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Chapter 47: The Tyranny of Fatty

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Staying silent for a moment, Mickey turned towards the distant, brightly lit grand hall. Milan was currently looking towards their direction with concern. Sighing, he said, “First Lieutenant, can you accompany me for a walk?”

Damn, you are a lieutenant general and I’m merely a first lieutenant! Could I ever say no to your request? Tian Xing Jian nodded simply before going with Lieutenant General Mickey for a walk around the garden on the cobblestone pathway.

“First Lieutenant, your name is Tian Xing Jian, right?” Mickey had long heard from Milan of this name that was famous within the Supreme Headquarters.

“That’s right, General.”

“Chinese?” Mickey and Tian Xing Jian took another small road.

“That’s right, General.”

Mickey waved his hands before laughing, “Don’t call me general. This is a private talk between us, and I’m also Chinese. Since you are Milan’s friend, you can just use the traditional practice of calling me uncle.”

Tian Xing Jian had an expression as if a weight had just been lifted off his mind. Talking to a general in a formal manner was one of the things he feared the most. Climbing upwards along the railings, he said with a mouth full of honey [1], “Hehe, Uncle.”

“How did you get to know Milan?” Lieutenant General Mickey asked in a casual tone.

“I’m also a student of Teacher Boswell, so I can be considered as a disciple brother of Milan,” Fatty said simply, trying his best to give a more trivial and vague answer.

“Oh?” Mickey was startled. Turning over to look at this fatty, who had an appearance that did not match who he was, Mickey answered in disbelief, “Professor Boswell has high standards for taking someone as his student.”

Tian Xing Jian laughed and did not answer that question. He had a silly look, showing himself as someone really capable.

“Before coming here, I’ve already heard about your matters over at the Supreme Headquarters,” Lieutenant General Mickey patted Tian Xing Jian’s shoulder before praising him, “For you to have saved over 200 people, you are very capable. This isn’t something an ordinary person can do. Your actions, battle tactics, and schemes along with the few ambushes planned were done in a splendid manner. The military institutes in the capital have even prepared to put your doings into the curriculum as examples used to teach the future generations.”

Tian Xing Jian felt sort of overwhelmed with the flattery. He said while scratching his head, “I am truly honored. Actually, I had been just messing around.”

Mickey shook his head. “Don’t undervalue yourself. The Supreme Headquarters have already investigated the Battle Record Devices of the special scouts. Your battle tactics and schemes as well as the deceptive signal showed how well-versed you are in these areas. Both the location and the time of the ambush were both grasped very accurately too. You are brave with your combat plans, taking on an original approach using the resources currently in your hands. As a commander of the special scouts, you might be able to easily conceal yourself from the enemy, but for you to apply this on a team of over 200, this isn’t something that’s easily done.”

Usually, the more praised someone received, the happier he would get; however, Fatty began feeling more and more frightened the more he heard. Praising this father so much implied that the next time when there’s such an operation, he might just be the first person to be chosen. For a moment, he did not know how to undervalue himself and could only comment, “It’s all due to luck.”

The two walked over to a fountain before stopping right in front of it. In the night, the mountain peak looked truly breathtaking. Lieutenant General Mickey laughed, “Actually, I had two people whom I wanted to see when I came here this time. One of them is my daughter, and the other is you. Who would have thought that this is how we would actually meet, and neither have I ever thought that you would even be a friend of Milan.”

Thinking of his previous actions, Tian Xing Jian felt awkward. He rubbed his nose before hearing Mickey continuing with his words. “For Milan to stay here in Jialipalan, I truly worry about her since girls are easily injured in times of war.”

Mickey turned around and gave Tian Xing Jian a serious look. “Can I ask you for a favor?”

Damn, the first time you see me and you are already planning to bring even more trouble to me? Is this polite at all? Fatty had a complex feeling in his heart, but his words were immediately spoken, “Of course, certainly.”

“First lieutenant, I implore you to look after Milan. I don’t wish to see any harm befalling her.” Lieutenant General Mickey’s words were filled with a taste that did not allow anyone to reject him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Almost instantaneously, Fatty had subconsciously saluted and shouted out, “Yes, General!” The moment his words were let out, Fatty had almost given himself two slaps. In the end, this Mickey did this on purpose! Requesting as if he was giving a command, this caused Fatty to fall into trouble unknowingly; this was just like when a first lieutenant would acknowledge the order given by the lieutenant general.

Hearing the voices of several people calling him, the two turned around. Under the roadside lamps not far away, there were three sweet, fair, and graceful figures walking towards them. Mickey gave a strange glare at Tian Xing Jian before softly saying, “I suggest you to spend a little more time thinking over how you are planning to live. In the Federation, it is by law to only have a single spouse. If you go against that, you’ll only be harming yourself and others.”

Fatty very earnestly nodded, but deep in his heart, he was cursing in despise, “What does this old-fogey know? Three is the way of a king!”

Milan came running over first, pulling Mickey’s hand with a blush on her face towards the restaurant. Soft words of complaint came out from her mouth.

Mei Duo and Ni Ya, who had long expressed their stance with Tian Xing Jian, held onto each of his arms. While pinching his flesh, they were also questioning and trying to find out what the father of their love rival had said to Fatty.

Fatty squinted his eyes before moving his arms to make wretched gestures while feeling the two plump, supple lumps on the two female soldiers. He said lasciviously, “I’ve requested the lieutenant general to help us find a President’s Suite within the Si Mai Restaurant. I’ve heard the bed within it is truly large. Tonight, let’s not return to the camp, and instead let’s just play some skin contact game. I’ll fight against the two or you, or maybe the two of you can just fight against me.”

If this fatty had the courage to request such a thing from the lieutenant general, it would truly be just like seeing a ghost. Mei Duo and Ni Ya’s face blushed at the same time as they gave Tian Xing Jian a firm pinch before spitting, “Pei! Don’t think so much! If you want to play, you can go and play with yourself!”

They let go of Fatty before running off, leaving behind the depressed fatty all by himself in the garden. These women… how would it be fun if he played with himself when compared to playing with the three of them?

Mei Duo and Ni Ya had, in the end, not gone on the bed with Fatty. The two of them were virgins, so how could they let down their hearts for a 3P? This wretched person was completely shameless in regards to this aspect. The next day, the two women had taken the transit flight back to the capital with their group. Before flying off, the two female soldiers, who were full of hidden bitterness, gave Fatty a few pinches on his body. This chap had such a wooden mind that hopefully they would get his head straight by pinching him.

For the next two days, Tian Xing Jian spent his entire time with Milan in the research laboratory researching the several subjects spoken before. Compared to before, Milan had become quieter, though when she was angry, she would still pull on Fatty’s ear on a whim. However, her expression and mentality were not like the previous slave master; instead, it was more like how a wife would treat her husband.

Two eyes akin to freshwater looked at Fatty, causing him to feel guilty. He was afraid for a moment that he would not be able to control his “little brother” [2] and would commit a grave mistake. If such a thing happened, Lieutenant General Mickey would most definitely turn him into an eunuch. The two of them spent their time researching in an ambiguous atmosphere.

On the third day of his paid leave, Bernadotte finally dispatched someone to bring Fatty to the forward chief command office.

The office looked the same as the other ones. With eyes full of curiosity, several generals stared at Tian Xing Jian as if they were staring at a monkey.

After a routine salute, General Bernadotte went up with a face full of smiles. He pulled Tian Xing Jian’s hand before saying, “First Lieutenant Tian, you have truly given me a lesson. Indeed, as they say, one cannot judge a book by its cover. A hero will be a hero wherever he goes!”

[1] Representing sweet words.

[2] His penis.

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