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Chapter 9: A Way to Learn A Magic

Since he was already in the bath chamber, Vincent decided to take a bath too.

As he was done drying himself, Marie suddenly appeared before him, making him flinched in surprise.

Damn it! This woman was really quiet!

Marie stared at him quietly. Her gaze was so blank that he couldn't help but shuddered in creepy.

"W-what is it?!"

Marie just blinked at him, then handed him a pair of clothes.

With surprise, he quickly caught it. As he would say thank you, the woman already at the door of the chamber.

"W-wait!" he called hurriedly.

Marie glanced at him in question.

"This, I mean, what should I do after this?" Vincent asked hurriedly.

Marie turned at him in silence. They looked at each other for a while, before the maid finally opened her mouth. "Master will assign you to do something. You can ask him."

"Oh, where is he?" Vincent sighed in relief. He was afraid he would have to do something difficult. But since it was the goddess who would order him, he would do it happily.

"He is resting."


Marie continued to stare at him quietly.

Vincent cleared his throat awkwardly. He suddenly remembered that he was only wearing a towel on the waist right now. "Um, t-then when I can see him?" he asked nervously. Damn it, she was a woman! How could he forget it?!

But seeing the woman only continued to stare at him creepily, Vincent couldn't help but shuddered. No, no, no, she wasn't a woman at all! No woman was that creepy!

Marie finally took a mercy at him and turned away uninterestedly. She said again, "Master is resting. You can see him tomorrow. For now, you can look around in this castle if you want. You also can take any empty bedroom as yours. I suggest you don't come out of the castle as it is dangerous."

Dangerous? How dangerous?!

Vincent suddenly didn't want to look around at all. But then, he remembered that this world was like a fantasy novel. Didn't it mean there would be also some kind of monster or something?

He realized he didn't know anything at all about this world. What if a dangerous thing here was outside his expectation in dangerous category?! There could be a lot of vicious monster out there! And he was only a puny weak human that couldn't do anything to fight them!

That's right, didn't this world has magic?

"Marie! Can you teach me to do some magic?" Vincent hurriedly asked. It would be awesome if he really could do a magic! He became excited just to think about it!

"You cannot."

Cough!—Vincent really wanted to puke blood! "What do you mean with I cannot?!"

Marie stared at him again quietly. Her strange red eyes were flashing like she could see through him. "You don't have a magic core."

No, maybe she really saw through his body after all.

Vincent couldn't help but disappointed. "That magic core is needed for doing magic?"

"Yes, maybe it is because you are human from another world. The human in this world born with a magic core whatever small is it. Strange." Marie commented curiously.

"Then, there really are no a way I can use magic?" Vincent asked desperately. How could he protect himself if he couldn't use magic?!

Marie became silenced as she stared at him blankly. Then there were some weird emotions flashing in her eyes before she finally said again. "You can ask Master."

Vincent widened his eyes in surprise. "Master can help me use magic?!"

Marie titled her again in agreement. "Of course. Master is the Demon King, after all."

"Really?!" Vincent immediately became excited. As expected the goddess was the goddess after all!

Cough!—it was the demon king, Vincent…

"Is there anything else you want to ask?" Marie asked again. Her eyes turned away uninterestedly again.

"No, thank you, Marie." Vincent hurriedly said with awkward smile.

"Sure." Marie said simply before she walked away quickly from there.

Vincent sighed in relief as he was finally alone again. He immediately turned his focus to the clothes in his arms. As expected, it was black again. The goddess seemed really like a black color. Came to think about it, Noctis was also means dark night in latin? He vaguely remembered ever heard it from some client in the pub.

Vincent couldn't help chuckled as he thought about Noctis's body that was all white almost transparent.

The clothes were similar with a uniform. They consisted of a long sleeved white buttoned shirt with a pair of black vests and black trousers before they were completed by a long black coat. Vincent thought they were similar with a butler suit. No, maybe it was really a butler suit? He was just a servant after all. There was even a black ribbon tie. He pocketed it in the coat. He never was a type that really liked formal clothes.

Since Vincent couldn't meet his goddess now, he decided to look around the castle. He also wanted to look a bedroom for sleeping.

