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Chapter 27: Soldiers in Pursuit

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

In front of their eyes, they saw the Empire’s [Iron Eagle] armored fighter aircraft whizzing above them. Tian Xing Jian let out a breath of relief. This type of fighter aircraft’s surveillance system could not discern the camouflage done by [Antenna]. Only those medium-sized battleships could possibly fit a radar that could distinguish between humans and animals. Adding on the fact that the manoeuvrability of the fast-moving fighter aircraft was greatly limited in this complex mountainous terrain, making it hard to fly lower than a certain limit, as long as this fighter aircraft did not fly below the treetops, it would not be possible for it to discover the group hiding within this forest.

Indeed, [Iron Eagle] was flying back and forth with the roads as the center of the search region. Even after flying past the top of the group a few times, it was still unable to discover anything at all and had left in the end.

Following its departure, the group reassembled and immediately started moving at a faster pace. After the [Iron Eagle] left, the Imperial Army would certainly adopt other surveillance methods; they would definitely send Battle Mechas here to search through the entire region as well. Thus, the group needed to reach the predetermined point of attack before being discovered by the enemies, thereby obtaining the required weapons and equipment. Otherwise, they would be trapped in the mountains, and with their limited food supply, the entire group would lose their combat prowess.

However, it was as if the Imperial Army wanted to destroy their resolution. The air surveillance did not stop at all; the fighter aircraft returned and flew back and forth over a dozen times, undergoing a carpet-like search. Perhaps the military satellite had discovered the underground passage and the attention of the Imperial Army had been brought away, but the [Logic]’s All-Round Radar showed that the Imperial Army was currently searching towards another direction.

Soundlessly, this group of soldiers continued on their journey behind [Fury Fire]. The path in the mountainous region was truly hard to traverse. Even though there was a Battle Mecha clearing the path, the road was still precipitous, with many protruding rocks and lots of slippery moss. At times, the loose soil could even create trouble for the group. Furthermore, a human’s physique was limited. Those who were weaker physically could no longer carry on and had to be pulled by the Battle Mechas. Only after a respite did these people continue walking, and the next group of people would rest on the mechas.

Despite the fact that countless untold dangers were awaiting them in their journey ahead and the fact that the prospects of survival were minute, everyone still gritted their teeth and persevered onwards step by step towards their destination.

As the sky slowly darkened, Tian Xing Jian had brought the group deeper into the mountainous regions along the foot of the mountain. As long as they proceeded and turned towards the mountain range in the northeastern direction, they would be able to reach the Empire’s logistic base. In addition, if they were at that location, the Federation’s air force could more or less provide some aid to them. The mountainous region was possibly safer than any other place, yet in Fatty’s heart, he could not feel rest assured in the least. On the contrary, this uneasy feeling was becoming stronger as time passed, seemingly as if his sixth sense was sending a message of danger.

[Antenna] stopped. Hua hua. The probe radar at its top was turning endlessly, emitting a sound of warning. In the skies, a small-sized transport ship with a peculiar symbol was currently heading west past the midway point of the mountain where the group had just passed by. Everyone watched this Imperial Army’s transport ship with rapt attention, not knowing why it would suddenly appear here. Unless... they had been discovered by the Imperial Army?

Tian Xing Jian’s heart cooled down. The soldiers in pursuit had finally arrived. That position on the midway point of the small hill was the only pathway leading them to the region controlled by the Federation. The two gigantic mountain ranges might seem flat, but in reality, due to geological reasons, the Battle Mechas could not move through it. This was also made known to him only after [Logic] had analyzed the surrounding terrain. Since that was the case, then this small-sized transport ship would fly directly to the most important position, implying that this time, the soldiers pursuing them were ferocious beasts with a keen sense of smell and that peculiar, fierce, and evil deity symbol was obviously the symbol of the Myth Legion. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Bringing these 200 infantry soldiers against a group of soldiers from the Myth Legion, who had exterminated 20 commando battalions and a dozen of commando regiments, was truly thrilling. Tian Xing Jian laughed bitterly in his heart.

The small-sized transport ship stopped at the lowest point of the sky for a few seconds before flying off immediately.

According to [Antenna], there had initially been 10 small dots on its radar pane, but soon after, they quickly disappeared. Those should have been the enemies that had just descended, and the Battle Mechas they rode must have an anti-radar stealth specification installed.

Tian Xing Jian watched the [Logic]’s All-Round Radar attentively. These stealth Battle Mechas could hide themselves from [Antenna]’s scan, but against [Logic]’s newest All-Round Radar, it was not enough. [Logic] could rapidly affirm the positions of those Battle Mechas before calculating who they were according to the mecha’s model and manoeuvrability.

Myth Legion — how conceited! Tian Xing Jian was certain that they did not discover the traces of this group initially. They relied on the intelligence regarding the underground tunnel to estimate the team’s composition. Regardless, before understanding the numbers of hostile Battle Mechas, they had merely sent a section to carry out with their ground search. Was that not arrogant? What if he was bringing with him an entire special scouts company? Did they think they could win?

Tian Xing Jian rapidly affirmed the combat plan. The group would continue moving with the original plans and try their best to delay the time of contact with the enemy. The Battle Mecha leading the group was swapped with a warrior-class pioneer mecha.

The other Battle Mechas, including [Antenna] and [Fury Fire], would remain alert behind the group. If the enemies came close to them, they would certainly ambush them. Furthermore, they had to complete their ambush within the 30 minutes period of the [Antenna]’s electromagnetic interference. Otherwise, the enemy would be attracted to their location in huge numbers. Hence, they had to catch their enemies off guard and crush them before they could even retaliate. Afterward, they would use the enemy’s Battle Mecha and its communication system to send a green light to confuse the enemies while at the same time, decide their next course of action. That was crucial to ensure a smooth escape.

But, according to the rumors of Myth Legion’s combat power, could they triumph over them with just a section of warrior-class pioneers, a [Fury Fire], and an [Antenna]?

If it was an ordinary Gyaca Woods Empire Battle Mecha section, Tian Xing Jian had the confidence to be able to eliminate the enemies within five minutes.

But, against this Myth Legion, who had practically been in battles for the past several hundred years, why would they be afraid that they were in the light and the Federation was in the dark? Why would they be afraid that the Federation had an [Antenna] and a [Fury Fire]? Tian Xing Jian himself had no confidence of winning this battle.

The radar of [Logic] continued unabatedly. The model of the enemy’s Battle Mecha was slowly being constructed. This was a sort of beast-type Battle Mecha. From their figures, they could be considered as single-operated Battle Mecha with extremely fast speed and flexible movements.

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