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Get You Back - Curse | JJK - Chapter 3 by likgguk full book limited free

Chapter 3: Get You Back

"May I know the reason why you are late, Miss Sa?" The grumpy teacher asked me.

"Well Maa'm, you see this is my first day after one year, so it kinda took me sometime to find your class." I replied, inwardly cursing the witch infront of me.

"I don't want this mistake to repeat again, go and take a seat beside Miss Lee." She said not knowing that so called Miss Lee is one of my besties.

I walked towards Minju who had a big grin on her face.

I sat beside her.

It was silent for few minutes and when the witch turned towards board.

Minju side hugged me. And I'm afraid that I will get detention on my first day.

"Fucking 12 months" she said pulling away from me.

"Yeah" I replied.

"I think we have so much to discuss." Minju said, I nodded.

And then a poke on my behind. Thank god we are in middle row and my seat is second last one.

"Yoongi" I said without turning back.

"Why are you late?" He asked me.


"I guessed right" Joon replied quite loudly.

Which made the witch to turn her head and glare at Joon.

"What did you guess Mister.Kim?" She crossed her arms under her chest.

"Of course answer, Maa'm" he replied confidently.

She nodded her head and turned back. Every one knows he had an IQ of 148. So no one doubts him.

"Lets talk later" I said quietly eyeing at the three people.

If we get caught again, I'm damn sure she will give us detention.

And I don't want that on my first day.

So we sat quietly.

Even though I want to talk with Minju it can't be possible in the witch's class. Even though I like maths, I hate the teacher.

Actually it's not only my opinion, everyone hates her. You should listen the students back talking about her which are like ten fold more than insults.

And I think she deserves them.

If you think I'm crazy then let me tell you, she is a bitch and everyone knows that she seduced every teacher in the school. Even when they are fucking married.

I know I'm also a player but I only sleep with my age guys.

Just then bell rang interrupting ny thoughts. Ofcourse it's early because I skipped half off the class by coming late.

I and my friends don't have same classes until afternoon so I bid them good byes as I started walking towards my next class.


Have you ever had a feeling to kill someone desperately? Because I'm feeling now to kill the my history teacher.

It's not his fault.

I'm feeling hungry. If you wonder why? I skipped breakfast today.

You can do it.

Wait for 5 mins.

I chanted in my head, and I think god seen my struggles cuz he let the bell rang before 5 mins.

I quickly hurried out of class to locker room.

Little did I know that was one of my biggest mistakes?

I soon opened my locker and placed all the books inside.

When I closed it and turned back my heart almost stopped because of the boy who is standing infront of me. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I don't want to see his face, so I tried to escape from him. But he caged me by putting his both hands beside my shoulders and leaned towards me.

"Bina I missed you" he said.

His voice is something to which I was dying to hear in past but now it disgusts me so much.

Because of him, I ran away.

"Chu Dohun, have you forgotten about the day where you left me for a bitch?" I asked him crossing my arms under my chest.

"I never intended to leave you" He replied. But I can see he is lying. Which is clearly wrtten in his brown eyes.

"I think we should maintain our distance. So better leave me alone." I said pushing him back.

"I will get you back, Bina" he said as I walked away from him.

It doesn't hurt.

I always thought if once I see him again, I will end up hurting myself.

But it doesn't.

The only boy whom I truly loved for 2 years ended up cheating on me and made me a coward.

Since I was lost in my thoughts, I didn't notice I already sat between Jungkook and Tae.

"You look moody" Jimin said looking at me.

That's when I realized my emotions are clearly written on my face.

"Do I now?" I asked him giving a smile.

He smiled back.

"So now why are you late?" Yoongi asked me.

I sighed.

"Actually yesterday night I went on a blind date and ended up fucking him, so I came home super late which made me late to school too." I sarcastically replied.

"Okay we understood, you overslept. You don't need to reply it in that way." Minju said.

"What if it is truth?" I asked her.

She shrugged off.

"I don't think you are brave enough to fuck a boy at late night that too on sunday." Jin said.

"Right Mum" I replied stuffing a french fry.

"Yeah I forget to tell you something, Our Bina is the luckiest girl on the earth" Joon said, I know what he is going to say so a smile made it's way to my lips.

"Why?" Tae asked him, quite curiously.

"Because winter vacation starts after day after tommorow, so it means she only got to attend two days." Jungkook answered Tae's curiousity with a smile.

Woah, he looks like a bunny.

"Thank you" Jungkook replied with a grin. I realized I said that loud.

I rubbed my neck.

"If you think I'm lucky then may I remind you, after winter vacation we need to write exams and after that there comes the graduation. And also this year I missed Prom." I sighed thinking about exams make me wanna kill the person who invented it.

"And this winter holidays, I may end up becoming more lazy than I'm now." I added another point.

"It's true. I do remember after every winter vacation you ended up like a sleep craving monster." Hobi said which made me think all possibilties of what I will do.

"May be we can study"

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