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Chapter 16: Returning to War

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

“Pa.” The [Leader] mecha’s cabin door burst open as Grant jumped out flustered and exasperated. For a moment, he felt humiliated. For another moment, he felt indignant. Rushing over to Tian Xing Jian, he threw his fist out and started to beat him while scolding, “For you to even use a sneak attack, you are too despicable.”

Tian Xing Jian immediately retreated behind Nadal before naively saying with an expression of loss, “Do you also fight against your enemies on the battlefield with philosophy?”

Nadal stood in front of Fatty as he sneered at Grant, “You have taken the first action. Now that someone has directly fought back against you, you’re saying that others used sneak attacks on you? If you lose, just admit defeat. Are you a sore loser?”

The surrounding soldiers from the special scouts battalion moved forward together as they successively cracked their fists and rolled up their sleeves in preparation for a fight.

Grant’s face was somewhat red and somewhat white at the same time. After a moment, he finally threw down a sentence of “wait and see” before leading the commandos away angrily. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Alice felt that this wretched fatty was truly too despicable. His methods were all despicable and shameless to the max. She truly wanted to see the fatty being beaten to the point where he has to beg for his life. Yet this battle had ultimately been a loss for Grant. If they were to linger on any further, it would merely be bringing troubles upon themselves. As she was leaving, she could not help but glare at the fatty, yet what she saw was the wretched fatty giving her a flying kiss. She was filled with red-hot anger, and yet she could not do anything, Alice stomped her feet on the ground before running away. She had even ignored Grant as he called for her.

The entire camp finally started quiet down. Nadal gave the fatty a smile that did not seem like a smile. “You are good, Fatty. For you to let Grant eat such a big defeat, it seems that my eyesight is good.”

Fatty rubbed his head in a silly-manner before replying with modest, “It’s just luck, just luck. My level of battling with Battle Mechas is truly too low. All I can do is just bully those who have lower intelligence than me.”

Amidst the laughter of all the soldiers, Rashid announced, “From today onwards, first lieutenant Tian Xing Jian, 16th Division special scouts battalion, first company, we officially welcome you into our company.”

As Nadal left, he could not conceal his happiness. Seeing the defeated expression of Grant was truly one of his biggest joys. Who would have thought that even with such a fat external appearance, Fatty would have such formidable skill. Not only could he use his mouth to seemingly poison the other side, but his methods were also truly despicable and shameless. It seemed that this time, they could ride on the heads of the commando battalion. Making his decision, Nadal immediately went on to spread this news in the division department.

Joining together against a common adversary would truly create a mood of camaraderie between strangers, and for one of their own to create such a huge humiliation to the common adversary, he was totally the hero of their group. Thus, fatty, with the halo of heroism, soon integrated himself into the special scouts battalion.

It was the outer space New Age Year 2060, 19th of November. Miracolo public time, 1500 hours afternoon. The time left before the start of the most famous war in history, the Cato’s “Meat-Grinder Battlefield”, was less than 10 hours away.

Similarly at the same time, at 1500 hours, the Federation Army’s intelligence department confirmed that their defensive map of Miracolo Planet had been stolen, implying the possibility that their future combat plans had been revealed to the enemy.

1505 hours: The head of intelligence department received a call from the President’s Office and the Ministry of National Defense.

1510 hours: The Federation’s highest Supreme Headquarters, designated by both the President’s office and Ministry of National Defense, issued an order. The 5th Space Fleet was to enter and garrison itself within the big airports of the capital, implementing surveillance of the airfield nearby. Every flying vehicles would have to stop their action immediately, and anyone who resisted against the orders would be shot down without warning. At the same time, all communications would be controlled and disabled. The army would start to install interference on all radio waves.

1515 hours: The ground forces of the 1st Armored Division was fully mobilized, locking down every single key military institution within the capital. Every defensive battalion of the military installations were required to aid in the imposition of martial law.

1600 hours sharp: A total of 16 high-ranking commanding officers and 112 others who had been in contact with the blueprints and future combat plans were suspected of being spies and had been isolated for further interrogations.

1700 hours: Fatty announced that he would be treating the entire company to a meal, earning their endorsement and support.

At the same time, the Federation’s highest Supreme Headquarters convened a meeting. As their previous work had been completed three days ago, during this emergency, the Supreme Headquarters decided to begin the plans of opening the western passageway of Cato City to save the cities that had been surrounded by the enemies. This combat plan in Cato City had been termed as “Operation Lightning”.

1800 hours: The company commander Rashid, six others platoon second-in-commands, a signal team leader, and a technology-expert team leader had invited Tian Xing Jian to dinner.

At the same time, the orders of the Supreme Headquarters had finally reached the individual divisions, requesting them to prepare themselves and meet the schedule provided in the plan.

1820 hours: The feast that had just begun was cut short. The battalion department ordered the current second-in-command company commander to go for an emergency meeting. All company activities were cancelled, and all soldiers must be fully-prepared for war. The current war preparation status was at Level A.

1825 hours: Rashid and Tian Xing Jian reached the battalion department after having been informed of the plans. Battalion Commander Nadal had also arrived at the division department for an emergency meeting.

1910 hours: Nadal received a call from the division that this battalion department meeting would include even the platoon commanders that had an officer rank.

1913 hours: All officers with the rank of company commander or platoon commander had reached the battalion department.

1930 hours: Nadal finally returned after the meeting with the division. He immediately began to talk about the current war intelligence, explaining what was transpiring.

The forward command center had requested for all direct subordinates of the ground forces, the different armored divisions, and the aviation squadrons to fully prepare themselves for war. As for the commando teams within these divisions, they would set off at an earlier time. Their mission was to interfere with the enemy's radar, electronics, logistics, airbases, artillery, and the Sky Network System. At the same time, they are also required to acquire a clearer picture of the enemy locations while working in tandem with the air force to bombard them.

2000 hours: The meeting had ended, and the battalion was assembled.

2100 hours: The air-naval armored fighter planes were brought out of the hangar in preparation of charging them with energy and loading ammunition. At the same time, the commandos were assembled at the various big wild airports all over the place.

2130 hours: The air-naval armored fighter planes have departed from the airports. The first batch of commandos had also started to board the medium-sized transport ships.

2140 hours: Tian Xing Jian rode on [Logic] as he boarded a medium-sized transport ship. The door of the ship slowly folded itself before the lights within the cabin were switched on. The Aviation Squadron 16th Division, special scouts battalion, first company would be the first company to penetrate deep into the enemy’s territory. The distance of flight was over 1000 kilometers. They were in the first batch of transport ships to lift off.

2200 hours: The first batch of medium-sized flying ships started moving into formation. Three minutes later, the formation was complete and the various groups of transport ships started flying towards their destination.

2220 hours: The second batch of flying ships had finally left the airports. Three armored fighter planes were responsible for the protection of the flying ship Tian Xing Jian was on.

2225 hours: The medium-sized transport ship that was installed with reverse gravitational field has left the atmosphere. The three air-naval fighter planes continued to fly towards their destination that was within the atmosphere.

2245 hours: The flying ship once again entered the atmosphere and entered into formation with the fighter planes.

2305 hours: As they have reached their destination, the Imperial Army’s anti-air firepower started to shoot. The transport ship had been hit on many places.

2312 hours: The transport ship descended to a lower altitude above the designated location. The first company of the special scouts battalion started to jump down from the plane.

2313 hours: The very first Battle Mecha that descended from the sky, a broken-looking mecha, suddenly shouted out!

“This f***ing war! Your father is back once again!”

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