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Chapter 34: Chapter 37: Sun

"Zero, how is the process of fusing the sun?" I asked my artificial intelligence.

I am currently in my room, I was looking at a hologram in front of me.

[My lord, the merger took a while, but it was all according to your calculations. The star is currently stable.]

I nod, it took me a few days, but I managed to successfully make a mini sun.

The process was simple and at the same time complex. To make a sun, you must research the composition of the sun.

The sun is composed of: Mostly Hydrogen and helium with some traces of other elements including iron, nickel, oxygen, silicon, sulfur, magnesium, neon, calcium and chromium.

If I have all these elements and a container strong enough to withstand the heat of a star, in theory, it is possible to make a sun artificially.

But there is a problem, as with everything in the universe, the sun needs a balance to keep from exploding.

At first, it was relatively easy to make the sun, but the problem came at a time when the elements were not stabilized.

"I almost created a mini black hole ... I need to stop these dangerous experiments in an uncontrolled environment; this is going to be the last time."

Initially, I planned to do this experiment in a controlled environment, but ...

I'll be honest, I was in a hurry. The moment I felt someone spying on me, the alertness level in my head exploded. Because of that, I rushed this dangerous experiment. If I wasn't careful enough, I could create a singularity that would swallow everything, It could create a mini black hole that would swallow everything in this solar system ...

But ... The experiment was a success, I managed to create an artificial sun. Now there is a problem, how should I put this sun in an armor?

"Zero, is the search for metals capable of resisting the heat of the sun ready?"

[Yes, My Lord. The result of the research is that only two materials are able to withstand the heat of the sun.]

"Show me."

Soon I see two holograms showing Diana's bracelet and a Kryptonian metal.

[A / N: The original name of this metal is Supermanium, but I can't find a context for inserting that stupid name in a metal.]

"Is that woman's bracelet that tough?" I speak a little surprised. After all, it is not any metal that can withstand the heat of a sun.

I look at Kryptonian metal, this metal is quite rare. I just have enough to make armor.

I get bored, but I can't do much about it, this metal is quite rare even in Krypton. In the past when Krypton was a militaristic empire, this metal was used to make more robust structures like ships, government buildings, etc. Several of these metals were lost in the war or were stolen as well, because of that, it is so scarce.

"Tsk, in the future, I will have to look for another way to use an artificial sun on an armor." I speak a little bored.

For now, I will just create armor for myself, but I must solve this problem in the future. I want at least three more armor.

I look at the metal and start thinking.

... If I'm not mistaken, the melting point of this Kryptonian metal is 79,654,134 degrees Fahrenheit. [A / T: 44,252,279 degrees celsius.]

.... This is impossible, this is almost 3 times the temperature of the sun's core.I don't have equipment that can produce a tool capable of producing so much heat ...

"Zero, I want all the data for this Kryptonian metal, I need to know how my ancestors were able to shape this metal."

[Yes, My Lord.]


Some minutes later.

"Zero, why is it taking so long?"

[My Lord, I looked through all the Kryptonian data, and I can't find any data about the melting process for this metal, it's all lost.] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


I sigh as I put my hand on my head. "Zero, for now, I want you to produce armor capable of constantly absorbing the sun's radiation." I plan not to leave this solar system for a long time, and this type of armor is very useful in a solar system that has a yellow sun.

[Yes, My Lord. Any color preferences?]

"Hmm ... colors, huh?" I look at my hair and my current armor.

"Paint my armor black with little red hues." [A / N: Basically the armor of the cape.}

[Yes, My Lord.]


I leave my room and soon start walking towards a place, while walking through the corridors of the ship, I hear two voices:

"By Rao, you're doing it wrong. You should do it like that, then you should do it." A woman's voice said.

"Eh? But I just did it! " I hear M'gann M'orzz's voice.

"... do it again."

"..... Yes."

I am curious about what they are doing, I walk to the room where I heard the voice and soon I saw M'gann M'orzz trying to cook ...

I look at the Kryptonian who was helping her, she has long blond hair and blue eyes, just like all Kryptonians. She has a cool and calm attitude, she had a lot of resemblance to Kara Zor-El. For a moment, I thought that my teacher made a child out of wedlock, but I realized that this was absurd, he was not that type of man.

Not wanting to disturb what they were doing, I walk towards the room where the babies are.

Entering the room, I see several babies in a capsule that contained green liquids. They were already quite large compared to the last time I came here. For a moment, I am surprised that these babies have red hair.

Maybe my blood influenced something?

"Zero, any noticeable changes in the babies?"

[No changes detected, My Lord.]


"Keep monitoring the babies."

I walk over to the Kal-El capsule.

Compared to the other babies, he was a little bigger. For a second, I see Kal-El opening his eyes, but soon he closes them and goes back to sleep.

"Hmm, everything is normal here too."

I would train with M'gann M'orzz, she needs to be a good killer, but I will not do that today. I realized that she was approaching that Kryptonian woman, this is going to be a good thing in the future. After all, she will feel that Krypton is her home.

I think I'm going to meditate near the sun ...


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