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46.96% DC: The Kryptonian Emperor / Chapter 31: Chapter 33, 34: Diana and Hippolyta.

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Chapter 31: Chapter 33, 34: Diana and Hippolyta.


In a luxurious palace, a beautiful woman with long black hair slept peacefully while being bathed in sunlight.

The woman slowly opened her eyes, she looked around a little stunned. She sits on the bed and looks around as if trying to remember where she was.

Slowly, the blanket that is covering the woman slips down her voluptuous body, then the woman was the way she came into the world.

Without worrying about her own nudity, the woman was looking around a little stunned.

"Diana." A voice calls to the woman.

Hearing a familiar voice, Diana turns to the person who called her. "Mom...? Where am I?" She spoke in a slightly groggy voice.

Hippolyta smiles lovingly. "You are at home, my daughter."

"... Oh ..."

Suddenly Diana opens her eyes wide. "What happened to Ares!? Was he defeated!? " She cried out in concern as she got up from the bed.

"First, put on some clothes and go with me." Hippolyta ordered as he left Diana's room.

"Mom!" Diana tried to protest, but Hippolyta just looked coldly at Diana. "This is an order, will you not obey your queen?"

Diana swallows dryly. She never saw her mother give her that look, slowly, she nods.


Diana wears her Amazon clothes and soon follows Hippolyta.

"Sit down." Hippolyta ordered Diana. Currently, they were at a table that contained a very large amount of food.

Diana nods and sits down at the table, but she hasn't touched any food. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Do you remember what happened?" Hippolyta asked.

Diana starts to think, but when she tries to remember what happened, her head starts to hurt.

Seeing Diana's painful expression, Hippolyta had the answer she was looking for.

"Tell me all the events you remember."

Diana nods: "I was going to fight Ares together with Steve and his friends ..." She started to narrate the events in a sad tone, she missed her good friend who died. "The fight was very difficult ... Steve, my friend, died. Seeing the vision of my friend dying, I started to feel a power that I had never felt before. Using that power, I intended to kill Ares, but ... "

Diana looks pained and puts her hand on her head. "I can not remember."

Hippolyta nods, she managed to understand what happened. Diana awakened the powers she received from the gods. Using this power, Diana intended to kill Ares, but The God Of War surprised her and left her unconscious. 'It was at this point that Rao helped Diana.' She thinks.

"Mom, what happened?"

Hippolyta looks at her daughter. "You lost to Ares. I don't know what happened next, but a God from another pantheon interfered in the fight and saved you ... This god also captured Ares."

Diana opens her eyes wide. "Weren't the gods of other pantheons dead?"

"Wrong, only the Nordic gods are exterminated. There are still gods from other pantheons that remain alive."

Diana starts to think, soon she receives the memory of a man in black armor and long red hair. "I remember a man in black armor and long red hair ..." She spoke with a serious expression.

"Yes, that man who brought you back home." Hippolyta spoke.

"What's his name?" Diana asked curiously.

"Rao ... Rao, The God Of The Kryptonians."


"Kryptonians?" She said confused.

Thinking a little, she spoke. "I never heard of that deity."

"Me neither." Hippolyta spoke. "I think he is the god of his race, that would also explain why he has such a great divinity."

"That man's divinity was equivalent to Zeus in his prime of power." She thought out loud.

"Wait ... Are you saying that he is a God-King? Is he the leader of his pantheon? " Diana spoke of shock.

"I don't know, we didn't have much contact. He just came to deliver you back, he didn't ask for anything else. He also delivered all of your equipment." She said. Soon she also remembered the futuristic spaceship that appeared in Themyscira's sky.

"Maybe, I'm just overestimating him, but his divinity was very big and dense. Because of that, I think he's as strong as Zeus at his peak. I don't know ... I had little contact with gods like Zeus , I do not like him." Hippolyta spoke honestly.

"..." Diana started to think.

"The technology he has in his possession is also much more advanced than anything I have seen in my life."


The two women began to think of the mysterious god who suddenly appeared. "Rao..." Diana said.

"Do you think he will visit us again?" Diana asked curiously.

"I don't know, but I hope he doesn't come. You know our rules, right?" Hippolyta spoke in a neutral tone.

"Yes, men are not allowed, right?" Diana spoke upset. "But does this rule apply to a god?" She wondered, after all, gods were selfish beings.


Hippolyta was silent, she had that thought too.

Without knowing that this conversation was being observed, they continued to debate the mysterious god.


"Heh, she woke up earlier than expected." I said, a little impressed. Diana is certainly resistant. She should have slept for a week at least, but in less than four days, she woke up.

"My Lord, we have a little problem."

I look at my subordinate. "Continue."

My subordinate clicks on a few buttons on their armor. "We haven't been able to scan the entire nation of Themyscira."

I look at the main screen, and soon I see a map of Themyscira, but I realize that inside that palace there is a location that it was not possible to invade with our scanners.

"This nation is certainly interesting. They have a low level of technology, but at the same time, they have something that can block our technology." I say.

"Did our prisoner say anything?" I ask Faora.

"He didn't say anything. Despite all the torture, he didn't give any information about Olympus or about that energy that we couldn't identify." Faora spoke in an annoyed tone, she was feeling her pride being undermined by Ares' resistance.

Hearing about what Faora said, I think of something:

Divinity ... This word came up when Hippolyta was talking to Diana. The books of humans say that divinity is the energy of the gods, with that divinity they can perform various miracles.

I don't know what 'divinity' specifically does, is it an energy like the sun? How can I obtain divinity? What are the miracles that books talk about?

Tsk, why can't humans write anything in more detail? When it comes to gods, they always write books vaguely.

They said that I had a great deal of divinity, but how do I acquire that divinity?

I stop my thoughts and look at Faora:

"Don't rush, Faora. Take this situation as learning, if you can't get him to speak, you just have to study more, right? It is a good chance for you to increase your ability to torture. " I say in a neutral tone. I'm annoyed that I didn't get the information I want, but that doesn't mean that this situation is bad. I just have to wait a little longer.

"... That's true ... Thank you, My Lord."

I just give a small smile and say nothing. "M'gann M'orzz, did you manage to invade Ares' mental defenses?"

M'gann M'orzz looks at me and gives an apologetic smile. "I can't do it yet, I've always been able to read the memories of all beings easily. This is the first time I've met someone with a strong mental defense ... And I'm not very proficient at breaking mental defenses."

I smile a little: "It's okay, take your time. You don't have to hurry. I suggest you take some advice from Faora, she can teach you something useful about it. After all, she is very experienced in torture." I can't rush M'gann M'orzz, she is a very clumsy girl. If I rush her, she can make serious mistakes.

What I understood about telepathy when talking to M'gann M'orzz is that this is a very delicate skill. If an individual has strong mental defenses, that individual can harm M'gann M'orzz.

"Yes, My Lord." She sighs in relief.

"Zod, is there a problem with New Krypton?"

"There is no problem, My Lord. Everything is going as planned. " He said.

"Good, I want you to send me a detailed report later."

"Yes, My Lord."

I look at the image Diana and Hippolyta again. 'Everything is going according to what I planned. The only thing I must do now is to wait for results. While I wait for results, I must focus on building the new armor and devices that can help me in the future. I also have to check on the babies.'


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