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64% Demon King Is So Adorable / Chapter 16: More Training

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Chapter 16: More Training

As promised, Vincent made another cake for his goddess at lunch. Noctis as usual demanded to see his cooking process.

This time he found more strange berries in the corner of cupboard. After confirming with his goddess that they were not poisonous, he tasted them one by one. They were tasted similar with blackberry and blueberry. So he decided to mix them in cake. Of course Noctis loved the cake even more as long as it was really sweet.

After lunch, he read some books more. Almost all journals contained about magic spell, potions, runes, magic formation and magic ritual. But all of them needed high level magic comprehension. He figured his goddess started to write them when his level was already high. Even though there were also books for low level magic, they were still too few compared with high level ones.

He could only try to read all of them as reserve spell just in case he needed them when he reached the level. At least there was some book about low level magic theory that explained how to use mana to create a magic spell.

Ever since he became a half-demon, he amazingly found his memory had increased. He could immediately remember any texts after he read them carefully at once. Even though he didn't understand any of text journals, he at least could remember what was contained inside.

When he asked his goddess why he didn't write more low level magic spells, his goddess only replied with his insulting tone, "But it is so easy! You can just manipulate the mana to do some magic! Why would I needed a low level magic spell?!" Noctis frowned at him with an expression 'What are you so stupid?!'

Vincent could only bitterly accept his fate to learn on his own.

Goddess, not everyone was as genius as you! (ToT)

Then he suddenly remembered something he wanted to ask since the first day he arrived in this castle. So he decided to ask his goddess now.

"Master, There is something that I want to ask."

Noctis raised his head at him suspiciously from his large book. "What is it?"

Vincent coughed awkwardly. "Master, as the great demon king, why you don't have any more subordinates? Should you need some armies to conquer the world? I didn't see any demon in this castle except us."

Noctis blinked in surprise at the question. "Oh, that is because Chaos said it isn't the right time yet. So I don't try to recruit anyone."

"When is the right time?" Vincent asked in surprise.

Noctis knitted his white eyebrows. "Well, Chaos said I need to wait until I matured. Chaos said it will come naturally as soon as my body fully matured. So, I am just waiting now."

"I see…" Vincent said in stunned. Even though his goddess was so overbearing, he was strangely obedient to the Chaos. "Why do you need to listen to Chaos, Master?" he asked curiously.

Noctis glared at him as if he just insulted him. "Of course because they are Chaos! I was born in this world because of Chaos. They also was the one who raised me since born. They taught me everything about the world and magic."

He meant them literally? Vincent thought in confusion as he thought about chaos aether. He couldn't imagine how his goddess was born from aether. He seemed to not fully understand the meaning of Chaos that his goddess said yet. He also couldn't just ask about his goddess's parent as his goddess seemed really adamant about Chaos.

Speaking of which… "Then do you always here alone, Master?"

"Well, there are Chaos, darkness and Marie!" Noctis refuted in disagree.

"I see…" Vincent murmured softly. So his goddess was always alone. He suddenly felt sadness for his goddess. Didn't it mean he always alone since born? And he was 113 years old. What about family? His goddess didn't have a family?

But Vincent didn't know that a hundred years actually was really short for a demon.

"What about human, Master? Why do you hate them so much?" Vincent asked again.

"Because those human bugs are corrupting the magic nature!" Noctis exclaimed in anger, "Because of those bug that the balance of magic is broken!"

Vincent widened his eyes in surprise at the shocking anger that coming from his goddess. His goddess seemed really hate the human. He didn't really understand a bit about balance of magic or magic nature. But it seemed really a bad idea from the way his goddess was angry.

"Then when do you want me to invade the human community, Master?" He asked after his goddess was a bit calmed down.

Noctis frowned. "Well, you obviously need to advance to Initial demon yet. You cannot even do a magic!" he said in upset.

Vincent coughed in cold sweated. "I-l will do my best, Master!"

After that, he continued to read his goddess's journal while his goddess continued muttering about some experiment while he wrote them on a journal.

At dinner, he turned to kitchen to make some dinner. His goddess of course as usual demanded at him to make him some cakes. They ate dinner together pleasantly before his goddess wanted to take a bath as usual.

Vincent happily helped his goddess in bathing. His goddess was always so docile each times he took a bath. So he happily enjoyed watching his goddess acted so adorably. He even had a chance to carry his sleepy goddess again!

His goddess mumbled cutely as he carried him in his arms. There was only one thing that made him awkward. Marie was always staring at him strangely!

Vincent put his goddess into bed till he was comfortable. He fixed the blanket before kissing Noctis's forehead with a soft smile. "Good night, My little king…" he murmured softly.

He watched in awe as all aether in the rooms began gathering around his goddess.

With a last reluctance glance, he finally exited the room and walked toward his room to do some training.

Vincent quickly found his focus in meditating. In a familiar motion, he began to refining mana liquid again.

Strangely, even though no matter how much he inhaled the aethers every day, they were never exhausted by him at all, like the aethers were always recycling automatically every day. After it was absorbed, there would always the new ones replacing them. He was suddenly wondering where the aether came from.

Tomorrow, he decided to check it on his goddess's journal!

