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Chapter 19: Training Plan

Vincent looked down at two small books that were suddenly handed over to him by his goddess.


"That is part of your training from today!" Noctis ordered as he nodded firmly.

Vincent immediately took out the paper that was just hand over to him at breakfast. He read them in silence. Actually there weren't a lot of words on the paper. It was only contain four sentences in his goddess's beautiful writing.

Mana breathing

Mana walking

Training with Marie

Mana path potion

Just… what the hell were these sentences?!

Vincent looked at the books. Two books were small and thin, with only a simple title such as Mana Breathing Technique and Mana Walking Technique. And what the hell was with the names?! Mana breathing, mana walking and mana path potion?! His goddess didn't have any sense in naming at all! Vincent thought in black lined.

Vincent sighed as he looked at the pages inside for a brief moment.

"So, I need to practice these techniques every day?" Vincent couldn't but ask as he read over the techniques.

"That's right." Noctis nodded. "I already checked your mana path yesterday. Most of the closed ones are in your legs, left hand, and a bit on your chest and lungs. These techniques will help you widen your mana path before opening them fully. Even though circulating your mana in your body now is bit hasty. But I think it's the best to do it now, so at the next level, you will not face any difficulty.

The next level that his goddess said was high initial demon level. Even though he didn't need the mana path for now, but in second level, the demon would need them because the demon would be able use magic from every part of his body.

On his level now, he only needed to use magic from his hands. While on the next level, he would be able use them from the end of his toes or even from his hair. To begin training his mana path now was indeed too hasty because his core level hadn't matured enough.

So he asked them so to his goddess.

"No worry, I created the techniques to suit your body and you core level. You also can use them to the next level without worry. I wrote them on several levels." Noctis waved his hand easily.

"Huh? When did you creating them?!" Vincent asked in stunned. He didn't see his goddess wrote them at all!! And he only checked them yesterday after his first awakening!

"Just now, of course." Noctis frowned at his with a look "When else did I write them?'

"J-just now?! But we were having a breakfast just now!" Vincent asked in disbelief.

"Just because I was having breakfast doesn't mean I couldn't write them too. There is dark that help me after all." Noctis said with offended look. 'Why are you so stupid?!' expression was seen clearly on his face.

Vincent suddenly embarrassed as he remember the one who taught him to split focus was his goddess. Noctis must be controlling the darkness to write the books while his body was eating cakes.

But he suddenly also realized that Noctis just created these techniques while he was only encountering the problem yesterday. This…

His goddess really was a genius. Even though he vaguely knew them from all the books in the study, but to think he could create two new techniques this fast. No, wait, his goddess just gave him four solutions, did he?

Vincent quickly read the paper again. "What about the training with Marie, Master?" He asked curiously.

"Marie is a specialist in physical combat, not magic. She will teach you a training technique to help your mana paths circulation." Noctis explained.

Not magic?!

"Wait, why do you mean specialist in physical combat?" Why did he only hear this?!

Noctis frowned a moment before finally sighed irritably as he suddenly remembered his slave from another world. "There are two type of cultivation in demon. It is magic and body strengthening. Maybe if we use words from the human, it is magus and warrior. Magus needs high mental strength and element aptitude, while warriors need strong body and mana path. Magus uses mana liquids while warrior uses mana force."

Vincent suddenly thinking maybe he would have more chance in body cultivation instead of magic since his body wasn't really suitable. But then when he heard his goddess said a warrior needed strong mana path, he immediately got rid the thought.

"Magic cultivating doesn't really need a strong mana path. It just needs them to be opened correctly. But Body Cultivating needs a strong mana path to strengthening the body. Marie can teach you this easily since she is also cultivating them." Noctis continued.

So Marie couldn't use magic? "But I saw her use magic on the runes though?" Vincent asked curiously.

'It is different! Magic runes and formation can also be activated by mana force!" Noctis said irritably. It was such common thing, why did he have to answer something stupid?

Vincent couldn't help but black lined seeing his goddess so impatient. He quickly changed to another subject. "What about the last one? About the potion?" He waved the paper lightly.

As he expected, his goddess was immediately distracted by the paper. "Oh that… I am thinking to create potion to help widening your mana path. It will fasten the effect of your training. I expect you to drink it for a month every day. They should be solved correctly after a month." Noctis nodded confidently as he explained.

So fast? Vincent thought in surprise. But then it was his goddess after all. If he said a month then it must be really a month.

Vincent brought his focus to his new books again. He decided he would read them immediately. Since his goddess had written them especially for him after all.

He opened the mana breathing technique first.

Just like its name, it was about breathing mana into his body. Actually it wasn't much different with his breathing technique when refining mana. It was just a bit simple. He also had to do it every time. That's right, he had to change his normal breathing to this new breathing pattern. So each time he breathed an air, he would also breathed a mana.

The condition was each time he inhaled an air using the new pattern, he would need pulled his mana liquid into his lung. Then each time he exhaled the air, he would need to push the mana into the mana path along with the oxygen through his heart and then spread to all over his body.

