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71.42% Dao King of the Void / Chapter 11: The Void Race

The Void Race - Dao King of the Void - Chapter 11 by Glocc_Williams full book limited free

Chapter 11: The Void Race

Ja and Wuheng continued to stay in the forest for the next two and a half years. They eventually moved into the inner region but only within a hundred kilometers. Over the years their battle scars and experience improved at a tremendous rate. The day before they were going to depart the forest to silhouettes were seen fighting against a black lion that had strength comparable to a peak seven stage sacred emperor. The two figures were fighting in a way that compliments the others weaknesses. After about thirty minutes the beast was slain and the two figures started to cut off all the valuables the beast had. When they took the beast core it was grey with black spots around the orb. It was a beast who started its process to becoming a divine ranked beast. After taking everything the two ran for about 300 kilometers before stopping. The figures were Wuheng and Feng Ja who had aged and became more masculine after three years of constant training and cultivating. Liang Wuheng was 20 and had grown to a height of 1.8m with arms as thick as a normal tree. He also managed to cultivate all the way to the second stage Nascent Soul Realm. Feng Ja on the other hand was seventeen and on the verge of turning eighteen a month before his challenge with Feng Gan. He had grew to a height of 1.6m and had become more masculine while his looks became almost heaven defying.. He had managed to become a half step Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. He only needed to reach the right amount of qi to make his core shatter completely and help nourish his soul. Ja and Wu travelled for another three days before making it back to the entrance to the forest. Ja looked at Wu and said "brother once we step out this forest the beginning steps to the pinnacle of cultivation will begin." "Brother I've waited these last two years to begin so now that it is time what is our plans" said Wu. "Well first is going home and dealing with Feng Gan and the Meng clan. From there we will proceed to strengthen ourselves because we can not leave planet Zagon without a cultivation realm of half step Demigod Realm. From there it will have to wait til then before we make any plans but we will need our own force in the future" said Ja. Wu nodded and said "If thats the case we should either make a kingdom, empire, or sect but we will need elders resources techniques skills and a lot more for that." "Well for skills and techniques we will ask master after I breakthrough and for resources we have gathered enough to cultivate a medium sized kingdom of at least True God/False God Realm cultivators. Plus master might have some spare resources we could get" said Ja. With that they stepped out the forest to see the first sight of the world they seen when they came and there master in meditation. They walked silently over to there master kowtowed and in unison said

"Disciple Greets Master!"

"Disciple Greets Master!"

He opened his eyes and responded" seems like the Forest of Oblivion had great gains for you both." "Yes master but I just wanted to speak because I will attempt to breakthrough to the Nascent Soul Realm now" said Feng Ja as he went sat in the center of the lake. He brought out a Qi explosion pill and Qi gathering array. His master looked in wonder about the array but decided to wait and ask questions later. His disciple needed his full concentration and he did not want to mess up his chances of breaking through. Ja sat and started the array while throwing the key explosion pill back. He started circulating his cultivation technique moving all the Qi into his core. After a month of guiding qi into his core did it shatter into hundreds of pieces. He immediately gathered the pieces and condensed them into liquid qi. The liquid qi began to swirl and shape a cocoon while Feng Ja's Nascent Soul began to form. After a couple days did Feng Ja's Nascent Soul form it was mind blowing.

