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Chapter 1: 01 Irregular fate disturbance.


Danmachi - Irregular fate disturbance.

It was night at that time, in Orario, when as if someone played with the fragile strings of fate sending waves of irregularities along the way.

A bright, powerful light suddenly appeared in the sky above the city of Orario and with an insanely fast speed, pierced through an old shabby looking abandoned church before landing straight on a white haired boy's body ---- reaching the deepest part of his soul. All of these events have gone unnoticed by anyone, not even the gods and goddesses that lurks in almost every corner of the mighty city.

The bright light carries 8 different souls of 8 different individuals. Of which, 7 belongs to 7 great beings of their own world and eras.

Not standing each others' existence, they disregarded everything and a battle of supremacy soon broke out between these 7 Great Souls which ended up with mutual destruction and brought a significant damage to the Host Soul itself - Bell Cranel's.

The only one remained unscratched was the soul of a mortal that hasn't participated in the conflict as he knew it was moronic. He's too weak and ordinary to face them!

Well, saying that he was unscratched after the chaos would be a blatant lie. The poor guy was scared shitless!

Though he's currently only a soul, the guy had lost count on how many times he had thought he died while the rest were fighting around him.

He is Leon, and by some means unknown to him, he seemed to have had died and was brought here by a bright light along with 7 more aloof lunatic souls in tow.

As a college student's soul who came from the modern world earth wouldn not be able to stand a chance against these great beings at all. Just no way!

But looking back now, it was very funny how he was the only soul that remained intact while the other seven Great Beings' souls scattered into these tiny light fragments floating around him. Surrounding him like how planets orbits the sun.

But what now? What should he do? How can he get out of this place? Will he be stuck in this empty space forever?

As Leon was thinking about worst things, the light fragments left by the 7 great beings' souls slowly moves, soon it started to form a shape of spear. Leon was stunned watching the light as it become brighter and brighter till finally---.


The last thing he saw was the image of a bright spear of light heading towards him followed by a huge impact on his chest. He immediately fell unconscious before even feeling the pain that should have followed.

Meanwhile, inside the basement of a half demolished church.

Bell Cranel's body was drenched with sweat and his youthfull face has a deep frown on it. He looked like someone suffering from a great pain.

The young looking goddess, Hestia seemed to have noticed this as she woke up and hurriedly went beside the white haired boy checking his condition.

"Bell-kun?" She was confused. Hestia touched his forehead and found out that Bell is ice cold! "W-what's happening, Bell-kun!? "

She became worried no, panicked!

After a very long time she spent waiting and uncountable numbers of rejection she received, this young goddess Hestia finally found the first member of her familia. Not only that, she also had given him her blessing yesterday and even helped him register in the guild.

Her child should make his first dive inside the dungeon tomorrow but.. what's happening now? What's going on with her sole child? Why is he like this?

'Is it because of my blessing I gave him?' Hestia thought, but quickly rejected that idea. She never heard anyone getting sick after receiving Falna from a deity before!

So what's the problem?

Hestia kept on calling his name but didn't get any response from him. Bell Cranel simply lied there and remained unconscious.

This scene only brought more pressure to Hestia. Time slowly passed by and her worries gradually turned into fear. Fear of loosing the only child of her Familia. Gritting her teeth, Hestia was about to release her divinity to find out what's going on when suddenly...

The frown on Bell's face slowly eases marginally, and also stopped sweating heavily. Though Bell remained drenched wet from his sweating before.

To her surprised, Hestia saw Bell slowly opened his ruby eyes.

"Where..... am I?" Was the first words came out of Bell's mind after he woke up. Bell was about to take a look at his surroundings when he felt a force hitting his chest and two arms coiling up around his neck.

"BELL-KUN! BELL-KUN!" Hestia called out his name in tears. "You..... I.. I was very worried. I.. I--."

Hestia continue crying on Bell's chest saying how worried and scared she was. Bell on the other hand remained still and confused. He's slowly processing all the events that happened and also, the new set of memories he got!

'Are all of these... for REAL?!' he can't help but exclaim inside his head. 'This is awesome! Danmachi huh? So this woman hugging me should be... Hestia? Holy Shit! I have to fix all of these first.'

With that thought in mind, Bell decided to set aside everything and handle this loli goddess in front of him first in case she become suspicious of him.

"Sorry for worrying you, Goddess." Bell then slightly got up, also wrapping his arms around the petite goddess' soft and warm body. "There there.." he gently caressed her back.

A quarter of an hour later, Hestia finally calmed down. Leon find it very surprising for this young goddess to be this emotional considering the fact that well, she is a goddess. Someone who had live for thousands if not millions of years!

As a high being, she should have had experienced a lot of ups and downs in life right? And that should have reinforced, if not steeled her emotions by a lot.

Normally, even a million, billions of mortal deaths wouldn't even bother a god. But that rule doesn't seem to apply in this loli goddess.

"Are you really okay, Bell-kun? What happened?" Hestia tried to wipe her tears away as she looked up to Bell's face. Her deep azure eyes met his gaze.

"I--- think that is the case? Though I am a little hungry now for some reason. " Bell's stomach did make a rumbling sound after he said that.

Nice save, my body!

"Ahh! Wait here Bell-kun. I will go get food for you immediately!"

Seeing Hestia quickly stood up and bolted to the kitchen brought a smile on Bell's face. She soon came back carrying a small plate with few pieces of fried potatoes and a glass of water.

"Here Bell-Kun. Eat them them all." she handed him the food.

"Thank you." Bell picked up two fried potatoes, one for him and then gave the other to Hestia."You have to eat too, Goddess. It's not like I can finish all of these."

"Eh? But didn't you said you're hungry?"

"It's fine, just eat it"

"T-thank you."

And with that, the two of them had another late dinner together.

Leon, or better be called as Bell, took a quick bath and changed his clothes before returning to bed. Hestia joined him and insisted on sleeping beside Bell saying that it's so she can help him immediately in case something similar happened again.

Althoug she noticed some difference and oddities from Bell, Hestia didn't put much thought of it as she's still feeling very glad that her child was safe and sound. This might sound a bit cringe but that's all what matters to her!

As they fell asleep, I mean... As Hestia fell asleep, Bell Cranel slowly opened his eyes. He now has a better grasp of his situation.

According to what he currently understands, he transmigated. That bright light was probably the caused but as for what exactly that was, Bell has no idea.

Heck, he can't even remember if he died or not before coming here!

Even those 7 Great Beings are still a mystery though not much after he absorbed them.

To make everything short, as said earlier, Leon transmigrated to this world with those 7 great beings. Bell Cranel's soul seemed to not have been able to handle the burden of the process leading to his consciousness getting wiped out and his soul being damaged.

All of these soon led to Leon taking over his body as the 'New' and 'Improved' Bell Cranel after absorbing the remains of those 7 Great Beings.

"What a convenient turn of events. I wonder if I have used all my lifetime luck to achieved this. Fine then, I will play along and from now on, I will live this life as Bell Cranel.." he murmured before looking down to his Goddess that is currently sleeping comfortably in his embrace. "And I will take good care of you as well------- Goddess. Take it as my way of paying respect for my fallen predecessor."

Giving a few more glances to hestia and kissing her head, the new Bell Cranel also entered his dreamworld. Looking forward to life and vast probability lies ahead of him.

A miracle that will turn the future of Orario upside down had just taken its place inside this shabby looking abandoned church. It's a pity that no one else had managed to get to know or even notice it.

What a pity.

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