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6.22% D.E.M.O.N.S: Getting Summoned Weekly isn't so Bad / Chapter 18: Chapter 18 The Perfect Offer?

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Chapter 18: Chapter 18 The Perfect Offer?

"We both live at the orphanage," said Kat.

Vivian's eyes widened and she raised her hands in shock, dropping all the plates and cups she was holding directly into the sink."How can such sweet girls like yourselves be still there? That orphanage has such a good adoption rate. No, I won't have it I'll adopt you both immediately," cried Vivian. Kat's eyes nearly fell out of her head.

* You can't just adopt a child like that, and don't you have a roommate to consul first before adopting to kids. *

"Ah, Vivian, isn't it a bit quick to make a decision like that?" said Kat.

"I suppose your right. In that case I'll just adopt Sylvie. Thinking about it more clearly she is much cuter than you," said Vivian poking her tongue out at Kat.

"No, I want to stay with Kat," said Sylvie who had somehow crawled onto Kat's lap during the conversation without her noticing. *Sylvie has stealth powers now? Does her magic know no bounds?* Vivian burst out laughing at that.

"Of course, I should have known. Curses," said Vivian clicking her fingers in fake outrage.

"Seriously though, that place really does have such a great adoption rate, I even knew a few people at my University who grew up there for a while. How is it that you two are still there after any length of time at all?" said Vivian.

"Well, Sylvie is really shy most of the time. I'm surprised she gets along so well with you. But in the few instances where she might have been considered for adoption she spent most of it hiding after she ran off somewhere," said Kat with Sylvie nodding in her lap, innocent smile affixed on her face.

"Well…" said Vivian pointedly looking at Kat and waiting for the story to continue.Sighing, Kat complied, "As for me, I don't really know, I've lived there longer than anyone else. I'm both the youngest and the oldest person the orphanage has ever looked after. Gramps has been there my whole life, and as for why I was never adopted out: I don't really know."

"Ah, sorry for asking you to leave then. I didn't know the place meant so much to you. Please come and visit any time though it's fine hanging out," said Vivian still with a smile.

Kat sighed again, "Well actually Vivian that's just it. Because I've been there so long, I'm about to turn eighteen and that means I can't stay at the orphanage afterwards. I was hoping to find a place after Gramps told me, and then all these summoning shenanigans started happening and I just haven't had time to think about it"

"Sooo, maybe, that's why I asked you to be serious about this because I do need a place to stay and Sylvie made me promise to let her come with me if I could. And well I don't know you that well yet, but you're really nice to be around. Sylvie somehow trusts you and you're apparently willing to take us both in. So it's just. I need some time to think and I need to know your serious," said Kat. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";t-so-bad_16999809806227205/chapter-18-the-perfect-offer_45765903501027921">;t-so-bad_16999809806227205/chapter-18-the-perfect-offer_45765903501027921</a> for visiting.

Vivian paused, and thought over Kat's words for a long time before dragging the smile off her face. It was clear she was fighting her lips to keep them from curling up as she spoke, "I really do think you are both so sweet, and you're right I really should ask my roommate before I commit to anything, but, I would like to try. Please think about it and next time you come to visit, we can have a proper talk about this. I didn't really want to just spring something like this on you, I didn't think it would be quite so big a deal, but it is, and I don't want to pressure you both into anything."

The three nodded and Kat and Sylvie stood up to leave. None of them wanted to leave on such a serious note but Vivian wasn't going to pressure the two anymore until Kat and Sylvie walked up to her. Kat walked over to Vivian and wrapped her tail and both arms around her pulling her tight. The two shared a long embrace before separating. This was when Sylvie motioned for Vivian to bend down, and when she complied Sylvie gave her a pat on the head a few times and a quick hug.

"We will be back Vivian," said Kat as Sylvie and her stood in the entranceway, before departing from the house.

"I'll see you both then," said Vivian as she waved them off.


