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Chapter 162: Chapter 161 – Consensual Exchange (18+) 

The rest of the night went smoothly and peacefully, even though both people on watch had fallen into deep sleep. It was cold and rainy, so Vesta cuddled up closely to Devon to share body warmth.

Vesta and Devon woke up at roughly the same time the next morning.

"Good morning," Devon said to Vesta.

The amazonian beauty's reply was only a deep blush and an angry glare. "You used your man thing and raped me so much last night."

Devon laughed at her flustered expression. "Yeah, and I'll do it again this morning if you keep talking."

Vesta was silent after that, but she crawled on top of Devon's body and sank her titties onto his chest, "I'd tell you no but you'd probably do what you want anyway," she whispered into his ear.

And so began another tussle in the tent, with Devon mounting Vesta and prying her legs apart, before stuffing her full of his cock.

He ended up filling her up like a pipette filling up a cream donut, making sure that he filled her up nice and good.

[You have creampied a female. 10 points earned.]

[Your lust stat has been reinforced]

About an hour later, it was time for the expedition to head back to base camp. But before that happened, Devon had something very important to discuss with the dwarves. Something that his future harem sex mansion hinged upon– gold funding.

"Hello Thorjfinn," greeted Devon to the dwarf. "The amazons told me that you're the man to go to for trade propositions?"

The rugged looking dwarf with a small cap on his head grinned. "Aye, that's me alright. Here." He tossed Devon a small pouch of coins. "Thanks for saving my arse back there last night."

"Thank you," Devon replied. "But I'm not just here for your gratitude." He took the pistol holster off his belt and placed it on the desk in front of the dwarf. "I have something that might interest you here."

Thorjfinn's eyes went round with excitement seeing a piece of technology that he didn't recognize. "That black fabric, woven together in such a way... its fibers are interwoven so tightly and uniformly that even the most talented seamstresses cannot replicate its effect. And that bit of metal at the end, with another conjoining fastener on the other side? Fascinating!"

Devon retracted the black pistol holder, a bit taken back by how impressive the holster itself was in the dwarf's eyes. He shuddered to think how the dwarf would react if he had seen the pistol itself.

"I know you folk are very interested in technology and engineering," Devon began. "And I have access to some incredibly rare items, from my own home world."

"Aye, turning the wonders of the natural world into machines of production is a dwarven specialty, one that we spend our entire lives trying to perfect." The dwarf paused. "Your home world, you say?"

Devon simply laughed. "I came from a portal from another world, where the technology is far far more advanced than anything ever seen in this world. You can believe me or not, I don't care."

The dwarf looked at Devon quizzically. "Let me see that thing you just showed me again."

Devon obliged, but he took the pistol out first and just handed over the holster.

Running his hands expertly across the fibers of the gun holster, the dwarf shook his head. "I suspected something was strange when I saw this. To have stitching this precise and methodical, without a single error, is absolutely impossible even with magic. A mage with the precision to make something as uniform and frankly perfect like this would have the power to bring down civilizations, and would not spend their time sewing strange pockets like these."

"And this metallic bit here," he said, pointing at the button. "I've never seen anything like this, and yet it makes so much sense." He clicked the buttons together. "Brilliant."

"If you just walked here and told me that you're from another world with advanced technology, I'd laugh and invite you for a beer," the dwarf said grimly. "But this… this object simply does not exist in this world. Any mage powerful enough to craft an item like this would never painstakingly do so. I don't know the details, but I can only assume that you are telling the truth."

Devon nodded. "I'll spare you the details, they're not great for your existential will. Anyway, I have access to many different kinds of technologies like these. I'll be able to produce more of these items given enough time and access to women. Don't ask me why I need women, but just so you know I need attractive women to be able to produce more of these technologies. I know your brethren highly prize inventions like these, and want to examine them. So here's my trade offer. What I need is gold, coins, things of value that I can use in this world to buy land, to form an estate, and obtain women. What you need is access to these technologies. How about we form a long-term trade deal where we can give each other what we need?"

Thorjfinn grinned. "You have an interesting proposition, but the scale that we are talking about is a bit bigger than my pay grade."

"How about this? When we get back to base camp today, I'll be heading up to the mountain. Come with me, and I can grant you an audience with our king."

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