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96% Demon King Is So Adorable / Chapter 24: Learning a skill

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Chapter 24: Learning a skill

Since his goddess said so, Vincent could only dejectedly follow Marie to train.

The walked toward the deep of the castle before stopped in a chamber. The chamber was large and spacious. It was even larger than his goddess's study.

Vincent looked around in surprise. This chamber was almost similar with a training room in the gym.

There were a lot of racks filled with weapons. Sword, spear, axe, staff, knife, almost all kind of weapons was stored in the racks. He looked at them one by one curiously.

This must be Marie's training room since his goddess didn't seem like the type who liked to move around with a weapon.

Marie picked up a wooden case from the shelves. She took something before walked toward Vincent again. She gave him a small crystal orb with a marble size.

"What is this?" Vincent took the orb and raised it above his eyes to look the inside. It had a pretty blue light inside it.

"It is a memory orb. It can record anything, for example a cultivation skill or technique." Marie said simply. She then explained again, knowing what Vincent wanted to know. "Inside is a combat skill. It will be suitable for your need. Put it on your forehead and use some mana to see the memory."

"I see…" Vincent replied as he looked at the orb curiously. He placed the orb on his forehead as the instruction and used the mana to see the memory.

The sight before his eyes immediately changed. He saw the memory was entering his mind and opening up to him. It played like a movie inside his mind. Inside it was an old man who was using the skill with a heavy blade on his right hand. The old man talked as he used the skill. It was like a teaching documentary.

As he saw the old man moved in his mind, he suddenly felt his move was familiar. He watched them for a while before finally realized it was similar with Marie's skill. Was this the original? Because he felt the old man's kill was more authentic. Marie must change the skill to suit her battle axe.

The old man was moving so fluently. He even showed the skill without using the blade. It was so swift and delicate technique. He almost felt like seeing a dance art instead. But when the old man used his blade, the impact of the blade became so much stronger. After watching for a while he saw there were five basic techniques on his level. But when he wanted to see further, the memory was suddenly closed off. So he could only stop it.

He opened his eyes to see Marie was still standing in front of him. She looked at him quietly.

"I cannot see the further level." He said to Marie with a tone more like asking confirmation.

"You have to wait after your level increased." Marie said nodded, confirming Vincent's thought.

"Who is the old man?" he asked curiously.

Marie stared at the wall for a moment, pondering the question. "We don't know. Chaos didn't tell Master when they said to search this memory orb for my combat skill."

"You don't know?!" Vincent asked in disbelief, "What about the name of the skill?!"

"Master said it was called Demon Blade Dance Art." Marie replied as she turned at him again. "This skill needs a mana force manipulation. But you should be able use it with the technique that Master gave yesterday." She explained.

Vincent nodded thoughtfully. The old man indeed explained the mana force manipulation too. But since he cannot use the mana force, he had to modify the skill a bit.

"You can use this chamber to practice the art. I will check on your progress every day. You should master the five basic techniques first before trying it with a weapon." Marie suggested at him.

"Okay, thank you, Marie." Vincent said sincerely.

Marie only nodded before leaving the chamber.

Vincent sat in the middle chamber before seeing the memory orb again. He needed to comprehend the skill carefully before trying it.

After two hours he finally opened his eyes again. His dark eyes were focused as he memorized the skill completely in his mind.

He placed the memory orb in the wooden case again before taking of his tops to ease his movement. He then walked toward the center of the room.

After using the mana walking and the mana breathing continuously yesterday, he finally could use them together fluently. He just thought to combine them so he could use the technique perfectly. But when seeing this battle skill, he finally knew why his goddess gave him these two techniques. It was similar with the mana force manipulation.

Each time he used a move in the skill, he have to manipulate his mana to follow the move. But with his goddess's technique he could manipulate the mana easily.

Vincent tried the first basic technique of the skill. It was awkward at first as he never learned any martial art before. But he kept calmly training his body to memorize the first technique. After one hour he finally could to move his body as the instruction without forget.

He then tried the second technique.

The old man in the memory orb called the first technique as Flowing in the Wind. The technique comprised of moving with wind flow to swing your blade naturally. While the second technique was called as Blending with the Wind, that comprised of a move to blend yourself with the wind. It was an evasion technique, he noticed. The technique allowed him to blending with the flow and moving in evasion.

After an hour of training it, he then repeated the first technique again before combining it with the second technique. He combined them repeatedly for one hour before stopping. Sweats was dripping wet on his clothes. He decided to stop the training for today since it was almost dinner time. He wanted to take a bath first before making dinner.

As expected, after took a bath, his goddess was already looking for him.

After dinner pleasantly, he decided to refine his mana again. But his goddess stopped him as he was about to go to his room.

Noctis gave a large wooden case to him. "You have to drink it every day after exercising your mana path." He ordered simply.

Vincent took a look inside to find many small bottles filled with some weird red liquid. He suddenly remembered the red qillin potion that he needed to drink for a month. Sure enough, after counting there was about 30 bottles inside. His goddess must have created them while he was training. Then he saw something else that was inside the wooden case. He picked them up.

"What is this?"

It was like the memory orb, but instead of memory, he saw something like fire elements inside them. He also felt riches of strong energy in them, it was pulling him. Then he realized they were similar with his magic core.

"Those are red qillin's beast core. You can absorb them to increase your cultivation." Noctis explained.

