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100% Cultivation Clicker / Chapter 11: Masochist

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Chapter 11: Masochist

Scott could only stand by the side as he watched his friend fight all of Chad's group alone. He hated how weak he was even though his best friend was so strong.

He saw Chad stand up with a knife but as he was planning on alerting Aaron, he was attacked by Lackey D who originally had to stop to catch Chad.

Lackey D raised his fist with a strange rage clouding his eyes, Lackey Ds fist launched straight towards Scott's nose. Scott stumbled backwards in pain as he held his throbbing nose, once he looked at his hand, he saw blood covering his palms.

Before he could react, Scott was ambushed with a barrage of punches all aiming towards his face. Before Scott completely lost consciousness he thought he saw Chad shiver in fear after stabbing Aaron.

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Aaron felt the metal in his flesh as he

slowly turned around. Chad instinctively moved backwards in fear. Aaron's skin looked paler than normal once compared with the blood on his face.

"Did you do this?"

Of course Aaron was aware that Chad was the person who stabbed him in the back. He was thinking that it would be entertaining to watch Chad squirm as he tries to wriggle himself out of his current situation.

Chads heart was beating so loud he was worried other people could hear him. He was stunned, how was a nobody he was planning to beat up to set as an example actually beating him and his group so badly.

Chad finally managed to squeeze an answer out of his mouth which felt drier than the savanna desert.

Chad eventually managed to answer Aaron's question with a voice he didn't believe he had. His mouth had turned extremely dry as he watched Aaron approach him. Is this how the people who Chad bullied felt? Hundreds of thousands of thoughts were passing through Chads mind.

"N-no! I swear I d-didn't," After a moment of thought Chad continued with a bit more confidence. "He did it!"

Chad weakly pointed towards Lackey D; Lackey D still had Scott's unconscious body hanging in his arms. Aaron was planning on playing with Chad some more but was quickly brought back to reality.

He was drunk on his own power, but who wouldn't be in his situation. He never had incredible results scholastically his situation was similar for physical activities. He never exceled at anything and was fated to have an average life until he downloaded the mysterious app.

Aaron calmed himself as he knew he couldn't have anymore outburst like what had just happened and risk injuring the people he cared about. If Chad was willing to stab him what stopped him from stabbing Scott while Aaron was distracted and Scott had no way to protect himself.

Aaron guided all of the Qi in his body towards his legs which allowed him to launch from the ground at an incredible speed reaching Lackey D in an extremely short time.

Lackey D could only stand in fear as straight as a plank of wood while Aaron neared him, fear as clear as glass plastered on his face. Aaron's two fist decided to go on a trip that ended in Lackey D's stomach.

Shortly after Aaron's fists hit Lackey D's stomach he fell to his knees gripping his chest in pain. Aaron was looking g down on him as he places his foot on Lackey D's chest and knocked him over. Soon enough he lost consciousness.

Aaron was close to Scott's body to confirm his current condition. Aaron moved his hand on Scott's wrist to check for a pulse. After a few tense seconds Aaron sighed in relief. Thankfully Scott was just knocked unconscious.

Turning away after carefully laying Scott's unconscious body on the ground Aaron saw Chad and Lackey C trying to run away. Since Chad was injured Lackey C had to support him, this handicap stopped them from going too far.

"Trying to get away from me, alright."

Now that Aaron didn't have anything to hold him back he was prepared to put this fight to an end. Just like he previously did Aaron wrapped his Qi around his leg increasing his speed and strength helping him to catch up to the duo.

After running at an incredible speed for several seconds Aaron quickly managed to reach the duo. Between the two Aaron was nearest Lackey C and it was that reason he was getting ready to jump towards him and stop his movements.

Aaron had a tight grip on Lackey C and had no plans of letting go of him. Quickly kicking the back of Lackey C's shins with all his power in an attempt to stop him from running.

Since Aaron had recently enveloped his leg in his Qi he had a stronger physical power than he had expected there to be.


Aaron could hear Lackey C's loud scream filled with pain. Aaron had accidentally broken his leg when he kicked him.

"My bad, let me make it up to you."

After Aaron finished speaking he moved in front of the teenager and in quick succession punched his stomach twice releasing his Fire and Ice Qi into his body. Currently Aaron was starting to feel slightly fatigued. He had been using a lot of Qi for a prolonged amount of time, he was also feeling mentally tired from the stress. He wasn't going to let it stop him though.

Panting slightly Aaron moved away from Lackey C's unconscious body and started to move in the direction of Chad. Chad has kept trying to escape even after Aaron had taken down Lackey C.

Aaron began to sprint in Chads direction and managed to catch up to him in a short amount of time and was preparing to attack him.

Raising his right fist Aaron's fist connected with Chad back causing a loud smacking noise to be heard. Chad was instantly thrown to the ground after the punch connected. Aaron was quite impressed that Chad was still conscious despite everything. He didn't even plead for mercy once.

Maybe he's a masochist?

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