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84% Demon King Is So Adorable / Chapter 21: The East Mountain

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Chapter 21: The East Mountain

The weird rabbit turned out to be a Black Horned-Rainbow Rabbit.

It was a really rare mystical beast.

There was a lot of type beast in this world. The most special one was the Mystical Beast.

Different with a magical beast who could use an element magic, mystical had almost the same property with a magical beast, just the mystical beasts couldn't do an element magic. Even so their body was so magical. It had high element property and was the most sought out by people as high quality ingredients for potion or medicine.

Of course there were also magical beasts that had the same property, but it would be easier to catch a mystical beast that didn't have an element attack power, right?

Unfortunately a mystical beast was so rare and always so difficult to be found. Almost all of them had a high hiding ability.

The Black Horned-Rainbow Rabbit was also the same.

Its furs could turn to any color depending its feeling and instinct. It also used its furs to hide its body from any enemy. Its furs had ability to mimic of the surrounding color. If it hided in the grass and its fur would turn to the same color of the grass, if it hided beside stone, then it would turned the stone color.

Because of its furs and black horn, the rabbit was called The Black Horned-Rainbow Rabbit.

So Vincent really didn't exaggerate when he said the rabbit was charmed by his goddess beauty.

Because it turned to a bright pink color when it saw his goddess was staring at it!!!

Vincent complained loudly.

Did you know how he felt when he suddenly realized he even had to fight for his goddess's attention with animal too?!

This heart of his was really burning in vinegar!! ٩(//̀Д/́/)۶

His goddess was so excited when he saw the rabbit. He even directly jumped down from his back and ran to the rabbit abandoning him.

How could this daddy not felt his heart being stabbed by hundreds of needle?!

His life now was even lower than a weird rabbit too?!!! (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻

Vincent felt like crying hard!!!

He was about to complain, but his goddess already picked up the rabbit by its neck.

Then, without further ado, Noctis heartlessly crushed the rabbit's neck with a loud crushing sound.

Vincent : "…."

A shudder immediately spread all over his skins. Vincent rubbed his own neck uneasily.

Goddess was a vicious demon king after all…

Vincent couldn't help but took a pity glance at the weird rabbit. The poor thing didn't even get a chance to resist before being crushed to death heartlessly.

Noctis, of course, was brimming in excitement. He lifted the rabbit toward Vincent and exclaimed happily. "It is a rainbow rabbit!!"

Vincent : "…"

Yes, Goddess, and I saw you just crushed it to death.

Noctis who was still high in his excitement didn't even care about Vincent replying to him or not. "I have been searching this rabbit for so long!! With this, I finally could create a mimicry potion!! And it has a long horn!! The horn will have a lot of…" he continued to rambles a lot of thing about the rainbow rabbit's magical property and of course, a lot of his gruesome experiment.

Marie, ever the loyal and careful maid she was, picked up the poor dead rabbit from her master's hand and immediately stored them inside the spatial ring.

Vincent sighed helplessly and grabbed carefully Noctis's hands. He took out a handkerchief from his coat pocket and wiped the hands gently.

Damn you, rabbit! Even if you were dead, I would not let you sully the goddess's beautiful hand easily!! Gone, you foul, gone!

Vincent secretly threw out a lot of salt to the rabbit in his heart. (#`д´)ノ

Afterward, they decided to take a rest on the river bank.

Vincent chose some dry places near the river before took a large cloth from his spatial ring. He spread wide the cloth on the ground carefully before took out a lot of food and cakes for their lunch. He also took some water bottles before finally sitting on the cloth crossed leg.

Vincent raised his head to his goddess, seeing him standing at the side of the cloth with contemplation. Noctis furrowed his eyebrows a bit seeing the cloth.

Vincent looked at him for a while, before finally understanding what his goddess concerned about. With a nervous heart, he finally dared himself to say, "Master, what don't you sit on my laps? It will be more comfortable than the ground." He said nervously as he pat his thighs lightly.

