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100% Creating my family in Danmachi! / Chapter 7: Dungeon

Dungeon - Creating my family in Danmachi! - Chapter 7 by LUZIR full book limited free

Chapter 7: Dungeon

Hi there! guys sorry for not uploading chapters in these two days! I was busy with my university studies and making a chapter takes a long time!

I must say you guys are great!

I made this novel for sheer fun and boredom since there is nothing to read on webnovel these days and I have only 6 chapters.

But you guys went crazy with the stones and the good comments!

6 chapters and more than 300 stones? Wow seems we all like our Kiss-Shot off-road waifu huh. that's all!


After a while, Soren and Kiss-Shot adapted to the change and decided not to think about it anymore.

"I should get some new clothes and a mask if I want to accompany Kiss-Shot to the dungeon." Soren right now, he decided to test her creation power.

In Soren's hands, a tight-fitting red and black suit appeared. The part of the abdomen was black with white contrasts while the sleeves were red.

The lower part consisted of a belt with a red undercoat and black pants with small belts around the legs.

(Nasuverse Archer Outfit)

"This is a suit worthy of an adventurer," Soren said with absolute satisfaction. He always wanted to wear this suit one day.

The next thing he made was a white mask with a red-painted smile and a little lightning bolt in his eye.

(image here)

And the last thing he did was a black wig to disguise his red hair.

Soren went to the bathroom to put on the whole suit and it was then that he remembered:

'Wait, I can't go to the dungeon without carrying a weapon, it will raise suspicions ...' Soren thought of something before creating a fairly normal bow, nothing flashy.

"This will be enough ..." Soren always liked archery and he might as well learn to use it.

Soren cannot create anything divine, blessed, cursed, or containing any kind of energy like cultivation pills, only things with materials ... like diamonds.

Although he does not see it necessary at this time

Although he could be powerful in danmachi, in other worlds some enemies can crush him with a finger.

"Hey, Kiss-Shot, let's go." Kiss-Shot obediently came towards him with a smile, as if he were an obedient wife as she gazed at her appearance with sparkling eyes.

"Ho? Soren ... that appearance of yours is unique, I like it." She said flirtatiously.

Soren watched her behavior since he called her with a strange look. He is not stupid and he knows that she seems to be interested in him.

But inside his heart. He even has doubts about why she behaves like this, did she really fall in love with him in just one day?

He, when he heard her say that she would become his wife if he saved her, he didn't take it seriously. He thinks that what she feels towards him must be just gratitude, after all, they only know each other for a day, right?

Although he cannot deny that he is in love with her since he saw her in the anime .. after all, It's his waifu.

"I-is that so? Well, let's go to the dungeon, with our strength, we shouldn't take too long so no one will notice my disappearance."

When they return from the dungeon, Soren will make sure to talk about his feelings with Kiss-Shot, although he is insecure, he is not a coward, he just does not want to rush things,

What worries Soren is the fact that someone tries to search for him while he is in the dungeon. When a god arrives at Orario in the pillar of light, the other gods usually go to the guild to see who it is, so its existence should have already been discovered.

It won't be long before they discover his home and decide to meet him so Soren wants to be in the dungeon for the shortest time possible.

"Hm ..". Kiss-Shot nodded softly as she put her veil and sword on her waist.

"Remember, as this is your first time in the dungeon, I will accompany you so that nothing goes wrong, but then I will trust you that you can go perfectly alone."

Soren doesn't care about her, she can take care of her perfectly from her alone, however, he worries if some bastard tries to provoke her and ends up killing someone he considers troublesome.

He imagines if he meets poor Ais and she challenges her to a duel after seeing how strong she is? she could die or anyone from an important family where she could get into trouble.

And that's why he accompanies her to the dungeon aside from the fact that since her divinity is sealed, he can train her new skills and archery.

And so the two left for the dungeon while the road was very interesting ...

Pedestrians were stunned seeing the strange couple while saying things like:

"Who the hell is she! She's a goddess!"

"H-how can there be someone more beautiful than Lady Freya ?!"

"Even with that veil ... it looks so ..."

"I've seen Freya-sama once but ... she seems so ..."

"Hoi! Do you think she's an adventurer? She carries a sword so she must be! I'll ask her if she wants to go to a party with me."