Vincent's eyes immediately brightened as he heard them. But as he saw the total of the cores, a disappointment could not help but entered his heart. There were only 3 of them, two with similar power while the last one was a lot stronger. The amount was too little as he remembered Marie killed a lot of red qillins.

As if reading his thought, Noctis said again with frowning. "Absorbing too much will be useless. You will not be able get much power if you absorb repeatedly a same thing. Also, the stronger core is the leader of the red qillin. It is a Peak High Magical Beast's core, so you will not be able to absorb it on your level now. Try it after you entered the next level."

"I see…" Vincent replied disappointed. He thought he would be able to increase his cultivation repeatedly using them.

He brought the wooden case to his room. He decided to drink the potion while his body was still warm from the training.

He grimaced as he tasted the bitter liquid. It was like drinking a medicine. Well, maybe it really was, it was for his mana path after all.

He immediately felt a burning feeling entering his body. He quickly sat on the floor and meditated. The potion immediately was spreading to all over his mana paths. It felt sting and burn.

Vincent quickly circulated his mana to all his mana paths. A soothing feeling was then felt by him, followed by a warm feeling in his body. It felt comfortable.

He kept the motion until one hour before the feeling was gone completely.

Vincent let out a relief breath before checking his mana paths. Since it had only been a day, there wasn't any noticeable change. But he felt really comfortable after drinking the potion.

Discarding the thought, he then focused his mind to the red qillin's beast core. He picked the weak ones then put one on his palm. He gripped it before he began to meditate again. He tried to absorb the core from his hand.

After a while, the beast core finally was melting. The fire elements inside immediately was absorbed by his body. He directed them to his magic core before refining them slowly.

After three hours, the beast core on his hand was finally absorbed completely by him.

Vincent opened his eyes brightly. The beast core was really amazing. He received a lot of strong fire elements from them. After refining it, his mana pool capacity was finally breaking the second limit. His level increased from early of Rank 1 to peak of Rank 2 of Initial Stage.

He immediately picked the last weak core and absorbed it like before.

However as his goddess said, the effectiveness was really reduced a lot. After three hours refining, he only got a half of previous achievement. Even so, his mana capacity was still increase to break the third limit and his level increased to early Rank 3 of Initial Stage.

There was still a few more hours before dawn, he decided to use the times to stabilize his mana level first before sleeping.


Next day, day routines came back like before. The different was after breakfast he would go to the training chamber with Marie. She would give him some pointers about his training for a while before leaving him to train alone again.

After three hours correcting the first and second technique, he finally decided to try the third moves. It was called Against the Current. The old man explained that sometimes you had to stand your ground and defending. So the third technique comprised of moving your blade to defend against the flow in your strongest position.

It was bit different with the first and second which were following the flow, so he a bit slow to change his pace. But after a while he finally learned the trick. After more than one hour training it, he then combined it with the first and second. He trained them for more two hours before trying the fourth technique.

The old man called the fourth technique as Charming the Moon. He didn't know how the old man could suddenly change the name from the flow things into moon. But after practicing them he finally could understand.

When watching the old man practiced the fourth technique, the only thing he could see was the technique was so beautiful. It was indeed charming. But after he practiced on his own, he finally see the purpose of this technique. It was taunting an enemy.

The moves allowed you to open your defense, as if inviting an enemy to attack his body. Not noticeable, but subtle in beautiful moves. Charming them to lower their guard after seeing him was becoming weak.

Charming the Moon indeed, charmed the enemy to come at your body before unleashing a ultimate power to attack them at their lowest guard. That's right, the fifth technique was about an ultimate attack.

The old man called the fifth technique as Unleashing the Demon Blade.

He practiced the fourth technique for one hour before combining them with the previous technique. He would continue them to three hours more, but only after one hour, the door of the training chamber was slammed open from outside.

"Vincent!" Noctis called him aloud from outside before walking inside and glaring at him angrily.

"You forgot my cakes!!" Noctis said angrily.

Cough!! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

He didn't know whether he should laugh or cry!!

Were you the one who told him to train, Goddess?! (ノ`´)ノ ~┻━┻ ~

But he guessed it was also his fault to forget lunch. He couldn't help it as he always forgot the time each times he was seriously doing something.

Vincent stopped his training and walked toward his goddess. He rubbed the white hair as he apologized. "I apologize, Master. I forgot it is lunch already. I will make one more cakes for you as compensation." he said fondly as he caressed his goddess's hair.

"Two more!!" Noctis demanded immediately.

"Alright, two." Vincent chuckled as he rubbed the little horn, making his goddess reflexively titled his head for more caresses.

Noctis was instantly smiling brightly in excitement. He grabbed Vincent's hand before walking quickly to the kitchen.

Vincent couldn't help but smiling too seeing him so excited.

He made two more extra cakes as he promised. They at lunch together pleasantly before Noctis said something as if he just remembered.

"Did you just practice the demon blade skill just now when I came?" He asked curiously.

Vincent perked up immediately. "Yes, did you see it? How is it?" He asked in anticipation.

Look at his practice, Goddess! You must be moved by him who trained so hard, right?!

"But it is so slow!! Marie didn't even that slow when she first practiced them!" Noctis scolded heartlessly.

Cough!!! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

Goddess, why did you always torture him like this?!!

Vincent really wanted to puke a lot of blood!!

Froschmo Froschmo

This story is entering to top 300 this week, I am really happy for your supports, but because of this I felt so bad to tell you this. T^T

please check the comment for the important announcement since it was too long to place here.

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