Noctis immediately glanced at his laps before his expression brightened. Then without any shame he directly sat on Vincent laps in happily. He even moved his bottoms a few times to get a comfortable position, directly using Vincent as if he was a chair and not a person. With a happy sigh, Noctis leaned comfortably on Vincent's chest.

Vincent sighed in relief at his goddess's acceptance. His heart immediately was beating fast and loud. But he happily hugged his goddess's waist with one arm in excitement.

He finally had his goddess in his arms again!! ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

Vincent then took some caked for his goddess and some roast meats for him. Noctis immediately opened his small mouth excitedly, indirectly ordering him to feed him.

Vincent cut small pieces of cake with a fork and fed his goddess piece by piece carefully. He took a glance at Marie who sat across from them. She was eating her cakes quietly.

Honestly, Vincent didn't know how to make of this woman. If it wasn't necessary, Marie wouldn't say any words.

He didn't know if the maid was angry at him for taking advantage of her master's adorableness.

She sometimes would stare at him strangely and then dismiss him uninterestedly after. But she never showed any sign of anger for him for eating tofu from her master. She also didn't stop him either. He didn't know if it was because she didn't want to break her master's happiness or because she didn't really care.

They took a rest for an hour, before Noctis finally reluctantly was separating from his cakes. Though, he still grabbed a few chocolate truffles as snacks. Honestly this little glutton just never been satisfied no matter how much the cakes he ate.

He couldn't help but disappointed as his goddess decided to walk instead of being carried by him on the back. Apparently eating the chocolate was more important than begin carried by him, because his goddess complained how it would be difficult to eat the chocolate if he was being carried on his back.

Thus they started to climb the East Mountain.

Like before, their trip was peaceful.

Even Vincent began to think that maybe this world wasn't really dangerous at all.

If not for the weird rabbit that he saw before, he would certainly think this mountain was only a normal mountain in his world.

But now Vincent could only sigh that his goddess was too powerful. There wasn't any beast that dared to stand near them thorough the trip.

Since their trip would only be peaceful without any disturbance, Vincent decided to train his magic.

Even since yesterday, he hadn't stop to using the mana breathing and the mana walking. He noticed his body became lighter and stronger. His magic core was burning warm as ever.

He realized through this trip that the mana walking made his walking speed became faster. His body felt so light and he also didn't feel tired at all. The only reason they took a rest was because he felt a bit hungry and thirsty. Even so, the hunger wasn't as strong as before he awaken the first stage. Actually he knew eating once a day would be enough. Just that, habit was hard to get rid after all.

As for his mana path, he hadn't notice any big improvement. But he at least felt that his mana flow was a little smother than before, especially his left hand. After the treatment from his goddess and his train, he could cast a flame a bit faster than the last time. The amount of flame was also a little bigger than before.

He took a look at his palms. He now could cast the flame at the same time on his two palms after training them yesterday. However just create the flame that only could enveloping his palms was kind of useless. He couldn't move or throw away the flame from his palm. He could only burn thing with touching them.

But there was no way he kill the monster with touching them with his palms, right?!

The flame wasn't even that big to burn the monster!

Since his goddess didn't write any book about first stage magic spell, he could only think to create them himself. At least he knew that the most important thing in magic was imagination.

He could imagine a lot of thing!!

He had been trying to create a fire ball.

Didn't any fire magician in the story always have a fire ball in his attack spell?

But the reality was really different from the fiction!

He though it would be easy to create a fire ball!

But he just couldn't control the flame on his palm.

He could at least gather the flame into the center of his palm instead only enveloping his hand like a glove.

Just, to compress the flame into a fire ball was difficult.

After training all night yesterday, he could only shape the flame resembled the ball. But it was still useless!

Even though he could throw the flame from his palm, it would only fall to ground and uselessly burn the ground. The distance throwing also didn't reach a meter, because the flame didn't have any weight.

Therefore now he would try to compress a lot of fire inside the flame. If it was consistent as his imagination, the fire ball should be exploded from inside as it touched the target.

