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Chapter 3: Something Bizarre

There was aloud breaking sound coming from his apartment. He felt it before hearing it when those mafia guys opened the window and saw him.

"Bastard!!! That son of bitch ran away! He is below there!!" was a loud shout from the apartment behind him.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck—" Vincent cursed aloud. He swiftly took sharp turn in his run. The panic quickly filled him as he saw a car started to run after him. Decisively he ran fast toward a small alley. Just as expected the car stop, but those guys quickly came out and ran after him into alley.

He felt thankful that he was fast and nimble from childhood. His past experience in running from bullies was used in here. He knew it was really a bad news if he was caught by them. He felt a shudder in his body just thinking about it.

He swiftly ran as fast as he could to pass through a lot of alley. But those guys were really persistent. He still hadn't rid of them even after run for so long. Just as he was thinking he would never get rid of them, he arrived in dead end alley.

"Shit!" Vincent cursed. He briskly turned over to search another alley. But those guys were already in front of him.

"Son of bitch! So you finally stop running huh!!" one of those guys cursed at him. He was tall and bulky with muscled. With vicious grin, he walked toward him with his other two friends.

"Bastard! You dare to run away from us! Let see if you can last under our punches!" spat the guys on the left.

Vincent cautiously stared at them. He walked backward slowly avoid them in fear. Even though he was in pinch, his mind never rested. He rapidly thought a way to get away from them. The alley was narrow. Those big guys would difficult to move around in here. Maybe if he was fast enough to avoid them…

"Hah! Don't think you can even run from us, son of bitch!" the big guy in the middle suddenly moved fast to punch him.

Vincent quickly moved to avoid him, but from the side another guy quickly caught his arm and punched his gut. BUGH!

He bent over in pain. It was like his intestines was flipped over from inside. But he resisted the pain and punched the guy's nose as hard as he could. The sound of cracking bone was satisfying. Vincent quickly got rid the hand that was holding him. But he wasn't fast enough to avoid a hard blow from behind his head.


His sight quickly became black in a moment. His body fell hard to the ground. He forced himself to open his eyes, but his head was hurt so much that he felt like in vertigo. He was sure he just got a concussion. He bent over in pain as he felt a hard kick touched his stomach. Sour vomit immediately felt in his mouth.

With difficulty he forced his body to move and avoid another kick. His body then suddenly pulled from behind by the third guy. Instead following along, Vincent threw his head back to the guy's chin viciously. Crack!

"Arrghhh!" Third guy screamed in pain loudly.

His head was hurt so much, but at least he got rid himself off from the hold. He instantly ran to avoid another two guys. His sight was blurred, and his head was so dizzy. He could only move instinctively to avoid attacks from two guys.

He blinked few times as his sight finally got clearer. His head was still hurt. But at least now he could think again. Vincent swiftly ran to exit of the alley. But then, something—some bizarre thing suddenly happened in front of his eyes.

Strong winds so loud abruptly appeared out of nowhere in front of them.

His body was thrown back hard to the wall of alley behind him by violent winds. Those mafia guys even stopped moving a moment in shock seeing that strange thing that appeared in front of them.


A loud thunder was then bursting viciously in the middle of air. Vincent stared wide eyed at the ominous thing in front of them. From strong wind to vicious thunder, then a loud crack was heard.

A small black hole then suddenly appeared in the empty air. It was like the air was split open from inside. A violent shredding sound was heard as the small black hole tore open wide. Some dark thing like gas then came out of the hole.

The thing was so dark…

…so vicious…

…so violent…

…but somehow felt so intoxicating…

It was like an accumulative dangerous energy, like electricity from vicious thunder, but also like thick mist that was so wispy.

Vincent stared in awe. He never believed in magical or spiritual thing before, but he sure as hell felt like seeing it at the moment.

The black hole was still crackling violently, but it stopped splitting as its size became as wide as a double door. The darkness that was calm then suddenly moved violently to them like vicious snake chasing its preys.


Vincent stared in horrified shock as one of the mafia guys got caught by the dark thing. Despite its appearance that was like a gas, it held the guy so tight that he cannot even move a slight inches. The darkness covered him from head to toe. Then like it was dissatisfied with him, it suddenly let out a violent thunder and burned the guy to ashes.

"GYAAAA!!" like pushed a start button, the other two guys immediately moved at same time to avoid the darkness.

Vincent was even more ahead. He was already in the corner of the dead end, searching a way to climb over the tall wall. That black hole was in the mouth of alley, so the only way to escape from them was from climbing over the dead end wall.

Blaring sound from violent thunder behind him and smell of burning meat made him scared shirtless. Vincent ran with panic and jumped as high as he could to the wall. He didn't even take a glance behind him as he heard another loud scream and blaring thunder from the mafia guys. The only thing that was in his mind was run!! No matter what he had to run!!

Without care, he was scratching the wall with his fingers to pull his body over the tall wall. He even wished so hard he can become a spider at the moment!

He let out a horrified gasp as the darkness finally covered his body. He could only fling his hands helplessly as his body was pulled from the wall.

"No, no, no, no, fuck, fuck, let go of me, you fucker!!" Vincent cursed aloud. Terrifying feeling enveloped his body. His arms were scratching wildly at the dark thing, but it was futile as he couldn't touch anything.

No no no no no no no—

This couldn't happen!

This couldn't happen!

He didn't want die!!

He couldn't die!!

He hadn't earned enough money to move back to Chinese!

He never even had a girlfriend yet!!



Anyone stop this thing—!!


But… after a long moment passed, Vincent finally realized something was amiss…


Did he just die?







No, no, this… this…

Did he really just die..?

But there was no pain?

Or… or… maybe he was burned so fast that he couldn't even felt a thing from it—?

But, but—

Vincent tried to open his eyes wide. But there were only darkness anywhere he saw. This darkness was same with the dark thing from the black hole. He tried remembering anything that happened after the dark thing covered his body. He only remembered it pulled him toward the black hole then it was nothing…

Did he just enter the black hole…?

Did he really inside the black hole right now?

No, maybe he really died after all…?

Vincent tried move his body, but found out he couldn't do anything.

The darkness enveloped his body from head to toe. Anywhere he saw was only the darkness.

The darkness that was as intoxicating as the dark thing that caught him before.

But there was something different about it…

Before it was so violent…

Before it was also so vicious and attacked everything….

But now… it was calm…

There was even a pleasant feeling like it was finally satisfied to be able find something that it searched.

If Vincent dared to admit, he even could say it was warm and nice.

It was like being hugged by someone.

Vincent wondered…

If mother's hug felt like this warm…

In the middle of remote and empty alley, a large black hole finally was closing up slowly.

Froschmo Froschmo


Fro is here again!! ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

How was the chapter?? was it bizarre enough? lol

From now on, the story will be explain from our beloved worthless protagonist gong's pov, who else but our Vincent lol ≧(´▽`)≦

btw can you tell me if my story has a cover? I tried to use a temporary cover, but it isn't appeared in my pc huhu

Well, see you next chap!! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

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