Sitting on her bed, Kat stared at the ceiling lost in thought. * Why did things have to get so complicated? I was already struggling to figure out what I should tell Gramps when I talk to him. Do I tell him I've become a demon? That I've magically bound his wife's best clothes to myself? What the hell do I say about Vivian? She was just so bubbly, and it felt nice to be around her. I probably wouldn't bother considering how close I am to finishing school, but I don't have anywhere else lined up. But at the same time I really don't want Vivian to think I'm only staying at her place because I'm getting kicked out. Then again, I hardly know Vivian. What other reason am I supposed to choose, because she was nice to me for a couple hours? That's not hard, I've seen plenty of people act like obedient children until I turn away for a second. I wish everyone was as calm as Sylvie. And that's the other thing, isn't it?*

*By agreeing to adopt Sylvie as well, this is no longer about me. It's abundantly clear that she won't stay at Vivian's without me and as much as I want to take that as I sign I should stay away, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. Mostly that Sylvie was willing to entertain her antics, she let Vivian hug her for that whole conversation at Lily's and she even pat her on the head when she was looking for praise. Let's not even get started on the fact that Sylvie was the one who suggested we stay over for lunch. I just don't know what I'm supposed to do? *

*That's not even considering the implications of what she knows. She knows about all my changes since becoming a demon, the system the summonings, everything. I don't regret telling her. At least I don't think I do. She took it so well, and it just seemed natural to bring her into everything with us. And she's even offering us a play to stay after hearing about all my crazy happenings. Could it get any better? Is that why I'm so hung up on this? I've found the perfect solution to all my problems and I can't bring myself to believe it's real. I get to stay in town near Lily, and Gramps. Sylvie would be living with me and having Vivian around seems like it would always be fun.*

*Maybe…* Kat's further thoughts were interrupted by a light knocking on her door. Quickly hiding her tail, she got up to investigate who it was. Kat opened the door to find Sylvie clutching a pillow in front of her. Quickly ushering her in, Kat wrapped Sylvie up in her lap."What's wrong Sylvie, you look like you have something on your mind?" said Kat."I'm thinking about what Vivian said. Do you want to stay with her Kat?" asked Sylvie.

Patting the small girl on the head and tightening her tail a bit Kat sighed. "I don't know Sylvie. I really don't know what to do this time.""Why not Kat?" asked Sylvie as if fully expecting Kat to have all the answers."Well, it's all gotten so complicated in just a day hasn't it Sylvie? This morning, do you remember what Gramps said this morning?" said Kat. Sylvie nodded in response. "Well originally I was going to tell him about the demon stuff, and just be honest with him and just deal with whatever came out of it. Now I don't know if I should mention it at all, especially if I'm moving out soon. Gramps has enough stuff to worry about, and I'm not sure what to do about Vivian, it all seems perfect for everything and maybe I just can't quite accept that," said Kat.

"Do you remember what Vivian said today Kat?" asked Sylvie.

"Well Vivian said a lot of things, didn't she?" said Kat.

"Vivian said it's bad to lie to your friends right Kat," said Sylvie.

"Yeah…" said Kat.

"Well is Gramps a friend?" said Sylvie. Kat sighed at this. It seems Sylvie is better at this than she was.

"No Gramps is more than a friend. I guess you're right. I shouldn't lie to him. I'll tell him everything. Now I just have to figure out what to do concerning Vivian's offer," said Kat.

"But you said it was perfect, didn't you Kat? If it's perfect what more do you need?" said Sylvie.

"Well, when something seems a little too good you get suspicious, I guess, and don't just throw this on me, you'd be coming too. Don't you remember? Vivian said you were much cuter," said Kat.

Sylvie laughed, "I want to stay with Kat no matter what, but Vivian is nice and we can always visit." * Why do I get the feeling she means we can always visit the orphanage and not that we can always visit Vivian? Aw well this is tomorrow's problem. Maybe Gramps is the one who will have the answers. They say with age comes experience.*

Vongrak Vongrak

Vongrak's Fun Fact: Vivian as a character was developed for just 1 joke. She was only supposed to be a character that would be ok with kids using her house for breaking and entering. That's it. We have already far exceeded her original plot relevance by this point but looks like she won't be the unimportant background character she was designed to be.

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