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Chapter 90: Rean Wants to Compare

As Roan spent his time looking through the Skill Manuals, Rean wasn't idle either. He went straight to the biggest workshop in Majorias City, the Janariz Weapon Store. Arriving there, he was more or less treated the same way as Roan. The only difference was that he didn't break the guards' bones, but made a fool of them. They tried to stop him, but he dodged as if it was nothing and entered the building.

The guards quickly followed and tried to catch him quite a few more times. Rean, on the other hand, just laughed. It wasn't until the chief blacksmith came out to see what was all that commotion that they finally stopped. Of course, he immediately noticed that Rean's cultivation was far higher than the guards, and immediately sent them back to their posts.

By now, all the customers had already gathered to see what was happening. It wasn't every day you see a kid acting as he pleases in a place like this.

However, the Chief Blacksmith wasn't as polite as Leu in the Treasure Pavillion.

"Brat, I don't know where you are from, but don't cause any more trouble. If you came to buy a weapon, there are several on display, so just chose one. Of course, it will depend on whether you have the money for it or not. If you came just to cause trouble, then I'll deal with you myself, so you better behave."

Just as the Chief Blacksmith was about to turn around and go back to work, Rean threw his Sword at him.

"What is the meaning of this?"

Rean smiled before asking.

"I want you to give it a look and tell me what you think."

The Chief Blacksmith of the workshop narrowed his eyes. Usually, he wouldn't pay attention to a kid. But considering Rean's cultivation, he thought that perhaps this was a good sword given by his elders. It was at least worth taking a look at it.

As he removed the sheet, a smooth light-blue Spiritual Sword appeared in front of his eyes. The first impression he had was that this Sword was really beautiful. He understood that it was made of Spiritual Kaz Ore, but it was his first time seeing one with this color. Spiritual Kaz Swords would usually be dark-blue, after all.

"I admit, this is a gorgeous Sword, but being nice is not what matters when we talk about weapons."

Rean immediately nodded.

"That's correct, so go ahead and test it in whatever way you see fit. I want to see if my Sword can cut through the weapons of this workshop. I don't mind even if you use a High-Level material sword in the process."

Everyone in the shop went into an uproar. They all thought that Rean came here to cause trouble.

The chief blacksmith couldn't help but laugh, though.

"Hahaha! Brat, you are funny. There is no need to use a High-Level Sword, any Low-Level sword of our workshop is definitely much better than commons swords you get in other places. It would be more than enough to destroy this pretense of a Sword of yours. However, clashing both Swords against each other would still leave a mark on our product. Can you pay for it?"

Rean nodded.

"I saw the prices, the most expensive Low-Level one is Two Thousand Rank One Spirit Stones, right? I can pay that without a problem, so you don't need to feel concerned."

The conversation around increased even more after that.

The Chief Blacksmith narrowed his eyes once more. Rean totally didn't look like someone from a wealthy family. But after seeing all the eyes around, he couldn't simply step back. It was the honor of his workshop at stake now.

"Very well. But you better be prepared for the consequences if it turns out that you can't pay for our Sword. By the way, my name is Folca Janariz, the Chief Blacksmith of the Janariz Weapon Store."

Rean laughed and introduced himself, as well.

"Rean Larks, I came this time around to participate in the Dalamu Sect Exam Entrance."

Folca turned around and called two of his workshop blacksmiths. Both of them were already over 40 years old and in the Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage. As for Folca himself, he was already in the Core Formation Realm.

"You two have the same cultivation. Saran, you will take this brat's Sword. Lazeo, you will use our workshop Garnilia Ore Sword. Don't hold back, I want to see this thing destroyed in one clash."

Saran and Lazeo nodded and took the swords. After that, everyone in the workshop opened a space in the center to let those two test the Swords.

But before the clash, Rean took a look at the Garnilia Ore Sword that Folca would use against his Spiritual Kaz Sword.

'As expected, a blacksmith workshop from a more developed place is totally different. At the very least, he knows how to work with alloys. This Garnalia Ore Sword has other materials used in it too. Compared to Astreg City ones, this is a much better piece of equipment. Still...'

It was then that a smile appeared on Rean's face again.

'It is far from enough.'

Rean then threw the Sword back at Lazeo.

With everything ready, both sides prepared to attack. But as soon as Saran began to use his Spiritual Energy with Rean's Spiritual Kaz Sword, it began to gather the surrounding Light Element! Particles of white light could be seen entering the Sword without stop. That was Rean's Sword effect. As long as there is Spiritual Energy, his Sword will keep gathering Light Element.

Let alone Saran and Lazeo, even Folca opened his eyes wide when he saw that. He had never seen a Sword that can gather Light Element before. In fact, he had never seen Light Element being used to start with. However, it was already too late if he wanted to stop them. Saran and Lazeo were surprised for a second, but they didn't forget what they were here for. Both sides didn't waste any more time and immediately attacked each other's swords.


The Spiritual Kaz Sword passed through the Garnalia Sword, instantly cutting it in half. Of course, both Saran and Lazeo didn't try to protect their swords with Spiritual Energy. All the Spiritual Energy used was to increase the Swords' attacks, leaving nothing for defense. Otherwise, the Garnalia Sword wouldn't break straight away.

A good example of it was Juri and Alanda's battles during the last Tribe War. Although their Spiritual Kaz Swords were much better than the enemies' weapons, they couldn't cut through them straight away. It took quite a few clashes before the Enemies' Foundation Establishments had to retreat. Even so, their weapons hadn't been completely destroyed.

Folca, Saran, and Lazeo looked absent-minded at the Spiritual Kaz Sword. They know very well the difference between Spiritual Kaz and Spiritual Garnalia ores. Although both are considered Low-Level Materials, Spiritual Garnalia is much better than Spiritual Kaz. Still, it was their Spiritual Garnalia Sword that was completely destroyed.

Rean then took his Spiritual Kaz Sword back and, at the same time, gave a big back from his waist to Folca.

"Thanks for complying with my request. As promised, here are two thousand Rank One Spirit Stones. It should be more than enough to pay for your Garnalia Spiritual Sword."

Folca was taken aback. Their workshop had just lost miserably in Blacksmithing skills, but this Kid was still paying for the broken Sword.

"Hmph! Are you looking down on me? Since our workshop lost this exchange, I will never accept your payment."

Rean smiled and turned around, preparing to leave.

"Wait there. I refuse to believe that you came here just for this exchange. Am I right? Come with me, I will listen to what you have to say."

Rean laughed before saying.

"I do have a few things to talk indeed. But it will be after the Dalamu Sect Entrance Exam is over. Don't worry, whether I pass or not, I will be back."

Rean then left the workshop without even waiting for an answer.

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