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Chapter 10: The Phantom of a Phoenix, the Illegitimate Princess

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Jiang Yiming's figure flashed and instantly disappeared from the spot.

Right now, Huang Chaoyu was at the critical moment of comprehending the cultivation technique. He couldn't allow anyone or anything to disturb her.

In the next moment, Jiang Yiming appeared in front of the group of people.

"Everyone, please stop here," Jiang Yiming said calmly as his gaze swept over the people before him.

They were all wearing long white robes with a red Fire Phoenix embroidered on them.

Furthermore, they were all quite powerful. One of them was at the early-stage of the Core Formation Realm, while the rest were at the Foundation Establishment Realm.

With their strength, they could be considered to have barely reached the threshold of a fourth rank force.

However, Jiang Yiming had no impression from his memories of anyone who dressed like this.

"May I know who you are and what business do you have with the Lingyun Sect?" Jiang Yiming asked.

However, the other party didn't respond.

Jiang Yiming's sudden appearance had shocked them.

The few of them carefully examined Jiang Yiming, but they found that there wasn't a trace of spiritual energy fluctuation on his body.

Therefore, in their eyes, Jiang Yiming was just an ordinary person guarding the mountain gates.

The leader of the group was an old man with white hair and a white beard.

He took a step forward and looked askance at Jiang Yiming as he said coldly, "You don't need to know who we are, nor do you have the right to know what we are here for. Just go get the sect leader of the Lingyun Sect."

"I am the sect leader of Lingyun Sect. What business do you have with me?" Jiang Yiming glanced at the old man and continued unhurriedly, "If you don't have anything important to say, please return the way you came. I still have something important to deal with. Please excuse me for not seeing you off. Please go ahead."

Jiang Yiming's words were equivalent to expressing his wish for them to leave.

The Core Formation Realm old man's expression instantly fell.

But before he could say anything, a middle-aged man with a goatee walked out from behind him.

The man with the goatee pointed at Jiang Yiming and snorted coldly, "You impudent brat. We are from the Divine Phoenix Empire. How dare you speak to us like that? Hurry up and get your sect leader here. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rough."

The Divine Phoenix Empire?

Jiang Yiming could not help but be taken aback.

From his memories, the Divine Phoenix Empire was a third rank force.

It was even stronger than the Huoyun Sect.

However, the Lingyun Sect was under the jurisdiction of the Huoyun Sect, and the two forces hadn't had any contact before.

Why was the Divine Phoenix Empire suddenly here at the Lingyun Sect?

"I'll say it again, I'm the sect leader of the Lingyun Sect."

"Are you treating us as fools?" The man with the goatee flew into a rage and was about to attack.

From his point of view, Jiang Yiming was obviously an ordinary person.

No matter how down and out the Lingyun Sect was, the sect leader should at least be at the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Therefore, in his opinion, Jiang Yiming was just toying with him.

How could he endure this?

"Wait!" The leader who was in the Core Formation Realm hurriedly stopped the man with the goatee.

He wasn't so impulsive. Although he couldn't see through Jiang Yiming's aura, Jiang Yiming's indifferent bearing made it so that he didn't seem like an ordinary person without any cultivation.

Combined with the silent way Jiang Yiming had suddenly appeared, the leader of the group already believed most of Jiang Yiming's words.

It was said that there were some extremely rare magical treasures that could conceal one's cultivation realm.

From what he could tell, perhaps Jiang Yiming had such a magical treasure.

The leader scrutinized Jiang Yiming once more, and his cold expression eased up a little as he said lightly, "I am Huang Qiugong, from the Divine Phoenix Empire. Since you are the sect leader of the Lingyun Sect, may I ask if your sect has a disciple with the surname Huang?"

Hearing this, Jiang Yiming remained calm on the surface, but his heart became curious.

A disciple with the surname Huang... Wasn't that his third disciple, Xiaoyu?

However, the purpose of this person was still unknown, so he naturally couldn't reveal it so easily.

He frowned and asked, "Why are you looking for this person?"

Hearing this, Huang Qiugong was about to answer when a change occurred.

A loud and clear Phoenix cry suddenly came from the Lingyun Sect.

The Phoenix cry was clear and melodious, piercing through the nine heavens and shaking the heaven and earth.

Jiang Yiming abruptly turned around only to see the Phantom of a Phoenix appear.

The Phantom of a Phoenix was hundreds of feet tall, blotting out the sky and covering the sun. It seemed alive.

A domineering and peerless pressure spread out instantly like a huge wave.

The people from the Divine Pheonix Empire were also shocked speechless by this scene.

At this moment, an old man with white hair suddenly appeared from the crowd.

The old man held a compass and looked extremely excited.

He stared at the Phantom of the Phoenix in the sky and made some strange sounds.


Not long after, the Phantom dispersed.

However, the people from the Divine Pheonix Empire seemed to still be entranced by the scene just now and couldn't extricate themselves.


The moment Huang Zhaoyu finished her cultivation, she excitedly wanted to report the good news to her Master.

From afar, she could see that Jiang Yiming was at the mountain gates, so she immediately rushed to his side.

"Master, I succeeded!"

Huang Zhaoyu ran to Jiang Yiming.

Her face was full of excitement, and her gaze completely fell on him, completely ignoring the group of people.

Jiang Yiming was about to reply when he saw the people bowing as they respectfully called out to Huang Chaoyu, "Princess!"

Jiang Yiming was instantly stunned.

In his memories, Huang Chaoyu's identity was indeed very mysterious, but he didn't expect that she was actually the Princess of the Divine Phoenix Empire.

Only then did Huang Chaoyu notice these people, and her excited expression instantly turned cold.

Huang Qiugong didn't mind her expression and still spoke respectfully, "Your Highness, please follow us back. His Majesty the Divine Phoenix, misses you very much!"

Huang Chaoyu didn't reply, but quietly took two steps back.

Her actions were all seen by Jiang Yiming.

"Xiaoyu, what exactly is going on?"

From her reaction, Jiang Yiming knew that this was not a simple matter.

Hearing her Master's question, Huang Chaoyu bit her red lips with a conflicted expression.

After a long while, she sighed faintly and told him the whole story.

It turned out that Huang Chaoyu was the illegitimate daughter of the current emperor of the Divine Phoenix Empire, which meant she was a Princess of the Divine Phoenix Empire.

However, due to her unpresentable identity, Huang Chaoyu had been left to live in the outside world.

Then, thanks to fate, Jiang Yiming took her in as his disciple.

All along, only a few people knew her true identity.

"Master, I'm sorry I haven't told you my identity."

Huang Zhaoyu lowered her head, not daring to look at Jiang Yiming's expression.

"Silly, why would I blame you for this small matter?" Jiang Yiming smiled.

"Then Master, you wouldn't abandon me, right?"

"Of course not, as long as you still acknowledge me as your Master."

"Yes, Master will always be my Master!"

Huang Chaoyu's eyes lit up again, the corners of her mouth curled up into a smile.

When Huang Qiugong saw this scene, he couldn't help but frown.

"Princess, please return with us. His Majesty the Divine Phoenix has ordered us to bring you back."

These words already had a hint of a threat.

Jiang Yiming's expression instantly darkened as he spoke to Huang Qiugong, "Hm? Are you trying to threaten my disciple?"

Then, without waiting for Huang Qiugong to reply, he turned his head and spoke softly to Huang Chaoyu, "Xiaoyu, no matter if you choose to go stay, I will support you. As long as I am here, no one can force you to do anything you don't want to!"

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