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100% Dawn of the First Emperor / Chapter 24: Trials of Cromwell

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Chapter 24: Trials of Cromwell

Outside at the gardens of the Cromwell estate. There stood 2 adversaries placed 3 yards away. 1 such opponent was the browned hair one called Frieda was placed on the opposite side. While, Rediscian was in front of Richard. I picked Rediscian specifically since he has the most affinity to counter druidism.

Compared to the others, Wamuudesri is not well suited to combat magic-users as he is specialized in CQC and Karsodian is too weak to fight. Even though he seems to be doing fine. Plus, he doesn't know how to read so thats out of the picture. I can't bring in Santarius as it would be considered overkill in their eyes since he is a Golem Praesodios.

The only option I had was Rediscian. He is by far the only normal or at least the only sane enough that would not pour body-oil while in times of crisis. Besides, he seems already greased up.

We decided to have one match and the winner will have the right to take full custody to Isabella and Agnes. They are not here right now as I told them to attend the funereal of the now deceased marquess Webnor Clayhill.

He hopes that his cover-up would still be in effect or else he'll just find other solutions. But for now he needs deal with them first. After this, Richard will have to strike an alliance with the Verlassen Hexens organization.

It would benefit him in the future to have other witches with abilities that could prove useful to me in the future. Oh and I need to sort out the food shortage in that the granaries have been been running out. Including the infrastructure rebuilding as well as the military reformation and implement several new bills that I have been working on for the past couple of weeks.

"Alright, I believe that we should start with some basic rules before we begin the match." Richard stated.

"What do you have in mind?" Frieda questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"First rule of business is that the opponent must not kill one another. The second is we have a fair match so pick one that my Pillar-guardian can match."

"Hmm... A fair set of rules but I think a third one would suit it better."

"Go on?"

"The third rule is that the winner will give them the information that might piqued their interest." She nonchalantly said but her other witches had widen eyes. Especially for Jeunesse who was baffled at what she had heard.

"DEAL!" I yelled enthusiastically. If I win this round then not only would I have to keep my sisters but I'll also recieve crucial Intel.

And so begin the battle.

Frieda was the one that did the first move. She summoned the same tree monster from before. Manfesting into a small seedling from a large spruce like tree ranging this into 9 feet (274.32 cm) tall. Rediscian then holds his guardian-halberds at the ready. Forming a defense stance. It then made the first move by extending a trunk. Rediscian countered it by chopping it off the minute it was in reach. I hold my breath anxiously.

The monster then launch a swarm of sharp leaves. It was buzzing around him like angry bees but to everyone's surprise, Rediscian was unaffected by this. No its as if his skin was not even scratched. It was Rediscians turn now. Leaping high up in the air — out of the swarms reach. Rediscian then lunges himself at the monster. He then throws his guardian-halberd at the beast. It was aiming directly at the head. Then something unexpected happened.

"Omdanne..." Frieda whispered in her native of ishladic.

The once intimidating tree monster was now morphed into a rock monster. It was much bulkier thatn the tree monster. The guardian-halberd was deflected by its granite stones. This took, Richard a back. He didn't know it can transform from a weak tree monster to a giant rock monster.

"Split transformation, I see. Your quite the talented witch." Rediscian remarks. "But not good enough."

Then the beast hits Rediscain with a punched but it was intercepted by his left grip. This surprise the senior witch. Rediscian then returned the blow by giving several consecutive punches from his free hand. The rock monster then showed cracks on its outer shell. A sign that it is waning. If Rediscian keeps this up then it would die out soon! Go Rediscian!

Right when Rediscian was about to give them the final blow. It happened again but it would change for the worst.

"Jern!" Frieda shouted.

The rock monster then morphed again but this time it had iron plates covering itself. Rediscian punched it and to avail. Left for only a single dent to the armor. The rock monster was now clad in iron as its shell. This would be difficult for Rediscian. The rock monster made a fist and punched Rediscian. He blocked it but broke his right arm.

