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Chapter 3: Old Friends & Arrangements

Ino's Mom


Daiki had left and gone to the Yamanaka clan compound, and with all the clan members knowing who he was they made no move to stop him, as he carried their clan princess in his arms towards her home.

It didn't take long as Daiki came up to a house and knocked on the door, soon after it opened and revealed a mature woman, she had light brown eyes without pupils and brown hair tied into a bun with a red ribbon in it. Strands frame both sides of her face, hanging over her ears from behind them. She is fair-skinned, and slight wrinkles are visible near her mouth.

Seeing the woman Daiki smiled warmly.

"Good afternoon Aunty."

"Oh, it's you Daiki-Kun and you brought Ino with you, come on in let's put her down in her room."

"Alright." Daiki followed her into the house as the door closed behind them, Daiki followed her into Ino's room and then gently put Ino down on her bed before leaving.

"It seems Inoichi isn't here as yet." Daiki says.

"I'm sure someone has already informed him of your arrival, so he'll be back soon, in the meantime let's sit and have some tea." she says pointing to the table while gathering three cups and a kettle.

Seeing no reason to leave as yet Daiki takes a seat at the table while she sits across from him and pours him a cup of tea.

"I haven't seen you much lately Daiki-Kun, I remember back when you had just graduated you used to be around a lot always sticking close to Inoichi, though you grew quite fast and your rank increased the time you came around has become less and less."

"It can't be helped, I know have too many responsibilities, the time for me to relax has long since gone, and it doesn't look like I'll get it back anytime soon."

"Indeed, but knowing you, I bet you are very happy with how busy you are, you're living your dream aren't you?" she asked with a smile.

"My dream huh, I guess you could say that, I love this village and all I have ever wanted was to protect it, to me for that goal I am willing to do anything, but I never thought of becoming the Hokage."

"But there is no doubt you will be a good one." a voice sounds as footsteps echo as someone enters the room.

"Sensei!!" Daiki says as Inoichi walks in.

"I've told you, you don't have to call me that, for the life of me I can't remember teaching one thing in the time that I was your Jonin sensei." says Inoichi as he takes a seat and his wife pour him a cup of tea.

"You taught me a lot, maybe not jutsu but you for sure helped me grow a lot mentally."

"Yeah, whatever you say, so how is this generation looking so far?" he asks as he takes a sip of tea.

"Mhm, they seem alright, they got the talent but they to weak and far too naive in their thinking, but I guess they have the best teamwork out of all of this year's genin, once they experience the world of shinobi they should be able grow at an amazing speed, don't be surprised if this generation surpasses yours."

Hearing Daiki's opinion Inoichi looked surprised.

"That's might high praise coming from you of all people."

"Well, I just tell it how it is."


Suddenly the vibe in the room changed and became a little awkward, as Inoichi smiled and looked at Daiki.

"So you've finally met the little princess, what do you think?"

Hearing this Daiki couldn't help but sigh.

'I really thought he would have given up on this already, but seeing as it was a decision made by him and my father I guess I should have known better, but from the way Ino reacted to me today she shouldn't know about it.'

"She's too young, and from what I've seen I am guessing you haven't told her yet, and from what I've heard the girl has a crush on the Uchiha brat."

"You are right, she doesn't know there are talks of you two marrying, as for the Uchiha brat it's nothing more than a crush she'll grow out of it, and as for the age thing even if an agreement is reached you two won't have to be married now."

"You know, with how much you spoil her I'm surprised you're even pushing this matter, I would have figured you wanted her to be your little princess forever." says Daiki.

"No matter what happens she will be, but I trust you more than I would trust anyone else when it comes to her."

"Daiki this marriage would bind the Sarutobi clan closer with the Yamanaka, Nara, and Akimichi clans, and you get a perfect wife I don't understand why you are so against it." he says.


"Fine, I'll agree, but you have to tell her and get her to agree as well, forcing this on either side won't be good in the long term, and I won't get married until I'm ready, and if she's against it we will forget about it completely." says Daiki.

"Alright, just inform the third Hokage about the decision, leave the little princess to me."

"Fine, I'll take my leave now, I've got things to do and I've got to tell the old man the news, and Aunty I'll try to visit more often." saying that Daiki disappeared leaving the husband and wife alone.

"You think that was a good idea?"

"Even if the clans are close now, things change, the third knows this and so do we, which is why this marriage was put forward by the third in the first place, It is also the reason he made me that boys sensei, to keep the clans close, Daiki get support and when he become the fifth Hokage the Ino-Shika-Cho clan will get even more benefits, but most important Daiki is strong and has a good heart he would make a good husband for Ino and a good Hokage." says Inoichi.

"So how are you to convince Ino of that?"

"She's on his team, I don't think we'll need to convince her once she gets to know him, you know Daiki do you think the Uchiha boy is a match?"

"Of course not, but you never know the outcome until everything is done."

Just a heads up for the love interest I was thinking of Ino and Tsunade what do you guys think?

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