Feng Ja's nascent soul was a giant whose body was made of a complete star system. When Feng Ja released his Nascent Soul into the world a Ancient pressure descended which suppressed all living beings under the Demigod Realm. Liang Wuheng and there master had looks of fear and excitement in there eyes. Wuheng was on his knees from the pressure he couldn't breathe or move. While their master didn't flinch his back was in cold sweat because he knew that was the avatar of PanGu. While it wasn't his true size or cultivation level it still brought questions to his mind. "Why does he have the creator of the universe avatar when he holds the ancient void bloodline." Feng Ja called his nascent soul in and opened his eyes to see his brother Wuheng with battle intent written all over. His master on the other hand was lost in his thoughts. Ja stood and immediately issued for Wuheng to come at him. "Brother Ja lets see if my mid second stage cultivation is stronger than your low first stage cultivation" said Wuheng. He immediately sent a fist at half power towards Ja who sent a palm at half power back. When the palm and fist collided the fist slightly got the edge before the both dissipated. Wuheng smiled then sent a half powered fist skill. "Ja I've only used half my power with this fist skill I hope you can take it" said Wuheng smiling evilly. Ja snorted and threw out another palm with a little over half his strength. When they collided this time Feng Ja's palm immediately distorted space that made Wuheng's fist to steer off left. Wuheng looked in amazement seeing his fist fly off in the distance that he forgot about Ja's palm strike. By time he realized the palm had hit him and he staggered back 100 steps with blood trickling down from the corner of his mouth. He had suffered a severe blow even though it wasn't life threatening. "Ja one more attack with your full strength" said Wu as he started to gather all of his qi. Ja did the same he unleashed his bloodline and full cultivation. Every being within a thousand kilometers wanted to bow towards the aura and bloodline Ja was releasing. Even Wuheng's and their master's bloodline trembled. They both launched their strongest skill mastered. "Elemental Fist of the Supreme" roared Wuheng!

"Fist of the Void" yelled Feng Ja! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

When the two fist of qi were released the winds began howling while spatial tears began to form around the attacks. When the attacks were five meters away thunder started rumbling. When the attacks collided an explosion took place. The water had waves over fifty meters high and lightning was coming down striking multiple times. When the dust started to settle Feng Ja had been pushed back half a kilometer. Wuheng had been flung over five kilometers into the desert with blood leaking out of his ears, nose, and mouth. His chest was caved in his arm was mangled and he knew he would be bed ridden for at least a month. Ja looked at Wuheng and smirked then began talking. "Well brother Wu looks like I'm stronger than you with only a low first stage cultivation." "You win this time but next time we'll have a real fight and it wont be this easy" said Wuheng. Ja nodded and walked up to their master before speaking. "Master I held up my end of the deal now can I know the truth." Their master sighed and began speaking "well Ja my name is Tianshu. I am the first grand elder of the void race. We are also related you are my great-great-great-great-great-great grandson. My name is Feng Tianshu. Now why I had you wait to learn my name is because you weren't strong enough to bear this burden. Now its hope though our race only has around a thousand members left. Those members are in the Ancient Void Inheritance and the strongest member is your sister who is a quasi spiritual lord and two years older than you. Our race use to be the number one major power of this universe. We were hunted down by the destruction dragon race and the golden race. If it wasn't for the second major power the ancient race we would have been completely annihilated. You and your sister were born after that tragic time which is why y'all have no clue. As for your half brother he did not inherit the void bloodline. He holds the bloodline of the golden race. Your only task for now though shall be to regain our honor by destroying gthe destruction dragon and golden race. Now you may speak." "Well master that's fine me and brother Wu were thinking of starting a sect in the future. We were stuck because not only did we need a place to start our sect but also techniques skills resources and much more" said Ja. "Well disciple I guess the heavens really do favor you because if thats the case I have everything you need to begin. You will have to set your requirements for how your disciple's will be ranked and your elders and what realm is worthy of each position. Do remember though once you're sect gains recognition in the universe you will have talents who might shatter dreams disciple's from your small world had because of the differences. Like most geniuses your age are at least in the high levels of the spirit infant realm. They also mostly cultivate high heaven rank techniques and skills" said Feng Tianshu. Ja began to think about everything his master said and decided he needed to meet the rest of his race because they would be the foundation of his sect. "Master I need to goto the rest of our race and establish the beginning of the sect . I will have to enhance their strength to at least the Sacred King Realm before they can move around safe. Also I need to know a few things about our enemies so I can stay clear of them. Then I need to know our ally so if push comes to shove I know where I can get help" stated Ja. Tianshu swept Wuheng and Ja in his spiritual sense and teleported. When they regained there vision they were standing on a massive floating island in the middle of the void.

Glocc_Williams Glocc_Williams

I thought about things I will try to keep at least three chapters a week if possible. I currently work and have a child who I provide for so be patient.

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