Vincent opened his right palm and created a fire. The fire quickly shaped into a small ball about a basketball size. He spun the fire and put more fires inside the fire ball. He narrowed his eyes as he tried to compress the fire into a smaller ball but a lot denser.

It was slow process, but he finally could do it smoothly. After a while, a properly fire ball with stronger and denser fire finally was created on his palm. It was about a tennis ball size now.

He then tried to throw it at a random tree in from of him.


The fire ball exploded and burning the tree trunk with a lot of flame.

He did it!!!

Even though the power wasn't as strong as he imagined, but at least it was exploded and created a hole in the trunk!!

He just needed to master it and made the fire a lot stronger!!

"What are you doing?" A melodious voice was heard beside him in confused.


He forgot that they were in a trip!!!

"Sorry, I just want to find out the power of the fire ball." Vincent said apologetically at his goddess.

Noctis just looked at him curiously before continued to walk again.

"Master, the red qillin's habitant should be ahead. We should meet any red qillin anytime now" Marie said from ahead them.

They arrived already?!

Vincent quickly shook away the thought of training and followed them.

Sure enough, there was different sight ahead of them. The green trees surrounding them began to change to brown trees and then red trees. Vincent touched trunk of the red trees, found them brimming with fire element. He also felt the fire element in the middle air a lot denser than before.

This place was like red forest. He noticed they were nearing the peak of the mountain, and almost the trees on the peak were red. This must be an active volcano mountain. Because he certainly felt a denser aura was coming from the peak area.

Even though, he said they were nearing, it was actually still far. Don't underestimate this mountain height. Although he said he felt the mountain was like a normal mountain because of a peaceful journey. Its size was actually really huge.

It was nearing sunset when they finally arrived to the center of red forest. But strangely they hadn't seen any red qillin at all.

Noctis frowned as he looked up at the peak of mountain. He murmured something lowly before turning to his servants. "It seemed it is the time of lava flower is blooming. I can feel a lot of life presences of red qillin in the peak on mountain. All the red qillin in this mountain should be there right now."

"Lava flower?!" Vincent asked in surprise.

"It is a flower that can only grow in the center of the lava lake. But each time this flower is blooming, there will be a high fluctuation of the fire element in the lava and causing the volcano to explode a lot of lava. Red qillins have immunity to fire, so they really love to take a bath in the lava lake to absorb rich fire elements each time the flower was blooming. They also often use the flower to evolve their magic level." Marie explained casually.

"Wait, doesn't it mean the volcano will explode now?! Should we get out of here?!" Vincent asked in worried.

Noctis only looked up at the peak thoughtfully. "Should we pick the flower?"


Goddess, what about the volcano?!! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

"Then we have to find a suitable hiding place first to avoid the lava. Do you want me to scout ahead first, Master?" Marie asked without any care even more.

"No need, let's just walk there." Noctis said without care.

Since his goddess decided to pick the flower then Vincent could only follow along. Hopefully he didn't meet any danger ahead.

"Why do you want the flower for?" Vincent couldn't help but curious since his goddess was so adamant about it.

"Anyone who ate the lava flower can get a Fire Immunity! It will good for your body!" Noctis said casually.

It was for him?!

Vincent widened his eyes in stunned. It was true it would really beneficial for his body to have a Fire Immunity. Although his magic core had fire affinity, but that didn't mean that his body was immune to fire.

Any fire that was created by his mana was different, he would feel the hot, but it wouldn't burn him. But it was different if the fire was created by another magus. Depending of the hotness of the fire and his level, he could be burned. A fire magus needed a lot of training to get a fire resistance.

But if he had the fire immunity then even lava wouldn't hurt him!

To think his goddess would think about him…

He couldn't help but felt so moved!!! (/□\*)・゜゚

Froschmo Froschmo

Thank you so much for your supports, votes and reviews! I am really happy to know there are readers who like this story!!

Too bad we didnt enter the top 300 this week lol, well Fro is happy as long as this story is liked by a lot of readers!!

Here, Fro send a lot of kiss for all of you guys, beloved readers! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

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