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56% Demon King Is So Adorable / Chapter 14: Refining Mana

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Chapter 14: Refining Mana

Of course, whatever the problem his slave had, the demon king wouldn't care. So Vincent could only bitterly force a certain problem between his legs to calm down.

He sighed in relief as his birdy finally gave up.

Noctis happily ate the cake without care. The whole large cake was swept cleaned by him alone. For someone who never ate food, he sure ate really a lot. Noctis licked his lips unsatisfied. His rosy eyes stared at Vincent in longing for more cakes.

Vincent chuckled lightly as he cleaned the cream messes on demon king's beautiful face with his fingers. "I will make it again tomorrow, Master."

Noctis pouted unhappily. He grabbed Vincent's finger that had cream from his face and directly put it in his mouth. He moaned happily as he licked the cream from the finger. "Mn~!"

Cough blood!!—a certain protagonist directly killed on the spot. ∑(✘Д✘๑)

He couldn't take it!

He couldn't take it!

He couldn't take it!

He couldn't take it!

Argghh!!! He really couldn't take it anymore!!!!

His goddess was so adorable!!!!!! ٩(//̀Д/́/)۶

A certain problem between his legs immediately was standing proudly.

Vincent cleared his throat stiffly as he turned his gaze away. He was afraid if he looked over again, then he would unable to control himself!!!

With a trembling heart, he cleaned his goddess face and hand with a cloth this time. After he felt clean enough, Noctis immediately stood from his chair.

"I want to take a bath!" He exclaimed.

Vincent widened his eyes in surprise as soon as he heard it. He quickly said before Marie could. "I will help you, Master!"

Noctis blinked at him. But he nodded lightly as he remembered promising his slave to bathe him every day. "Alright."

Vincent quickly swept clean his steak before stood up. As he would take the plates to wash them, Marie already took them one by one. "I will wash them." Marie said easily.

Vincent nodded at her in gratitude before following his goddess to the bath chamber.

He swallowed his saliva nervously. But this time, instead afraid, there were an anticipation and excitement in his heart. He was going to bathe his goddess again! (/∇\*)。o○♡

Noctis waited patiently as his servant prepared the bath before obediently raised his arms to let him take off his clothes. He then immediately entered the hot water and sighed pleasantly.

"You take off the clothes too." Noctis ordered confusedly as he saw him still wearing his clothes fully.

Vincent swallowed hard. But he decided to only take off his top. It was dangerous if his goddess saw his problem in his pants!

Afterward he enthusiastically washed his goddess clean. Too bad he still couldn't see his goddess's tail!

Demon king immediately melted into a puddle once gentle hands were washing his body. He even purred pleasantly when his horns and ears were caressed softly. His rosy eyes started to close drowsily.

A warm flush was filling Vincent's ears as he heard his goddess's pleased moan. Vincent swallowed stiffly, shifting his lower body a bit to avoid—cough—accident. He carefully poured hot water to wash the white hair from the foams. Noctis blinked his eyes adorably before he yawned sleepily.

He sighed in relief as he finally warped his goddess in large fluffy towel. He gently dried his goddess's hair with another towel. However Noctis was already nodding his head drowsily as he closed his eyes.

"Don't sleep yet, Master. You need to wear clothes first." Vincent reminded gently as his wiped his body with towel.

"hmm…" Noctis mumbled sleepily, making his slave sighed helplessly.

Vincent wiped his own body quickly and wore his shirt in a flash before dressing his sleepy goddess. He sighed in relief as he was done at last. "Come now, Master. You can go to the bedroom to rest." He persuaded his goddess to walk.

Noctis blinked his drowsy eyes. He stared at him in daze before raising his arms to warp them around Vincent's neck. His body immediately fell forward without resistance. "…sleepy…" Noctis mumbled drowsily to Vincent's chest.


A certain protagonist immediately was frozen to a stone.

This, this, this—

Uhhh—Goddesss—!!!! ٩(//̀Д/́/)۶

Vincent's inner heart screamed aloud helplessly.

He raised his hand in trembling to warp around his goddess's body. He held his breath nervously before warping his goddess tighter.

S-so soft~~~!! (/∇\*)。o○♡

His goddess was so soft! So delicate!! So nice!!

He also smelled so sweet!! Vincent sniffed lightly at his goddess's hair.

"Master need to rest."

Vincent flinched hard as Marie appeared in front of them out of sudden.

"M-m-marie!! T-t-thi-this—" He stuttered to explain.

"Master need to rest." Marie repeated. She frowned at him as she looked at her master who slept standing.

Vincent hugged his goddess tighter when Marie looked like wanted to take her master from him.

"I-I will carry him!" Vincent stuttered to say. He really didn't want to let go of his goddess yet!

Marie stared at him for a while before she finally nodded. "Follow me." She said before she quickly walked out of the bath chamber.

"Y-yes!" Vincent quickly replied.

He gently raised his goddess's legs to warp them around him. Noctis mumbled lightly as his body was picked up but he immediately warped his arms tighter around Vincent's neck while his head nuzzled comfortably into his shoulder.

