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Chapter 104: Unable to Cover One’s Traces

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

The 13 female cadets were all gathered in a single room, which had hidden cameras concealed within it that could capture every single reaction of all these female cadets.

They were all called in one by one. The questions were already prepared; they were those frequently used in interrogations. Using this set of questions, they would be able to determine the psychological state of the suspects. Fatty had similarly seen the introduction of this sort of interrogation in the 《Psychology》 course he had taken before. The person responsible for questioning was that old police officer; he seemed good-natured and was truly skilful when asking questions. As for the military police colonel, he was acting as a huge deterrence and would slam the table as he shouted out: “You’re lying!”

Almost every single female cadet would cry after being accused of lying by him.

Fatty had merely sat by the side without speaking. He was observing the reactions on those female cadets while simultaneously reading through the gathered account written by the cadets.

The question of how that heavy rifle and energy burst unit got brought in had been revolving around his head.

All of a sudden when he flipped through the account written by a female cadet, it was as if he had a sudden enlightenment. Glancing through several of the other sets of accounts, he suddenly discovered a flaw.

Fatty immediately went on to find the Faculty-In-Residence responsible for the living accommodation of the cadets, and at the same time, he went to find the officer in charge of security. After looking through several documents, the face of a person slowly floated out of the water surface!

Big white rabbit!

When the big white rabbit had been miserably brought to the interrogation room, she remained crying.

Fatty amiably asked, “Cadet Yulia, can you tell us what you were doing during the period from 6:55 to 7:05?”

The big white rabbit continued sobbing spasmodically and shyly replied, “I was in room 612 helping several other cadets with the registration. Then after that, I went to room 611 to help out with their registrations as well.”

Fatty squinted his eyes and asked with an even more amicable tone, “You didn’t visit any other places?”

The big white rabbit shook her head and sobbed, “No, I did not. I am always in these two rooms. The other female cadets can be my witnesses.”

At this moment, the military police colonel was not the first to react. Instead, Fatty was the one who slammed the table and shouted, “You are lying!”

The big white rabbit was so frightened that she went wailing. Fatty did not care about her and instead placed the evidence in his hand onto the table, saying, “Give this a good look! Are you treating us as idiots!?”

According to her account, when the incident happened, she was currently doing her cadet registration on the sixth floor, which was something the Faculty-In-Residence had verified. For the sake of strengthening her management, the dormitory would require all cadets to register the information of their close friends so that it would be easier for them to enter and exit. This assignment was originally the Faculty-In-Residence’s job, but the big white rabbit had taken the initiative to help her out.

When the assassination happened at 7 in the evening, according to the big white rabbit’s explanations, she had been in room 611 doing the registrations for several female cadets. Around the corner of Room 611 was a flight of stairs leading to the rooftop. If one was fast, running from the rooftop sniping position to room 611 was merely a matter of seconds. Even though the time displayed by the digital clock was accurate nowadays, nobody would truly notice a few seconds!

And before she went to room 611, from the accounts written by several female cadets, this big white rabbit cadet had just walked out from the opposite room 612. When she pushed open the door to room 611, she had been bidding farewell to someone else at the entrance, saying “Goodbye, goodbye” before entering room 611! The time was just exactly 7.

The issue came from the account of a female cadet living in room 612. Fatty, for the sake of affirming things, had specifically asked this female cadet. The reply was that she had a meeting at 7 pm. When it was 20 minutes to 7, the big white rabbit had already come to fill the particulars. At that time, this female cadet was preoccupied and had been looking at the time. When it was about 2-3 minutes to 7, they finally finished with the registration and she had grabbed her bag before rushing out with big white rabbit from the room. After bidding farewell to the big white rabbit, she went down the stairs.

Then! Why did she need 2-3 minutes to walk to another room that was just on the other side? These 2-3 minutes were the most crucial of moments, and from sniping till the return to room 611, it was enough time for her!

Fatty immediately went back to thinking about the moment when this big white rabbit was lugging her luggage. That 10 kilograms heavy sniper rifle could very possibly be located within her luggage! And when she was bringing around the rifle, she was the one amongst all the female cadets to cause the greatest change in his psychological state. It was this big white rabbit who had always been crying, and through her wailing, she could conceal every single sign of wavering. Adding up all these occurrences, the suspicions of big white rabbit being the assassin had risen to the highest position.

Fatty mentioned these doubtful points so as to ensure this girl could not hide her traces!

The big white rabbit, Yulia, was still crying. She had a look of bewilderment when she asked, “Wuu… Instructor, you say that I have enough time, but I truly did not have enough. You can’t just determine I’m the suspect based on a sentence given by someone else! Wuu… Perhaps it might be that she remembered the time wrongly. The students in room 611 can be my witness. I had directly entered their room after bidding farewell with that cadet.”

Fatty coldly laughed: “You are indeed bidding farewell, but you have instead delayed the time by 2 minutes! None of the female cadets in room 611 had seen you speaking with another person. You are acting and that accomplice of yours is merely air!”

Big white rabbit shivered slightly before wailing out even louder, “It’s not me, it’s not me! How could I bring that rifle into the dormitory!?”

Fatty was almost certain that this big white rabbit was the assassin! Even though she was crying, her line of thoughts was still clear as she retorted after grabbing the most crucial point. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Fatty laughed: “This rifle is really heavy. Usually, a female cadet’s luggage would be 20-30 kilograms. That day, didn’t you acknowledge that it was truly 50 kilograms? We have just weighed all the things you’ve brought and it’s no more than 20 kilograms. I’ve similarly asked the female cadets staying with you. They did not see you eating away over 20 kilograms of food or fruits! If that’s the case, then where did the excess weight go to?”

Big white rabbit was anxious as she cried, “I was just joking with instructor that time…’

Fatty angrily shouted, “Rubbish! You are intelligent, but you’ve made an error with your intelligence! You knew that I had seen how painstakingly you were carrying your luggage that time! Did you think that just by acting silly, nobody would suspect you?”

The big white rabbit did not have any intentions of pleading guilty. She continued crying and hoarsely asked, “I recognize this type of rifle. How is it possible for me to bring the energy burst unit into the academy!? When I was entering the academy, I’ll have to bypass the energy burst unit sensor scans! Even if I bring that rifle in, without the energy burst unit, the rifle would still be useless! Instructor, you’re truly accusing me… wuu…”

Fatty wretchedly stared at the chest of this big white rabbit and said, “Initially, I truly did not know how the energy burst unit was brought in. Other than being surrounded by the ripples released by a biological lifeform, there’s truly no other ways for it to hide from the sensors. The academy prohibits pets, and so no energy unit could be swallowed into their stomachs.”

Walking in front of the big white rabbit, he pointed out with his fingers in a wretched manner as if he wanted to poke those two big white rabbits and sneered, “But when I discovered your size 50 breasts have turned into a 45, I knew how you brought it in! How is it? Do you need me to ask a female doctor to give your bosom a check? Or, do you want to do it yourself?”

The moment big white rabbit heard this, she crumbled apart entirely as if the bones were removed from her body.

Fatty vigorously slammed the table before using a voice that could shake the universe as he shouted, “Let this father tell you! Even nymphomaniacs have their own technical knowledge! Not only could they accurately tell the size of the chest, they could also aid in the investigation of the case!”

As Fatty was sublimating amidst the gaze of reverence given by the old police officer and the military police colonel, he suddenly heard a report from the guard; the soldiers discovered enemy in the rear hill. After chasing for less than 3 kilometers, there was a total of 46 casualties!

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