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Chapter 42: Si Mai Restaurant

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Walking to the exit of the research lab, Tian Xing Jian saw the beautiful Milan wearing a perplexed expression sitting in an office chair in the main hall as she stared in a daze. Her current demeanor felt truly touching and calming.

Fatty could not stop himself from walking over and patting Milan on the shoulder. “For me to survive and return in one piece is such a huge matter. Aren’t you going to treat me to a meal?”

Milan turned around. Seeing it was him, her face started blushing again. “Pei, so what if you die or not?”

Tian Xing Jian laughed and said, “Then let me treat you to a meal instead.”

Milan hesitated for a moment before finally she snorted and stood up. “Since it’s going to be a waste if I don’t eat, let’s visit the Si Mai Restaurant.”

Si Mai Restaurant was a seven-star restaurant in Jialipalan that was famous for its extravagance. Before the war had started, this was the best place for officials and noblemen to visit. However, currently, all the customers visiting this restaurant consisted solely of high ranking military officers instead, as those officials and noblemen had long retreated to the Central Starfield.

Tian Xing Jian laughed before accepting it in a straightforward manner, “Alright, my darling disciple sister.”

Currently, It seemed that Milan was easily prone to getting shy. Hearing his words, her face immediately turned red. She looked at Tian Xing Jian with her clear eyes before throwing a sentence, “Wait for me. I’ll change my clothes first.” After which, she ran off.

Tian Xing Jian stood at the main entrance of the building waiting for an hour before he finally saw Milan walk out. She was wearing a short flowery skirt matched with a white sleeveless top and a beige underwaist under it. Along with her pair of slender and fair legs, she wore a pair of crystal high-heel sandals, giving off a refreshing and cute feeling.

It seemed that she had taken a bath prior to this, as her wet and long hair was casually draping over her shoulders. With little makeup applied to her face, her beautiful face gave off a dazzling color.

Tian Xing Jian, who was currently wearing the lieutenant uniform, felt like he was just a country bumpkin when standing next to Milan.

Walking out of the entrance, Milan waved her hands at Tian Xing Jian as she swung a pair of keys of a flying car. Revealing a cute and sly look, she laughed, “I borrowed teacher’s car.”

Walking to the parking lot, Fatty blinked his eyes in disbelief at the sight of Boswell’s car. This was a Qiqi-brand sedan that came out during Year 2030 and was as old as the Beast Battle Mecha. The realization hit him greatly, as he wondered about the practical question of whether this car could even fly.

For a moment, he could not find any mechanical tools as the two of them looked at the car before forcing themselves to board it.

After selecting their destination using the map displayed on the computer within the car, the old granny car lightly trembled before leaving the ground amidst the voice of praying. It then went automatically out of the institute and entered the flow of cars on the roads.

Ten minutes later, the flying car went out of a sideroad, landing on a small road filled with green. Following this small road as it wound up the mountain, after several minutes, Tian Xing Jian’s eyes brightened. In the middle of the lawn at the open peak of the mountain, a splendid, majestic, and luxurious restaurant appeared before his eyes. The parking lot beside the lawn had long been filled with many luxurious flying cars.

After parking their car, right as Tian Xing Jian and Milan reached the entrance of the restaurant, someone came and blocked their way. The attendant at the door displayed a greeting filled with so much courtesy and respect that it could even be felt by people who were thousands of miles away. He then asked, “I apologize, sir. Have you made a reservation?”

Tian Xing Jian was startled as he asked, “Are there no seats available already?”

The doorman gave a hypocritical smile as he said, “That’s right, sir. There are several important guests at the restaurant today, so we cannot serve any guests who did not reserve in advance.”

As the restaurant had several important guests, the management department had given the order to reject all customers except the regulars. Furthermore, as Si Mai Restaurant was the highest ranking chain restaurant in the entire Federation, those who did not have a certain background would not be able to enter the doors of the restaurant.

First lieutenants like Tian Xing Jian that dared to walk to the entrance of the Si Mai Restaurant were people whom the doorman admired for their bravery. However, ignorance is a bliss. It should be known that the cheapest dish within the restaurant would cost several months worth of salary for a first lieutenant in the federation.

Standing at the entrance, several other doormen revealed grins as well. They could see the broken-looking Qiqi sedan. At the start, they were wondering which official or nobleman it was who was playing a trick, as that car was truly atrocious. Never would they have thought that it was merely a silly first lieutenant who brought with him a beautiful woman who he deceived from who knows where. Such a person had even wanted to parade his wealth and act like a hero by coming to the Si Mai Restaurant. That was truly a joke to these doormen. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

At this moment, Milan, who stood by the side, gave the fatty, who was in a predicament, a smile. She said to the doorman, “We’ve already booked a place. I am Milan. You can check.”

The doorman flipped through the electronic registrar in his hand before finding Milan’s name written inside. Even though found it a little strange, he still let them in with respect.

Fatty had never thought that he, the one who had invited someone out for a meal, would not even know the rules for the place. Fortunately for him, Milan had already reserved a place for them; otherwise, it would absolutely have been an embarrassment for him. He could only rub his nose awkwardly from this scene.

The restaurant was separated into two sections. The outer perimeter was in the shape of a ring and was primarily used to serve the scattered guests for those who came in numbers fewer than four. As for the middle section of the ring, it was actually a glass-isolated big hall with not a single person inside. However, the tables were already arranged properly, signifying to others that the hall had been booked for some important guests. Several attendants were still busying themselves anxiously.

Under the lead of the attendant, Tian Xing Jian followed behind Milan as he looked all around him curiously before walking to a location near the wall. The environment of this location was quite good, and the view outside the window showed the entire panoramic view of Jialipalan below the mountain. This was seemingly the best seat in the entire small outer hall. He did not know how Milan reserved this seat.

After selecting the dishes, Milan asked softly, “Fatty, is this your first time here?”

Tian Xing Jian scratched his head in a foolish manner. “That’s right. I’ve never thought that there would be so many rules here.”

Milan gave him a crafty laugh. “Then you should prepare yourself. After we finish our meal, you should be prepared to stay here and wash the dishes if you can’t pay the bill.”

Towards this point, Tian Xing Jian did not seem that worried. Within his card, he had the inheritance left behind by his parents, which amounted to about several hundred thousands of Federation Yuan. Even though it might not be much, eating a meal should not cost that much, right?

The small hall was filled with people, though everyone was not fully concentrated on eating; instead, they were looking all around as if waiting for something to happen.

The dishes selected by Milan soon came to their table—a set of top-quality foie gras marinated jam, truffle bun, roast snail, and asparagus puree. These were all dishes that came from ancient era on Earth, which had been specifically selected because these classical dishes could not be found anywhere else other than at Si Mai Restaurant. Milan had even ordered a T-bone steak for Fatty in the event that he could not sate his hunger from the portions of the other dishes.

As the two chatted while eating, a group of people entered the huge hall isolated by the wall of glass. Seeing these people, the guests within the small hall immediately stood up. Several guests immediately took out their cameras that had been prepared in advance as they rushed forward to take pictures, causing flashes of light to start flickering.

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