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Surprise Test - Curse | JJK - Chapter 5 by likgguk full book limited free

Chapter 5: Surprise Test

"Since this is the last day before your winter vacation, I decided to give you a surprise test." The maths teacher, Witch, officially announced to the whole class.

Which made everyone in the class to groan in protest. No one expected this I think so. But it didn't made the cold hearted witch to change her mind. She started writing the questions on the board.

Thank god, yesterday night I got a vision like this, so I got up early did solved some problems.

Fear is clearly written on all others face, especially Hobi who was shocked beyond words.

Yeah, unknowing to me my schedule is changed to match the boys which made me both happy and angry. Angry because I need to see Dohun.

"I'm going to die, please prepare my funeral.." Jimin exclaimed beside me.

"Then say hello to King Yama on behalf of me." I said with a grin on my face playing with my pen.

"How can you act cool knowing the witch's punishment?" Tae asked me from behind.

"Because yesterday night I got a vision that today there will be surprise test." I said.

But the moment I saw the questions my smile dropped into a scowl.

Because out of 12 questions other 4 are from Integrations, at which I absolutely suck at.

"Never expected my day will become this bad." I muttered under my breath.

"Obviously only Namjoon will escape from the punishment, all are doomed." Jimin whispered looking at Joon with accusing glares.

"Let's Cheat" Yoongi said.

Which made me bit my tongue.

"I would rather die than get caught by her" Jin and Jungkook both replied.

"I will try to solve those, if my heavenly brains helps me to knock me with some answers" Tae replied looking straight with a frown on his face.

"So you guys got 30 minutes to crack them, and remember no cheating" she replied sitting in her chair.

I started solving questions which are from trigonometry. Which only took 15 mins to solve. I tried 9 th problem but it only made me grit my teeth.

Please help me.

How can you ask me to help? It's your fault, who asked you to not learn Integrations?

Please do something.

No way.

Stupid brain.

I looked at Namjoon who is continuously writing something unlike others or me with so much concentration.

Why didn't god provide me with 148 IQ.

The boy behind him tried to look into his answer sheet.

"Mister Sun, please look into your own answer sheet." Mrs.Song snapped at him harshly which made all of us to flinch.

Why do teachers are so fucking strict?

I tried again but again it ended up in wrong way.

I sighed and moved on to next problem.

I think my stupid brain doesn't want me to see hardworking it provided me some answers magically.

So I solved the next two questions easily. But the last one and 8 th one may be demons from my last life.

They fucking makes my poor brain to have a trauma.

I looked around once again, Minju was staring at the answer sheet in hopes that something will appear magically.

I looked Jimin he had a frown on his face with a pout. I stifled my smile which tried to escape from me.

While behind me, Tae had a horror and almost crying expression. And Yoongi had a blank face with a sleepy look.

Jin is trying to look at Jungkook's answer sheet but Jungkook caught him staring into his, with out making noise he slapped Jin's arms.

While Hobi is trying his best to not laugh like me seeing both of them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

While our teacher started scrolling something on her phone.

So I stared at the two questions in hopes of something knocking into my brain.

But at last I gave up I would rather have a punishment than making my brain run for a marathon. So I started walking towards the witch, in hopes of not getting some serious shitty punishment.

"You still have 5 mins Bina" she said looking at me which made all heads to whip at me.

"Well it's better to give up, rather stare at it for some brilliant ideas to knock my brain" I replied submitting my answer sheet.

"Since you finished early, let me correct yours" she said stopping me dead in my tracks from going back to my seat.

I prayed for the heavenly gods to not grant me with a punishment.

"Not bad, 10 questions but you will still get your punishment if your friends didn't write well." She said handing me the paper.

I gritted my teeth.

Not bad? I racked my brains, and I get not bad?

I walked towards my seat and sat with a heavy sigh, after me Namjoon handed his paper, and guess how many are correct?

Yeah guys,you are right 12 out of 12. How the hell did he solve that two questions.

Next she ordered all to get their papers. They did with a heavy sighs and grunts.

While Jimin with a small smile. I wonder how many did he solved?

Since all are surrounded around the witch, I took the chance to take some rest.

I closed my eyes as I rested my head on the bench with a small yawn escaping from my mouth.

But it soon got disturbed by a energetic Jimin.

"Bina..." he shook me. I groaned. Another one joined to shook me.

"Why are you guys disturbing me?" I asked them sitting straight with a scowl sitting on my face.

"We both got 8 questions right, so we escaped from punishment." They said hugging me.

Why did they even hugging me in the first place?

"Wait did you both copied my answers?" I asked them, they both grinned.

"How?" I continued questioning.

"When you are immersed in solving that four questions I copied them, Later Tae and Yoongi copied from me." Jimin answered my question.

"Then why did the witch didn't realized it?" Hobi asked no one in particular as he sat infront of us.

And next minute I wanted to snap at Jimin because,

"Jimin, Bina, Jungkook, Taehyung, Namjoon, Minju, Hoseok, Yoongi, and Seokjin see you in detention room afternoon." Mrs.Song said before leaving the classroom.

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