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