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86.66% Dawn of Twilight / Chapter 78: part 3

part 3 - Dawn of Twilight - Chapter 78 by CollinX_BrainZ full book limited free

Chapter 78: part 3

: While Mana bloodlust, is like going into the Avatar state where he could use various elemental Mana at the same, this Technique allows Tobi to directly merge the various elemental Mana directly into his body rather than going through the process of Mana Technique, rather it just goes through the reverse process of endlessly flowing in and out, just like inhaling and exhaling, but this Technique also has a countdown for how long it could be maintained before it automatically resets itself.

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Even with all the talking, Horus did, "Okay." That was what he said out loud.

"What kind of magical items can be given or rather purchased from the academy?"

"Well it's been quite a long time, so am not too sure since so much time had passed. But if I should guarantee it would stem from the Moon academy, if every academy has at least ten or so warlock forgemasters as its resident.

"Then the Moon academy would have at the very least twice the amount or even more since they normally act as both teachers and researchers in both magical fields and other fields of studies.

"And even if they wanted to put out their works for sale it would certainly be a lesser item, I bet any warlock forgemasters would ever put out something they had just newly discovered, except for themselves. At least by nature that what I would do."

"But the academy can also bring out high-grade magical enchanted items, and I meant when the academy wants to stir up a competitive race, like right before an important competition.

"Though the most useful items they could give out, are enchanted weapons/items, dimensional amulet and rings from certain ranks and tiers like from one rank/tier to three the highest four. The dimensional amulet/rings allow a person to bring around whatever the user needed, without the fear of its weight weaning on them, while the rings could store spells the enchanted weapons could display magical feats depending on what material it was made from.

"Though, it isn't much compared to my storage of magically enchanted items or the one you received from your coronation," Horus said puffing out his chest proudly.

Tobi didn't forget to note down their uses in his head, while Horus referred to the magical weapons. He felt quite excited and eager about his own enchanted item, Horus speech was finally enticing him.

"Are these magical amulets and rings some kind of magical storage device?" He asked.

Horus nodded.

"Young master, his as brilliant as usual. Yes, some dimensional rings and amulets can store up anything inanimate up to a fixed volume of space, regardless of the weight.

"Some of the lowest has only a few cubic meters availably inscribed in them, the lowest of the middle can store fifty cubic meters while that of the highest middle class can store even hundreds of cubic meters. For example, some enchanted items are as big as a pocket world, just like this one we are in."

Being already hypnotize by Horus, Tobi couldn't help ask the question on his mind.

"Horus, what type of enchanted item was I given?"

"Hmmm, though I haven't appraised it yet. I can tell at first glance it is a high-quality enchanted item, at the moment it can both be used as a defensive enchanted item and a pocket dimension, and it could still be upgraded.

Tobi's feign poker face was good, but not good enough at least to fool Horus magically zoom eyes because he could see Tobi wasn't impressed with such feat at all.

"Young master what with that face? Do you understand or not that compared to what you get during graduation your enchanted item can be said to be a half-divine magical item? Young master, am not sure you get how difficult and expensive is it to purchase even the lowest magical item talk more of what you are currently in possession of.

"Even I Horus the Lords of the skies, who had searched and discovered various magical enchanted item in my life, only has a handful of such quality, not even the previous Pride Dracula would boast of possessing more than a dozen."

Tobi closed his eyes, finally giving up the act of showing being impressed.

'Wtf, how can I even pretend to be interested in something that can't even increase my battle prowess. Sure, those feats would help me greatly in safeguarding my life, nothing else. What about next time? Not to talk about next time what if I was gang bang by a group of Overpowered enemies? Would I really be able to live unchartered, except from the storage stuff but that's it.

knowing Horus's nagging behavior and how he was narcissistic about enchanted items, Tobi knew what his limits were. So, he decided to change the topic.

"The Warlock Forgemaster's job seems really interesting. Why are they given such a double name? Is it that they specialize in multiple fields? Does one need to be a bloodline holder and also a black Smith to become a Warlock Forgemaster?"

"Yes, it's among one of the unique choices a Bloodline holder could pick. For some blacksmithing isn't required, not all Warlock Forgemaster create objects, it actually goes through a process of being forged by party A, before being magically imbued by either a lesser bloodline of certain beasts or inscribed with souls of power beasts by party B, that it is when its turns into magical properties with a bit of sentient, be it a sword, a dagger, a ring, an amulet, a necklace, a cup, even a spoon might gain sentient to recognize it, master.

"If not for it, even a baby will be able to steal a magical enchanted item."

"Though most just prefer to just learn the basics of an interesting trade, even if they train in one or two craftsmanship since most of them preferred to perfect their favorite trade. So, except from the likes of Arthur Sin of Wrath known as the god of all divine craftsmanship specializations, no bloodline holders can master all craftsmen jobs."

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