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Chapter 36: The Death of Ali

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Tian Xing Jian sighed in a daze. He recognized this person; it was the very person who was trying to gain favor from him several hours ago under the white glow of the spotlight at the entrance of the base. It was the guard of over 30 years of age—Gyaca Woods Empire Second Lieutenant Ali.

That face had long turned pale. On his face was neither anger nor agony; there was only a numb expression, a numb feeling that seeped into the depths of his bones. Tian Xing Jian understood that Ali had no other roads left. He had been in dire straits since the moment he gave the orders to let them in. Regardless of what he would do, he would not be able to live past today. This was his final attack as a soldier fighting against the enemies that would lead to his eventual death.

“Surrender, Second Lieutenant. You might be able to survive,” a special scouts member could not help but shout out.

The shooting did not stop. Ali continued maintaining his previous actions as he continued moving on his feet before accurately shooting out.

An energy shot came piercing through the chest of Ali. The impact of the mecha rifle was so great that he fell back onto the ground. Unable to hold onto the energy rifle, the energy rifle in his hand slid down helplessly. There was no expression on his pale face; not even the painful convulsions could give rise to movement on that face. Finally, fresh blood flowed down from the edge of his mouth, and after a few seconds, he stopped struggling, dying soundlessly.

The one who fired that shot was Thoriko. He closed the energy rifle opening afterwards and coldly said, “If I was born in the Gyaca Woods Empire, I would be just like him, a person of the lower class! If I made such a huge mistake, surrendering will only lead to my family being sent to the gallows. In that nation, surrendering is something that only the upper class could do.” His warrior-class pioneer slowly turned around before heading into the base. “That’s why, even if I die, I will not let this damned nation become our ruler.”

The scene was dead quiet. The only sounds that could be heard were the “pi pa” that came from the burning base in the distance as it burst out with lumps of sparks. Ali’s corpse quietly laid there on the black-charred ground in front of the Federation mechas, making him look especially pale and striking.

Why did he attack a [Devil Tiger]? Why did he not choose a warrior-class pioneer? Nobody truly knew the answer to it.

Perhaps it was because it was the [Devil Tiger] that had deceived him, or perhaps it was his final helpless fury towards the upper class as a member of the lower class.

As if the heavens could feel the current depressive atmosphere, the clouds suddenly started to part, causing the bright noon sun to shine onto the earth.

Several medium-sized transport ships reflecting the golden rays of sun swept past the burning base. Like boiling dumplings, hundreds to a thousand Battle Mechas came dropping from the transport ships as countless high-speed fighter aircraft patrolled the distant sky amongst the cloud. This was a scene that would make anyone brim tears of excitement. Tian Xing Jian was hiding within the cabin of [Logic], crying out, “Damn! this father has survived once again.”

Amongst the Battle Mechas that came down, two warrior-class leaders ran over at the first instance. They were none other than Battalion Commander Nadal and Company Commander Rashid. Accompanying them were the cheers of happiness by the soldiers of the special scouts company. The other commandos that came dropping down from the ships dispersed. After occupying the advantageous terrain, a part of the army went to set up sentry posts with a section worth of guards. There was even a group of Battle Mechas who brought with them alloys to fortify their defenses.

Jumping out of the mecha, Fatty was immediately embraced by Rashid to the extent that his stomach had almost been squeezed out. As Rashid had a short stature, his two muscular arms could only hug around Fatty’s waist. Still, this was a sincere action.

Nadal laughed as he walked out before pulling Rashid away. “You are really capable, Fatty! You are even more of a bull than me! This father had thought that you would certainly die, but this time, you have definitely built on the reputation of our special scouts battalion!”

Fatty’s expression turned scholarly. Trying to boast with thick skin while maintaining a modest appearance, he said, “Nothing much, nothing much. It’s truly just my luck. Actually, I did not do too much. It was just that the enemies were weak.”

“Fatty!” The sound of high-pitch voices came as two women jumped onto each of Fatty’s arm, holding onto them like a koala. At the same time, two pieces of flesh were being pinched. The escaping group spent a total of four hours rushing to their destination. They came right at the moment when Fatty became crazy, frightening everyone to the extent that they were trembling. Was Fatty possessed?