Vincent sighed as he finally had his goddess comfortably in his arms. He was then quickly following Marie to the bed chamber. They walked to the side of the castle that he never saw before. They walked until arrived at the end of the wall. Marie touched something on the wall before the wall opened to the side. Vincent looked curiously to some symbols that Marie just touched. He guessed why he never found this side of the castle before was because of some magics had hidden it.

They eventually arrived at a large door of a chamber. Marie then put her palm on some symbol on the door. He felt some energy change in aether before the door opened gently. Inside was a large bedroom. It had dark decorations, suiting his goddess's taste.

Vincent immediately walked toward the large bed in the middle of room. He gently put his goddess's body on the bed. Noctis mumbled in protest as he hugged his neck tighter. Vincent smiled fondly and shushed him. He rubbed Noctis's back softly before carefully took his arms from his neck. Noctis immediately curled his body into the blanket as soon as he let go of him.

Vincent gently fixed his position in the blanket before unconsciously kissed his goddess's forehead softly. "Good night…"

But as soon as he stood from the bed, he immediately saw Marie was staring at him blankly. He quickly blushed awkwardly. "Uh…"

However Marie ignored him as she checked his Master for last time.

Vincent then saw something incredible as he also looked at his goddess. All aethers in the room was surrounding his goddess. All of them were absorbed slowly by Noctis.

Was this what they mean with Noctis need a rest?

It was really an amazing sight. In the middle of aethers, his goddess looked so brightly beautiful.

"We need to go." Marie's voiced pulled him from his daze. Vincent nodded dazedly. He looked at his goddess once again before he quickly walked out of the room with Marie.

He suddenly felt like he just fallen in love all over again…

Vincent immediately took a bath before walking toward his room after that.

After seeing his goddess like that, he suddenly felt a sense urgency to quickly improve his magic cultivation. He couldn't just being lazy around like this. What if something happened and he couldn't protect his goddess?!

He really couldn't let that happen!

Vincent quickly sat in the middle of bed to begin meditation again. He didn't know whether because of his sense of urgency or because he already done it before. But he could quickly find his focus in his meditation.

To do a magic, he need mana. Mana was created by refining the aethers. Initial stage was a stage where a demon mastered his mana. He needed to create a mana pool to advance into the initial stage. With a mana pool, he would have a mana reserve in his body that he could use each time he did a magic.

Vincent followed his goddess's instruction to refine the aether into mana. He took a steady breath as he inhale the aether into his body slowly. He directed them carefully to his magic core. As soon as the aether was sucked by his magic core, he immediately used the core to refine them.

His core was spinning so fast. All aethers were surrounding the core and slowly absorbed by it little by little. He felt a cold sweat on his forehead as he concentrated hard to control the aether.

Using the magic core, he separated the element attributes from the aether carefully. After they were separated, the produced aether then became a pure mana. He then refined them in the magic core into mana liquid. After a while, drops of mana liquid finally were generated by the core. It lightly dropped below the magic core forming a little puddle of liquid.

A mana liquid was like pure and transparent water. It was clear of any element attribute. While the element attributes from the aether was absorbed completely by the core and compressed into one with the core to increase the magic core quality. The flame of his core immediately brightened after it received additional fire elements.

Vincent sighed in relief as he finally succeeded in forming a mana liquid for the first time.

But he still had a lot of way to go.

To forming a mana pool, he needed to refine a lot of mana liquids. A mana pool was placed in his naval dantian, which was directly below his magic core. He needed to fill them with a lot of mana liquids till full before trying to advance into initial stage.

Vincent took a deep breath before he focused himself to refine a lot of mana liquid. He worked all night till early morning. The longer he refined them, the faster he felt his refining speed. Compare to the first time, he only need a minute to refine a drop of mana liquid now. He hoped to increase his refining speed even more tomorrow.

He took a long breath before finally ending his meditation for today. He had refined a lot of mana liquids today. They at least could fill a large basin. But he still felt his refining speed was slow. He needed to be faster in his magic cultivation!

Vincent looked outside through his bedroom. After he turned into a half-demon, he somehow could felt the time circle vaguely. If he wasn't wrong then it was still early morning. The sun should be up in few minutes.

After meditating all night, his body didn't feel tired at all. But he felt a bit of mental exhaustion. Although he didn't felt sleepy, he decided to close his eyes for a while before making some breakfast. With that though, he lied on his bed and closed his eyes.

Who knew not even a few minutes after he closed his eyes, his bedroom's door was slammed open aloud. Then a flash of white and black suddenly crossed the room and jumped into his body with a loud 'omph!'.

Vincent coughed in pain. Damn it! Who the hell just attacked his body?!

But as he focused his eyes, the sight that met his eyes immediately made him speechless.

Noctis grinned brilliantly at him above his body with eyes curving beautifully. He then ordered in excitement. "Vincent, the cake!"

Vincent really didn't know whether he should laugh or cry! (/□\*)・゜

Froschmo Froschmo

Demon king : Cakes is the best!!!

System : [Ding! Level Up! Your ranking just promoted from a Slave to a Personal Cook! Congratulations!!]

A certain protagonist bug : .....

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