He trained all night again like yesterday. Only stopped after he felt the sunrise appeared. Today he felt a tremendous improvement. He had succeeded in increasing his refining speed a lot. He now only needed about 20 second to refine a drop of mana liquid! He felt please, but he knew it was still slow!

20 second was more than enough to send a magic spell to him! It would really dangerous if he had exhausted his mana pool and his refining speed was only this slow!

Therefore Vincent set to increase his refining speed even more!

Then he suddenly thought to change his refining method. Maybe he could find another refining method that was faster.

"Refining speed?" Noctis stared at him in puzzlement as Vincent asked him after breakfast.

"Yes, how much fast your mana refining speed when you became an initial demon?" Vincent asked. He knew if he asked about his goddess current refining speed, he would never able to compare it. So he asked his goddess refining speed when he was only at low level.

"Oh, that…" Noctis knitted his eyebrows. "After advancing, I think I could refine them about 100 ml per second. But I still felt that was really slow. So I increased it till I could refine thousand more ml per second…"

Cough Blood!!—So much gap!!! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

Vincent really wanted to cry hard!!

No, He really must to work harder even more!!

"How could you so fast?! I could only refine them a few drop in a minute!!" Vincent complained in grief.

Noctis frowned. "You are so slow!! Did you use my refining method?"

"Yes, I followed your instruction completely, Master!"

Noctis frowned further. "Let me see it." He demanded.

Vincent could only obediently show it to his goddess. He closed his eyes in meditating and began his refining step one by one carefully as his goddess method. But he only began refining aether into pure mana, Noctis already scold him loudly.

"Why are you so slow!" He glared at him angrily as if he just insulted his refining method, or maybe he was after all. Vincent thought in flinched.

Noctis glared at him as he said, "You should refined them at same time! Not doing it one by one like a lazy turtle!"

Vincent widened his eyes immediately. At same time?! Why he didn't think of that?!

But he quickly frowned as he thought about it. He could only focus one step at one time. If he did refining the pure mana and the element attribute at same time, then his concentration would immediately lost. He only has one mind after all.

So he said so to his goddess.

"Why cannot you split your mind?!" Noctis frowned at him in disapproval. "A magus mind should be able to do many things at same time! The higher your mental capacity then the more magic you can do."

"I see…" Vincent nodded lightly. He indeed had thought it too simple.

So at night, Vincent immediately tried to refining at same time. After he separated the pure mana and the element attribute, he immediately began to split his focus to do two refining at same time. But at soon as he started it, his head immediately became so dizzy!

It was so difficult!!

His concentration immediately lost.

But Vincent didn't give up. If his goddess could do it easily, then he should be able too!!

Cough… Vincent, you forgot your goddess was a demon king… ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Vincent immediately tried again. This time he succeeded in holding his concentration for five seconds!

Seeing his improvement, he immediately became spirited. So with even more courageous, he started again and he succeeded to hold his concentration for 20 seconds!

Vincent cheered loudly in heart.

He really could do it!

He had succeeded to refine a drop of mana liquid at same time with compressing an element attribute. But it was still slow! It was even slower than when he did it one by one! He at least had to be able to refine a drop of mana liquid in a second at same time!

With that thought, Vincent began to concentrate hard again. It was slow improvement. But he was really pleased because he saw an improvement!

A little by little, he increased his refining speed. By time sunrise had appeared, he finally felt a really tremendous improvement in his refining speed!

After all night training, he now finally could hold his concentration in two refining at same time for two hours and his refining speed now was a drop of mana liquid per 3 second!

But his mind immediately felt really exhausted.

Thankfully there was his goddess who was so adorable every day. His mind felt like got refreshed immediately!

After kissing his goddess a good night at next day, Vincent immediately began his training again.

Seeing his improvement yesterday, he suddenly thought of splitting his mind to four focuses. What if he concentrated in inhaling aether, separating element attribute, refining pure mana, and compressing the element attribute at same time? Surely, he would increase his refining speed a lot!

So that why after he had split his focus to do a mana refining and element compressing at same time, he also tried to split his focus again in inhaling new aether into his body. His focus felt a bit shaking for the first time he separated his focus into three. But he succeeded to hold his concentration in two second later.

After he was done with a drop of mana liquid, he immediately separated the element after. At same time he created a new focus to inhale the new aether again into his body. But he immediately failed to hold four focuses for the first time.

At the fourth time, He finally succeeded to hold them. While he separated the element from the aether, he was inhaling new aethers into his body at same time. Then when he started a mana refining and element compressing, he was also directing new aether to separate the element with third focus while at the same time he began inhaling new aether again with his fourth focus.

But after five minutes he held his concentration like that, his head immediately felt really dizzy.

He took a break for a while as he calming his breath. After he felt his dizziness was gone, he then began his training again.

When the sunrise finally appeared, Vincent felt his mind was boiling. His face was so red with a lot of steams was puffing out from his head. He was so exhausted that he felt like to just sleep all day.

But he got a lot of improvement today!!

He finally could hold his concentration for an hour long. Even though it was shorter than yesterday, but he could hold four focuses at same time!! And the most important thing was the total of mana liquid that he could refine in a second was finally reaching 5 ml!! It was ten times faster than his original refining speed!

He was so happy that he could kiss his goddess all the time!

Cough!!—No, he took back that again!!! There was no way his goddess would let him kissing him when awake! (ToT)

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