It then created a large knife like blade and swung it to his opponent. Rediscian blocked it with his other hand by the time it landed on him. The force was so impactful that it also severed the femur. But it didn't cut through the layer of skin.

The rock monster showed a confused face. Then, Rediscain used his left leg to kick its jaw. Pushing it back several feet. He then jumped to the rock monster — legs spread. Grappling its neck with his thighs. Crushing the casing insides its helm. The monster tried to release Rediscian from his clutches but it didn't stop him from suppressing its nape. It then stumble down as it proceeds to crack its outer shell. Then it grabs Rediscians left arm again. Ripping it apart. Blood oozes off from his limbs. But Rediscian didn't faltered.

He kepted on holding the beast until its head was popped out. I stood, choked in the air of unease. Flabberghasped by its enormous strength. Does, Rediscian even have a chance at all? Annoyed, the rock monster punch the strangler. But misses his target as Rediscian dodged it by only inches away. Resulting in the monster punching himself on the face. It screamed in a raspy and gruff tone.

"Føniks!!!" Frieda yelled. Then a strong beaming red light glowed.

The once gargantuan rock monster has finally slipped away from the grasp of Rediscian. It soared up through the sky as an orb of light. Then came an explosion of fire. It's heat spread across the garden. Richard could even feel the heat all the way from him. It fluttered its wings as it screech a deafaning roar.

Frieda sneered at me with the eyes of triumph burning through her eyes. Although, I can't see what the creature looked like with my retinas. I can atleast picture it as a Phoenix. It looked exactly like one. Long, slim neck, majestic wings that can take flight at anytime. Then theres the fiery aura that it presents.

Richard momentarily gasp as he realize the troubles his bodyguard is in. Immediately screamed to Rediscian.

"Rediscian! Withdraw! There is nothing you can do with such monstrous power." The pillar-guardian responded with a snicker.

He then exhaled deeply at the top of his lungs. Then, he jumps directly at the flying fire bird. The Phoenix on the other hand blast an extremely potent fire breath. The heat grows ever more increasingly with every second that pass. But what he saw amazed him. Through the small lenses that he could see. He saw Rediscian holding it's neck and what came afterward was not what everyone expected.

A gushed of wind then hurled me away from the fighters. It was so strong that I almost came flying out of the ground. Luckily, it was not strong enough to blow me straight to the walls. But what I saw exceeded my expectations to this battle.

Rediscian was literally blowing the Phoenix by his own breath. It even created a small swirling tornado but whats more shocking is that it's not made in magic. I usually justify the obscenity of this world by claiming it is magic but to my surprise it was created by the lungs of his guards.

The strong wind currents finally stopped as Rediscian lands on the ground (Posing just like Esidisi). Holding a large naked bird in his right hand. Frieda stared in disbelief and uttered only a shaken phrase.

"Why... W-what even are you?!" She shrieked. Legs quivering in absolute fear.

"Never underestimate the power of the Pillar-guardians, witch." Rediscian spoke in a prideful tone.

"We... Won?" Much to the surprise of Richard and the other witches who had blown out hair.

Including, Jeunesse herself as she stare at me with eyes of worry and deceit. I made a slight relief smile and jump in the air. My fist raised up high victory. I run around like a child. The euphoria kicking in the dopamine pleasure as I feel like a stand user. This means I can still keep my sisters by with me but why? Is it because they're family?

I shook my head to this and I started giggling. Singing 'We are the champions - by Queen'. It was breathtaking to win but at a cost. Then my eyes were widened at the realization.

"Rediscian, is your arm doing..." Right when he turn his back at them.

Rediscian puts his severed armed at Wamuudesri's buttocks whilst posing inappropriately. Then, he pulls it out with a brand new bionic iron arm wrist from the elbow to the finger tips. What little happiness I had was ultimately destroyed by this unforeseen sight. Even the witches were disgusted by it. But a win is win. Now then, its time to talk to the losers for their end of the bargain.

I walk towards whilst I fixed my messed hair. They were in a complete shocked as to what they have seen. Especially for Frieda who was more bewildered by them. Normally, a Phoenix would defeat an opponent similar to that of a griffon but this was beyond they're expectation. I smirked a bit.