The demon king's castle turned out not really large. Don't misunderstand him. Of course, the castle was large. Larger than any house that he ever saw. It was just not as large as he imagined. Should the castle that housed a demon king was really huge? Like really really huge with many palaces? Many novels and movies said so, you know?

But this castle only has one palace with many empty rooms. In fact, he actually didn't know if this castle only has one palace or more. Because there were no windows to look outside at all!

There were only tall walls everywhere. It was cold like some kind underground stone. Maybe it was underground castle instead?

Vincent walked around for a long time, but he couldn't find the goddess's bedroom! Where was he?

Too bad he really wanted to find a bedroom that near the goddess. Since he couldn't find it, he would just take any bedroom he found. There were many of them actually. All them were empty, only few rooms that filled with furniture too. There was also another thing that he found really strange.

This place was really empty.

There was no one here at all. All living things he found in this castle were only the demon king and Marie. There were no other living creatures at all. It was strange.

Should the demon's king castle full of many living creatures as subordinates? The demon king should have a demon army right?!

Why he couldn't find anyone here?!

Just what was a demon king means really?

Was it just a self-proclaimed title?

But both Noctis and Marie said it confidently like it was an absolute thing.

Vincent shook his head confusedly. He decided not to think about them anymore as he wouldn't find the answers now. What would happen then would happen. Maybe he would understand them later.

Vincent stopped his walk as he saw a large door in front of him. It was different than any door he found before. He walked toward it curiously. It was created by some stone it seemed. It also wasn't locked. He opened it carefully.

What he saw outside the door was out of his expectations.

It was a cave.

Or so he thought because he saw many stalactites and stalagmites outside the door. The stone ceiling was really tall. There many some kind of crystal stones that was lit brightly. It was beautiful. There was also a lake with stone bridge in the middle of it. The bridge was connected to the exit of the cave. From the door he could see a night sky vaguely.

Vincent looked outside the cave for a while before decided he didn't want to venture outside. Who knew what kind of some vicious beasts that was waiting outside, he still loved his life!

With that thought, Vincent walked back to a bedroom that he found earlier. He decided to take some sleep since he felt a bit tired.

Next day, he woke up with a disoriented feeling.

He stared at the stone ceiling in his bedroom for a while before remember all things that happened yesterday. Groggily he pulled up his shirt to look at his chest.

It was really there. The slave's magic circle.

So it really wasn't a dream, huh?

Vincent stood from the bed with a large yawn before wore his clothes yesterday. He then washed his face to freshen himself a bit. It turned out there was a basin of cold water in each bedroom. Each times it was used, the basin would immediately fill itself till full with a clean water. He didn't know how it happened. He guessed maybe it because of some magic works.

He didn't know if it was already morning right now. But Vincent still decided to go out of the room in case the demon king already awake.

He found his goddess in yesterday's chamber.

Noctis sit in his desk in his large black coat while writing seriously with some low mutterings. Marie was beside him bringing him some large book.

"Master." Vincent called respectfully.

Noctis blinked in surprise at him. "Oh, right, you are here…"

'What the hell did that supposed to mean?! You sound like you had forgotten my existence already!' Vincent complained in his heart.

But outside Vincent was all full of smiles. "Master. Can you teach me, this worthless human to do a magic?"

"Magic?" Noctis blinked again. He narrowed his eyes at him in scrutiny. "But you don't have a magic core."

He then stood from his desk and walked toward him. He stopped a few step away from him before his eyes narrowed even further at his chest. "Strange…" he commented curiously.

Vincent forced himself not to step back. He also looked down at his chest to try to see what the hell they saw in his chest about not having a magic core.

"But you are the greatest demon king, Master. Surely you know how to help me to do magic without a magic core." Vincent flattered with all smiles.

"That's true…" Noctis murmured in curiously. His eyes still hadn't turn away from his chest like something he saw was really interesting

"Then…?" Vincent looked at him in full hope. There was a way! He really could do magic later!

Noctis blinked once before looked up at him. He frowned lightly in hesitance. "But..."

"But…?" Vincent tensed a bit.

Noctis blinked again innocently. "But what should I?"

Cough Blood!—Goddess, please have a mercy for him!

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