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1.26% Crazy Orc / Chapter 1: I Died
Crazy Orc Crazy Orc original

Crazy Orc

Author: zoroonfire

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Chapter 1: I Died

As I woke up today, I didn't feel like it was a good day. Like any other school day, my bed was whispering to me to stay down comfortably and keep my eyes closed. However, today the whispers were remarkably persistent as if it would be better to lie here than to struggle to go to school.

I shrugged it off and started my day like any other day. My name is Pierre. I am twenty and still a virgin. It's not like I tried to make things different. I keep myself in shape by doing some sports once a week. I spent the most significant part of my time reading. It's like a drug. When you start, you can't stop it. When reading, you feel like you are being transported to a new exciting world with limitless possibilities. Adventures, interstellar fights, magical powers, epic items, flying with dragons, discovering mythical places, wouldn't you go for it ? Well, I know if I got the chance, I would.

Anyway, as I made my way to school, I put the radio on and listened to the usual news. The world going from bad to worse is not really surprising. Although there are a lot of kind, wise, and mature people in the world, those in power rarely are.

It seems the tension between Russia and the United has grown again. Other dictators are starting to get involved. Who knows, maybe one of these days, one of them would be stupid enough to push the red button just to see what would happen.

Once at school, I made my way to math class. Maths are interesting. To some, they are really hard to understand, but to me, it's easy as pie. I was trying to solve an equation of second degree when I heard a strange alarm for what seemed the first time in my life. I looked around me, and my classmates were equally surprised as me. When a sudden realization struck me, I had already heard it once. It was on the radio, a government message. If this alarm was ever activated, it meant there was a massive threat put on our heads and we should direct ourselves as calmly as possible to the nearest bunker.

I repeated their word to the class and headed out without caring for anyone.

That's when I saw it, and hell started. Most people around me began to panic and scream. Some were stunned, laid down, and started whispering crazy things or praying to a god. While I was standing there looking at the sky absentmindedly.

I could hear the loud sound of a rocket.

There it was in the middle of the sky, an intercontinental Nuclear missile, directed right toward us. And here I was, stunned without even blinking, wondering what had gone wrong today.


The missile was quickly approaching the city.


I was wondering...


who was that stupid idiot who pushed the wrong button


And why in the hell did I decide I had to wake up this morning


I really should have stayed at home today


I hope you will not miss me too much


Mom, Dad, big bro, big sis...


see ya


Oooh shit, it's really coming


hasta la vista Baby


The bomb exploded, and not a second passed. I first experienced terrible pain from the light. Then a sound wave came hurting me even more, and then fire, and then...

Pain again, ripping me apart !

Wait ! It's been a second since the explosion. Why do I still feel pain ? Shouldn't I be dead ?

No ! wait, don't tell me I'm being sent to hell !

But I have done nothing wrong in my life, well there is maybe one thing or two, but it's not much, right ?

As I waited a few seconds, the pain started to recede. I also realized that I couldn't feel my body anymore. I guess I'm now in some kind of soul state. Strangely I could sense particles coming to me, altering and making me larger ? It was truly a bizarre sensation, as if someone was massaging and punching me at the same time while I was rapidly growing. I should be in a kind of soul state right now. It seems like the explosion was nourishing my soul, or is it because I died ? I once read a novel where the soul gained strength after dying. Maybe it's what's happening to me.

I stopped focusing on myself and tried to "perceive" my surroundings, and strangely I did ! There were a lot of souls like me wandering. I think there are my classmates who just died with me, but before I tried to get near one of them, I felt a powerful force pulling me. I started ascending. I felt myself moving faster and faster, leaving my comrades and the earth behind.

And then nothing, I could feel nothing, absolutely nothing.

Time started to pass, and I was grateful to be able to think, not having been reduced to nothing.

It's starting to be long.

Should I start counting ?




No, it's boring.

I think I'm going crazy. I don't know how long I've been in this state. It could have been years or several seconds. I don't know anymore.


Ah! At least something is coming ! I feel comfortable and warm. Let's try to sleep.


Eeeh, what this ! I feel like someone has touched me. Oh! Is that some kind of sound ?

Am I genuinely losing reasons ?


Hmm, it looks like this time I can't be mistaken, I moved !

And Again !

Did you see that ?

Oh yeah, there's no one.

I think this thing is my arm. Yes, success, it moved ! I'm confident now. I reincarnate ! I should be in the belly of my mom or in an egg, like in the novel I read. This is cool ! Euh, well, not so cool. Once I birth I will be powerless I won't be able to do anything that sucks. What have I become an ant ? Pierre, breathe deeply. Calm yourself.

Finally, I really hope I am still human.


Ho, what's going on? I think it's time ! Let's go !

zoroonfire zoroonfire

Hi ! This is my first novel, I hope you enjoy it

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