"Tsk, who the hell is that boy next to her? I bet he's a level 1 wimp, no one has seen him, he must be new after all !!

"Oh my..."

"Ulala ... look at those marked muscles in that tight suit ...."

"Even though he's wearing a mask, he's hot ... even in that lustful outfit ..."

"Ne ne, will they be new adventurers? What family will they be from?"

"He looks powerful .... although his bow looks like shit"

"They are brave for not wearing armor, how strange..."

The crowd didn't care much for Soren and they just thought her outfit looked great and where they could buy one.

But people were stunned when they saw Kiss-Shot since, unlike the gods, her presence of her feels more sacred, more unique, and beautiful, they wondered from where a lady so beautiful appeared that she surpassed Freya even with a veil.

Soren's brow of him twitched several times as he listened to the murmurs of the crowd while Kiss-Shot didn't seem to care.

"How can you call my heroic outfit, 'Lustful'!?" Soren was pissed off at the whispers and the fact that along the way he had to scare off some guys trying to get close to Kiss-Shot.

The annoying journey ended when they reached the entrance to the dungeon.

Soren and Kiss looked at each other and nodded before entering when Soren heard the voice of the system.

[Disguising soul ...]

[Hiding divinity ..]

[Disguising the host ...]

[Ding! ]

[Changes completed]

Soren felt something inside him change and he knew who he was and couldn't help but be deeply relieved.

"* Sigh ... * at least the gods will no longer be able to see my true soul and the dungeon will not attack me, this is a success!"

Kiss-Shot just looked at him from the side without saying anything while he thought ...

'I wonder if he will make me more donuts if I ask him? After all, I'm in his care of him, right? 'Kiss-Shot was seriously thinking about the donuts she had tasted.

Soren looked at the hole leading to the first floor before looking at Kiss-Shot and jumping where she followed immediately after.

Soren glanced at the pale blue walls around him before making out goblins in the distance.

Deciding to test his vampire powers from him, he sprints to the first unsuspecting goblin.

Soren arrives in front of the goblin in the blink of an eye before making a fist and slamming it on its head.

¨ * Pumm *

The goblin didn't even have time to react before his head exploded into a bloody mess.

The remaining 5 goblins glared at the masked adventurer before attacking like mad.

* PA * * PA * * PA *

Soren dodged the attacks before attacking with normal blows to the goblins' chests before they exploded and dropped small crystals.

"Too weak ...". Soren thinks these goblins aren't even useful for archery so he decides to dig deeper.

From floor 1-4 they are only kabolds and goblins so they decided to skip these floors quickly with Kiss-Shot killing from left to right who is clearly bored.

On floors 5-7 there are monsters like Killer Ants but it was more or less the same.

It was only on the 10th floor when they stopped massacring and Soren thought that in this fog it was appropriate to practice his archery while Kiss-Shot was left killing at random.

Soren glimpsed a Silverback through the mist and he drew his bow from him and created a diamond-tipped arrow as he aimed to try to sharpen his new senses of him.

Soren, who has already been slaughtered on the first floors, realized that it is difficult to get used to his new powers from him.

Many times when he ran he would hit a wall or end up throwing too hard blows.

Aiming at one eye with the improved sight of him and with a silent calm he releases the arrow.

* Paff *

The arrow missed the nail and instead hit the clavicle. Also, the arrow didn't seem to do much damage.

"Hm ... my bow is not suitable for high floors huh?"

Soren decides to make a bow and arrows from the same material as Kiss-Shot's sword.

A green bow with arrows of the same color appears in his hand as he aims at the mad ape who is addressing him without knowing that such a bow is made specifically to kill things like him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_19731421906225805/dungeon_53127091184524354">!_19731421906225805/dungeon_53127091184524354</a> for visiting.

This time Soren aims calmly as the ape gets closer and closer to him.

60 meters ...

40 meters ...

20 meters ...

With his senses of him at peak and full concentration, he shoots the arrow, and this time it hits the eye directly going through his brain.


The Silverback lets out a pain-filled roar as he writhes before falling dead and vanishing.

* Phew * Even though Soren is satisfied with hitting the target, he still thinks he was too slow.

"I have a long way to go if I want to be an Archer like in Fate series ..."

(NOTE:I have planned later in the story to make the power of creation more OP. I don't want to be able to do excalibur so soon)



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