It was sounded simple, but actually very difficult thing to do. Because he had to aware of his breathing, instead of automatically breathing in each seconds.

Vincent pushed aside his books for a moment to try it. Since it was his first time, he decided to close his eyes to fully concentrate.

He took a steady breath, before following the instruction on his books. Mana quickly filled his lungs, before he brought them through heart following his oxygen before spreading them to the mana path all over his body.

He used the breathing technique for five minutes before finally slowly stopped. As he opened his eyes, he immediately stunned in surprise. After he used the technique, surprisingly his body immediately felt a bit better. His body felt a bit lighter. It didn't really noticeable, but for him who recently paid more attentions to his body, he immediately noticed the little different. It was amazing. What would happen if he used them every second for a month?

Vincent couldn't help feeling excited about it.

He immediately used the breathing again, but this time without closing his eyes and put all his attention on it. It was bit slower. But he would manage it as it was the first time. He was confident he could adapt it into a habit in a few days or so. While keeping his breathing steady, he put other focus to open the last book.

Mana Walking Technique was also like the name it was sounded. His goddess really didn't have any naming sense at all. Vincent thought chuckling lightly.

The technique required him to walk while absorbing mana at the same time.

It was difficult thing to do since he was always absorbing mana through his breath. It was one of the reasons that this technique could only be learned on the next level. He tried to do it first with his hand. He narrowed his eyes in concentration as he pulled the aether toward him. They were hovering around his palm, but just stuck on his skin without being absorbed inside.

He tried to run his magic core to attract the aether. After for a while, he felt a warm feeling on his body, and the aether was finally melting into energy and being absorbed by his body. He sighed in relief. He immediately tried the technique, directing the aether into his magic core before refining them into mana. Afterward he circulated the mana back to his hand and then directed them again to his magic core in circle. He soon felt warm and light feeling on his hand.

Even though the technique said to him to walk, it didn't mean he couldn't use them on other part of his body. After he confirmed he could do it, he then tried them on his feet.

It turned out trying absorbing aether while wearing shoes was really difficult. He couldn't get the aether through his shoes at all. He could absorbed them through the skin of his feet directly though. The flow energy was slower since his mana paths were narrower in his legs. There were even some mana points that were still closed. But he managed to direct them into his magic core.

Moreover the technique also required him to walk in a certain motion. It was awkward on the first time and his legs felt a bit stiff. He walked around for one hour before finally could memorize the walk pattern perfectly, and of course without shoes. (/ヘ ̄、)

After trying hard for half a day, he could finally succeed using mana walking on his shoes—Cough!—barely.

"Master." A quiet voice suddenly was heard beside him. Vincent flinched hard as he saw Marie was suddenly appearing in the room beside them.

This woman was really quiet!!

Even though they had been live together for more than month. Vincent hadn't able to detect Marie's presence. Even after his awakening, there was no different at all!!

Noctis hummed lightly as he raised his head from his large book to look at his maid.

Marie bowed lightly before reporting, "I already checked our storage. It seemed we really have exhausted our stock on red qilin's blood. I also already checked the usual place near the base to look for more, but strangely there isn't any more red qilins in there. It seemed the creatures just got back to their old habitant in the east of mountain."

"I see…" Noctis murmured thoughtfully. He immediately thought over other various ingredients as alternatives.

"What do you need red qilin's blood for?" Vincent asked curiously, though he didn't really know what the red qilin was.

"It is for your potion. Red qilins have a high fire element inside their blood. Their blood also have high healing property so it will help your mana path and your body beneficially." Noctis murmured distractedly.

"Do you want me to go to the East Mountain to hunt for them, Master? I will need at least two days before coming back. I can go back at early morning the day after tomorrow at the fastest." Marie suggested.

"I guess…" Noctis murmured in distracted. "I couldn't think other ingredient that was more suitable than the red qilin's blood. Well, there are other creatures, but it was far from this place, but I don't want to wait any longer than this…"

"Wait, does it mean Marie will be gone for two days?" Vincent immediately asked. Actually he would be more than happy to be alone with his goddess for two days. But thinking about going outside was…

"Master, can I follow Marie to hunt?" Vincent asked again in determination. It was his chance to look at the outside world!

Noctis and Marie blinked in surprise at him.

"You want to go outside with Marie?" Noctis asked hesitantly.

"Yes, can I?" Vincent asked hesitantly as he saw his goddess frowned.

But Noctis didn't answer, only frowning further in upset.

"I-I really cannot?!" Vincent asked hurriedly as his goddess only got more upset. "M-master, if I can stay with you instead if you don't want me to go!" He urgently said worriedly.

"You can go with Marie, just…" Noctis looked at him gloomily.

"J-just?!" Vincent asked becoming even more worried.

Noctis pouted in sadness as he said. "But what about my cakes for two days?"

Vincent : "…." (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻

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