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Chapter 28: Chapter 30: God.

"What is a god from another pantheon looking for with a Greek god!?"

Rao raises his eyebrows when he hears what Diana said. He was curious as to why this woman recognized him as a god, but he didn't have time for that now.

He speaks through the communicator. "Faora."

"Yes, My Lord."

Suddenly a woman wearing futuristic armor came out of the clouds and appeared behind Diana.

"Wha-" Diana prepares for battle, but it is useless.

Faora can easily wrap her arms around Diana's neck.

Realizing that the enemy wanted to suffocate her.

"Let go of me!!" Diana tried to fight, she was using all her strength. Faora raises her eyebrows a little impressed.

Soon Faora kicks Diana's knee and knocks her down.

* Booom! *

A crater is formed on the ground.

"She is tough." Rao spoke a little impressed.

"... Let go of me!!!!" Diana's blue eyes began to shine with white light.

* Crack! *

Diana broke the gauntlets of Faora's armor.

"Just sleep." Faora spoke coolly and increased the strength of her grip.

"... Ugh ... Who are you ..." She fell unconscious.

Seeing that Diana fell unconscious, Faora released Diana.

"Good job, let's go, we have a lot of work to do." Rao said when he started to fly.

Faora takes Diana like a sack of potatoes and starts flying too.

Arriving at the Kryptonian spacecraft, Rao orders: "M'gann M'orzz, erase the memories of all humans about this fight. Erase the memories of Diana's appearance from these humans as well."

"Yes, My Lord." Soon the Martian leaves the ship and goes to do her job.

"Faora, change your armor." Rao said when he saw Faora putting Diana on a bed.

"Zero, I want you to investigate everything about this woman's biology, I want to know all the secrets behind this strength."

[Yes, My Lord.]

"Who are you!?" Ares who was in a cage screamed.

Rao looks at Ares and raises his eyebrow when he realizes that he is already healed. "Put him to sleep."

"Yes, My Lord." The subordinate spoke.

Soon a green gas enters the cage in which Ares was being kept. The god of war tried to fight, but Rao said: "Increase the quantity and density of the gas."

"Olympus ... It's always ready for war!!" Ares spoke heavily before falling asleep.

Rao gave a small smile, but said nothing.

Rao walks over to Diana and takes a lasso from her waist, suddenly he starts talking. "She is beautiful, but it is a pity that she is very immature." Rao puts his hand over his mouth and drops the noose.

Faora raises her eyebrows a little when she hears what Rao said.

Rao thinks for a few seconds and takes the lasso again, he quickly throws the lasso to his subordinate, the subordinate is startled for a moment, but quickly takes the lasso. "What do you think about this situation?"

"I don't understand why our emperor has summoned so many soldiers to a simple mission, but I must do his will, the will of the emperor is everything."

The subordinate opens his eyes widely.

Rao gives a small smile. "You did a good job, soldier."

"Yes, My Lord!"

Rao takes the lasso and quickly drops it on a table.

"Zero, use all the scanners. I want you to research the composition and structure of this woman's weapons and armor, they seem to be special."

"Yes, My Lord."

Seeing a green-skinned girl crossing the ship, Rao says with a small smile on his face. "I have a job for you."


Three days later.

Themyscira, paradise island, the birthplace of the Amazon.

In this land that was not tainted by human hands lived a group of female warriors.

The Amazons, a group of women who possessed honor, and beauty far above the average. As a race that stops aging when they reach mature age, the Amazons were considered the 'perfect' warriors.

In this place that seems to have been blessed by God, there lived a queen ... Hippolyta the queen of the Amazons.

Hipólita's origin is very different from all the Amazons.

She was created through the souls of women who died from men in 1300 BC. Just like her daughter Diana, she was raised by a group of goddesses who wanted to do something with the souls of women who died at the hands of men.

Hipólita was on her throne while watching the skies, she was thinking about what her daughter Diana was doing.

The skies started to darken, it was as if the sun was being blocked by something.

Hipólita looks at the sky and opens her eyes in shock.

A futuristic-looking spaceship appears in the skies of Themyscira, the spaceship was gigantic! Hippolyta is immediately alarmed.

She rises from the throne: "Get ready, warriors! We have an invader! " Her voice echoed throughout Themyscira.


A group of fully armed Amazons was looking at the spacecraft in the sky.

"What are we waiting for, sister?" Antiope questioned her. Similar to Hipólita, Antiope had the same origin as her sister.

"... Antiope, how do you expect us to fight it with spears and arrows?"


A change takes place in the spaceship that was just standing in the sky, a small door is opened and soon three beings fly away.

"Diana!!" Hipólita screamed when she saw her daughter unconscious in the arms of the red-haired man.

Antiope said as she prepared. "Take care, sister. I am feeling an immense divine energy coming from that man, he is a god ... " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


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