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Chapter 63: That Girl

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

As a master in psychology and a professional swindler, Tian Xing Jian started his game.

He looked attentively at Milan’s beautiful face before sighing, “The front lines can’t hold on anymore. If the defense at Cato falls, Jialipalan will turn into a battlefield. The combat planning department hasn’t been able to deduce the actions taken by the enemy. Everything that ought to have been thought of has been already been thought of, yet none of the military staff officers have been able to find out the objective of the enemy. If we can’t get past this stage, then Miracolo Planet will be doomed.”

Seeing how serious he was speaking, Milan started to feel uneasy. She asked back, “Even you can’t see through the enemy’s hidden objective?”

Tian Xing Jian smiled bitterly before shaking his head. “Who do you think I am? Do you think I am someone who can become a general after just reading two books? Who in the combat planning department isn’t a genius who had graduated from a military institute? Even the interns know much more than me. If the others can’t see through their plot, then why would I be able to?”

Milan stood up and walked to the side of Tian Xing Jian. She gave him a look before softly asking, “Then, what should we do?”

As if he was trying to engrave her looks into his heart, Tian Xing Jian’s soft eyes remained on Milan’s face, capturing every single movement. He replied emotionally, “Give a call to your father. The research lab has too many secrets, so it isn’t appropriate for it to remain here in Jialipalan. Together with Professor Boswell… you must retreat back to the Central Starfield as soon as possible.”

Milan grabbed onto Tian Xing Jian’s clothes before hurriedly saying, “Then, what about you? Tell me, are you going to follow us?”

In the heart of this emotional swindler, he thought, ‘Of course, I’ll be following,’ yet on his face, a painful expression, one akin to the separation of lovers, appeared along with a determined look. He acted as if he could not bear to look at the anxious look on Milan’s face and dodged her eyes before saying, “I can’t go. I’m a soldier, so I have a responsibility to stay.”

Damn, I became too absorbed in this performance. How could this little girl’s eyes already be filled with tears?

Milan was finally no longer able to hold back her tears and threw her head into Tian Xing Jian’s embrace. The person in front of her was someone who had captured the affection of her heart. During the days when the two were together, their relationship had reached an absolutely ambiguous stage. At this point, this despicable, wretched, and shameless emotional swindler’s meticulously crafted separation parting scene made Milan not care about being reserved anymore. She hugged Tian Xing Jian tightly before crying out, “I’m not leaving! Wherever you are will be the place I stay!”

Hearing her words, Fatty became really anxious in his heart. Damn, what a silly girl. Why not just say that since you are leaving, I’ll have to leave too? The best circumstance would be for you to beat me, grab me, and lock me up before telling me that I have to leave as well. And if I don’t, I’ll have to cut off my little brother [1]. Then, I’ll leave with you reluctantly.

Seeing Milan acting like this, the emotion swindler began feeling moved. He suddenly discovered that he was quite fond of this pure woman. Sighing, Fatty used the firmest tone he could muster to say, “No! You must leave! Immediately give a call to your father and ask him to arrange a transport for you. The research laboratory cannot fall into the hands of the Gyaca Woods Empire.”

Milan, who was in tears, looked at that ordinary-looking face with the thoughts of viewing death as a journey back home as she listened to the resolute and decisive tone coming from the man she loved. At that point, she felt the heartache of love during chaotic times that was akin to having her heart cut by daggers; she cried.

Finally, Milan left the embrace of Tian Xing Jian. Using her soft hands, she lightly hugged his neck before speaking in tears, with every word accompanied by a teardrop, “I’ll listen to you and leave! However, if you don’t come and look for me, then I’ll come back and look for you!” As she said that, she tiptoed and gave Fatty a kiss with her soft, tear-stained lips. Afterwards, she left the room.

With his performance ending in such a state, the wretched person could no longer find a way out. The other person had not followed his script, and now, he had no routes of escape and instead had to fulfill the role of a hero. What exactly is going on?

Standing there in a daze for quite a long time, he gave a look at [Logic] that was beside him before sighing, “Buddy, it seems that if we don’t perform well this time, we’ll have to stay in the mountains and become a primitive being.”

Finishing his act filled with determination, iron-bloodedness, and gentle feelings, the swindler resentfully went back to his office in the combat planning department and pondered over where he had failed at.

Karl came directly and grabbed hold of him before shouting, “Where did you run to? They are still pressing for the deduction above! If you can’t finish your work, you better be ready for martial charges to be called for not fulfilling your duty! That’s right, the outer space 1st United Fleet has started battling with the Empire’s fleets. The analysis report coming from the forces that clashed with the enemies have been sent over. Go and take a look. Where exactly did the Imperial Army procure so many fleets from? …”

As Tian Xing Jian listened to Karl jabbering on, a figure suddenly came charging right at him like a bolt of lightning. Afterwards, he longer heard anything said by Karl, as the world stopped all of a sudden. The only thing left was him and the incoming figure.

Tian Xing Jian stood in a corridor, looking at the past as all flavors of life surged up within his heart—it was truly complex.

A six year old boy who had lost his parents and a beautiful little girl from his neighborhood going to school and returning home from school.

During his childhood, the girl would always protect this boy who had lost his parents, ensuring that he did not get bullied time after time.

During the period in middle school, the cowardly and weak boy had finally lost the good graces from the girl. Innately born a coward, he thought that after facing a few hooligans who were extorting money from him, he would run off with the girl together, but the girl was no longer around. In just a short two to three minutes, once he mustered up the courage to bring a rod back with him to that alley, the police had arrived as they brought away the girl and those hooligans.

At that point when he ran off, the patrolling police were coincidentally walking by him, yet the rattled boy did not look back as he ran all the way out of the alley.

From then on, the girl had no longer cared about the boy, as she would never forgive him.

Every time the boy looked at the beautiful flower in school, seeing the graceful countenance blossoming around a group of people, hearing the applause she got after dancing on the stage, and seeing how teens more outstanding than the previous came to send her flowers, this boy’s heart started aching.

He would always try to attract that girl’s attention using different tricks, yet they all ended in failure.

Ever since then, the boy, who was a broken jar, fell and broke even further. He seemingly became increasingly bored, wretched, horny, vulgar, despicable, and cunning. Every moral which the human society hated the most gathered in his body, yet this boy knew that there was one vice which he would absolutely never commit again—selfishness. From the point that girl went off with the police, he did not dare to be selfish any longer.

That body was naturally Tian Xing Jian.

Thus, when he was at the enemy lines, he would tell Rashid that there were some things which a man had to do.

That was why he had been duty-bound in bringing a group of prisoners-of-war, who had no combat fighting capability or maneuverability, step by step out without any thoughts of giving up.

But, did that girl know of this?

She remained as docile and beautiful as ever, so beautiful that any person would be enchanted. She remained gentle and pure, so pure that not a single spot of black could be seen.

That immortal-like, fair skin and soft hair were always a dream in Tian Xing Jian’s heart.

The beautiful incoming figure was currently discussing something with a female staff officer, and she had not seen the boy from the past. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The two of them crossed each other so quietly…

On this planet where war had befallen…

In the institute’s main corridor filled with people.

[1] Penis

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