"Well... Aren't you going to keep your end of the bargain?" Richard said in amusement. With a gentle tone as he was feeling quite jubilant.

"*Sigh* Yes, I will give you what you need." Frieda responded.

"Quite splendid, Now shall we?" He bowed in a gentlemen manner and stretches his arm like one too.


1 hour later.

The gates open to the arrival of Agnes and Isabella's return. The sisters came inside with a sour look on their faces. Although, Agnes wasn't too happy while Isabella stump around the carpet floor with. Her face pouting because Richard, didn't came to them.

Agnes on the other was a bit upset yet rather calm. Although it was something that they don't mind. But without Richard by their side they would feel detached from the other nobles.

After all, they were from a peasant class. The lowest cast of all society. Having, Richard by their side eases them in events like funereal's or parties. It makes them feel like true nobles.

"Ooooh, when I see that silver haired jerk, I swear; he's getting a fisting." Agnes said angrily.

"Agnes, calm down at least we got to it ourselves.... I think..." Isabella tries to cool Agnes's fury.

"And what?! Attending that funereal felt like we were outcast! I never liked the gazes of those scum." She said with a gruffly tone.

"But..." Momentarily stopped by the sudden giggling in the nearby corridors in the mansion.

They both stopped talking and proceed to sneakily snoop where that source was coming from. It seemed to be going straight to Richards study or his office which he would like to call it. They peer their ears at the thin door.

What they hear is not what they expected. It sounded like women were in with him. They both exchanged glances. Isabella being slightly upset and a bit teary while there was fiery rage surging within Agnes.

No, doubt why; he said he would remain in the mansion. All he wanted was to spend time by himself and leave them to attend to some funereal that they didn't want to go. Of course, he would do that. We aren't even enough for him anymore after we left Isstvan on a diplomatic mission. Surprisingly, Agnes began to notice the sudden change of personality of Richard ever since his family started dying out. Oliver was deceased last. Elizabeth Bourchier, Oliver's spouse, died due to a cold. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

This was unacceptable. And so Agnes decided to bust open the door with her boots. What they saw would baffle the twins. Standing right in front of them are two older women. There is also a green haired one that was sitting opposite to Richard. He too was bewildered by their sudden arrival.

"Ah, I see you are the twin witches that I have heard about?" Gertrud said.

"They most certainly are but I can't help wonder why don't they look like the duke?" Malene ask.

"That is because they aren't blood related." Jeunesse then appeared behind Agnes and Isabella. Richard spits his drink the moment he hears that statement. [Hell no, I'm not explaining that any further! - Author]

"Richy... Who are these people?" Isabella questions — Glaring at Richard like a hawks eye.

"We are the Hexens Verlassen, Isabella. I am the overseer witch that was supposed to supervise you two but unfortunately... I have lost a bet." Frieda stands up and turns her head at them.

"We are also the witch organization that were about to take you away!" Gertrude said nonchalantly.

"Then why didn't you just take us away?" Agnes fires back.

"Ah, yes... We would have but due to your special relationship with the Archduke of Isstvan; we thought about an agreement." Malene exclaimed.

"Then what does that mean for us and Richy?" Isabella said — hiding behind Agnes. Before anyone could tell them about that. Richard stood up and spoke first.

"Your going to be one of them!" This shock both the twins as they're eyes were wide as a dinner small ball. All while everyone just face-palmed. Even, Frieda was slightly taken aback.

"Huh? Oh sh*t..." He said in Spanish.


Agnes punched him in the face so hard that it knocked him out of his chair. All he could see was the dimming light and Agnes crying face. Until the blankness start to consume him.

Trajann_Augustus Trajann_Augustus

Bloody, hell! I need to add the magic system somehow and also so sorry I didn't upload in wednesday.

Also, special thanks to cecemagic_sempai. She's an absolute legend. Check out her story called, "My Journey as the fox head clan." An interesting story but a bit confusing.

Anyway I'm taking a short break because goodness gracious have I been dreain by this one chapter.

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