However, Mei Duo and Ni Ya did not think that way. They were truly happy because in a woman’s heart, her man should be heroic and undefeatable. Seeing how awe-inspiring and overbearing Fatty was, regardless of how heroic or vicious he was to the enemy, this fatty would similarly be pinched by them whenever they wanted. That made them uncontrollably excited.

This was a woman’s heart -_- !!!

Hence, the moment the battle ended, the two archetypical women ran over to pinch him. That was something extremely gratifying to them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The flocking doctors had saved Fatty in the end. This group of soldiers, who had never cared about the feelings of the wounded, immediately brought the rescued Mei Duo and Ni Ya up to the transport ship. It was the same for all other Federation former prisoners-of-war. They were similarly being kidnapped on a large scale.

Half an hour later, several transport ships flew up into the skies under the rumbling sound from the repulsion system. Looking at the remnant of the base that became smaller and smaller, all the former captives could not control their feelings as they cheered for joy. This was truly an escape from fate. A total of slightly more than 280 Federation soldiers had been captured and kept in the concentration camp. Under Tian Xing Jian’s leadership, only 12 Federation soldiers and 2 special scouts had died, totaling in 14 deaths throughout this escape. Within that half month period, they had traveled through several hundreds of kilometers before they were finally successfully rescued. This was a fairy tale ending which they had never thought would happen to them. One should know that at that time, the captured Federation soldiers were extremely dispirited and physically weak, so much so that they could not even move.

Seeing Fatty’s simple and harmless face, seeing how well-behaved he was trying to be, and seeing how wretched his eyes were when looked at the chests of the female soldiers, all the former captives wanted to laugh. They could not connect this chap to the soldier who had previously smashed [King Kong] into pieces.

A beautiful female doctor bent over to check the blood pressure of the soldiers around Fatty. Seeing her bosom right in front of him, Fatty could feel waves surging in his body as he stared in a daze with a strand of bright, glistening saliva dripping from his mouth.

Was this wretched person truly the hero who created a miracle and brought everyone out safely? Several soldiers who were prepared to pay respect to the hero after cheering immediately forced themselves to stay away after seeing such a sight. Their mouths, their stomachs, and their entire bodies were in a cramp. This hero was truly the Federation's most wretched hero.

Under the protection of the fighter aircrafts, the medium-sized transport ships soon completed the initial stage and used the repulsion system to float above ground before they started accelerating away. Ten minutes later, this group of transport ships left the atmospheric layer before entering outer space.

Looking at the bosom of that female doctor in front of him, Fatty’s mind was not actually thinking of such a beautiful thing; instead, he was thinking of the first contact he had with [Devil Tiger], the movements of the opposing ten Battle Mechas, and as well as the life and death battle he previously had with [King Kong]. They were just like movies appearing in his mind, repeating over and over again. Scenes of the simple and effective movements along with the feints and genius techniques used to dodge the incoming cannon fire were something that could not be easily discerned with the naked eye. Scenes of the mecha closing in on him and scenes of the ion-blade that turned as the operator wished also flashed by in his mind, opening up doors that led him to a greater realm of comprehension. Fatty felt that he had benefited greatly from this.

After several life or death battles, even though he had averted disaster after relying on some unfamiliar techniques, there was still a huge factor of luck hidden within. Furthermore, the enemies had battled them with a disadvantage, as they had fallen for their schemes. Without the communication interference by [Antenna], the enemies’ Battle Mechas would be able to communicate and see through their schemes. He was certain that he would have lost if he didn’t attack them while under disguise and if he didn’t battle head on with [Logic]. There were no questions about that.

The beautiful female doctor finished examining the blood pressures of the soldiers around Fatty. Looking up, she saw how dazed and wretched-looking Fatty was. Following his line of sight, she realized that there was a huge hole at the top of her shirt. The towering and shining white darlings within had been seen by this Fatty. Feeling ashamed and angry, she gave him a slap before stomping off with the electronic blood pressure measuring device.

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