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100% Despair of the chosen / Chapter 3: Chapter 2:Memories from the past

Chapter 2:Memories from the past - Despair of the chosen - Chapter 3 by 0_Fried_Rice_0 full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 2:Memories from the past

It's been half a month since i was reincarnated on this world,This world called "Nirvana" and this village is located on the east side of the small territory of "Esteria" I was reincarnated to this world for unknown i dont really care on how did i reincarnated into this world as an adopted son of this small family and even more...this white hair of mine is really outstanding that every people of the village can recognize me's not like i hate it,more or less i really like this appearance of mine...

[sigh~ i wonder if i have this kind of appearance on my previous world from the start...maybe things will gonna be more better...] (blank)

As i make a big sigh and Arisha called my name,seem like she wants to day something to me...

[Blank!can come down here for a second?] - (arisha)

I get out of my room and goes to her place,then i saw her staring at me while...smiling?

[You know blank,your're already ten year old and you did nothing but lock yourself on your room] (arisha)

[eh?uh...] (blank)

I was so really confused on what she's talking about...but i just stay silent...

[here you are again with that dead poker face of yours.] (arisha)

She make a sigh and i just stay seriously...why does she even care about what i want to do.then suddenly she push me outside the house?seriously what's her deal?

[Go play outside the house,try to be friends with the other kids on the village,ok?] (arisha)


Even before i blurt out a word she already close the door...

[ugh,seriously i just want to stay on my room...] (blank)

As i left with no choice but to go outside the house,now that i think about it since the day i was reincarnated into this world i never go outside this backyard...i goes to the plaza of the village but it's really crowded right now because there's some travelling merchant passed by on this place,i goes to the nearby lake instead and i found a small hill and a tree on top of it...this place is perfect,i was really happy to found that place and i sat down while looking at the whole scenary and i feel the calming wind blows,and that time i feel such peacefulness just by look at the whole terrain on top of the small hill i feel like i wanted to be like this as always and then i saw some people coming up here towards my direction,they seem like a kid too with the same age as me...there's four of them and the other one looks like familiar to he's really familiar because that guy is the son of the poultry shop owner in the village,but i forgot what's his name because i only met him when they passed by in our house with his father,and for a son of a poultry shop owner i will not gonna surprise anymore with the size of his body...then after they get close to me suddenly they called my name,ehh~ they know my name huh.

[hey you,you're blank right?]

[uh...yeah] (blank)

[ what a wimpy kid like you doing in here?]

w-wimpy...oi oi are you serious?i better choose to become wimpy than being an ugly pig like you dude.

[Um,am not allowed to be here?] (blank)

[What if i said yeah? you're not allowed here because this is our place.]

This is your place huh?i dont really want some trouble right now because arisha told me to be friends with the other kids but,why would i be friends with this piece of shits...hah,it's not like im not a piece of shit myself either.]

[well if this is really your place then please forgive me,well then if you will gonna excuse me i will gonna go now.] (blank)

Even if i started a children's fight here i'm sure i will gonna get beaten up instead and there's four of them...seriously..i'm so pathetic.

[hmph good thing you know you place,but before you leave we need some entertainment right now so why dont you join us on our game?]

[eh?um...what kind of game is it?] (blank)

[it's just a simple game,it's called the king and his people,and ofcourse i'm the king and nelson,matt,and tom is my knight]

[um then what is my role?] (blank)

[ohh you have the most special role,because you are...the slave.]

im the slave huh...i was really upset by the time i heared what he said even tho i want to avoid trouble if possible...hearing those words from this disgusting fat pig...i remember my previous life.

[Hey you're going overboa-] (blank)

[SLAVES dont have the right to talk back to their king,KNIGHTS PUNISH THIS SLAVE,NOW]

[Yes, our king,hehe]

seriously what's with this kid...i just want to have some peace you know!

then after he even punch me i heared some rustles above the tree?the a boy came down from the tree...yet another weird kid on the scene.

[Stop this at once!]

[who are you?] (tom)

[Me? i am the future hero! Henry Peterson] (Henry)

Yeah...another weird kid have come,henry huh...and future hero?well base on his looks with his blond hair he really looks like a hero just like on those fantasy series that my classmates always talking about back then on my previous world,and then after that he looks at me and pats my shoulder.

[dont worry leave this to me,because i will become the future hero] (Henry)

he made a thumbs up in front of me after that and i made a disgusted face...oi do you even have any shame on youself...and your so energetic.

[Now stop this now and surrender and let's just become] (Henry)

before he even stop them...he already gets beaten up and ofcourse same for me too and then the four of them already leave us here lying on the ground,however even tho he get so beaten up badly he can still manage to make a fight againts four of them...we both lying on the ground with a beaten up face and then henry seems started to laugh.

[hahaha i didnt thought that will be the outcome,ugh i'm ashamed to myself right now] (Henry)

no honestly you need to ashamed to yourself from the start you know.

[but,that was kinda a good experience,next time i will definetely gonna win againts them and i will gonna protect the weak like what a reall hero needs to do.] (Henry)

[do you really wants to become a hero that badly? even tho you get beaten up so badly right now to the point you cant even make a single punch againts them] (blank)

[Ofcourse i want to become a hero you know,i'm really serious about it and i'm still young by the time i grow up i will going to become strong,stronger than anyone where i can bring peace to the world,hehe] (henry)

by the time i saw those passionated eyes of his...i wish..i was strong willed like him from my past..and even tho it feel so weird i was beaten up so badly but usually i will just gonna stay silent and so it because i have someone besides me who get beaten up too?...or is it because i'm being influenced with this guy right now!?

henry stands up like it was nothing but im sure that hurts,seriously this he's right that's only an experience for him to reach his goal.

[alright i need to go now or else my mother will gonna find me] (henry)

he make a run down the hill and then he suddenly stop.




after that he gave me a smile and wave at me while leaving,sigh~ you can just run back to this hill you know instead of shouting like that from far away,but..."let's meet again huh"

the sun is already setting and then i prepare to leave now too and the i stare at the sun set.

[this really not that bad at all.]

. . .

and then i run straight to go home home but suddenly as i'm already in front of the house...i remember those things from my past my hand's are trembling and my heart is beating so fast i cant even make a single step,as i remember those things from my previous world.

[You will gonna go home with that appearance? if you get beaten up that so badly why dont you put up a fight?...hmph,just thinking that your my son,really disgust me]

[your still the same as ever,a useless coward piece of trash]

i keep hearing thise words from my head...i hate this...what if i enter this house right now with my face beaten up my clothes are so dirty,i keep trembling a i keep hearing the same words,my sight is turning black just like the same as what it is back then

[s-stop] (blank)

then suddenly tap my shoulder and i was shocked but it turns out it was Balimor.

[what's wrong blank?] (balimor)

[eh? i'm...] (blank)

[haha what's with your clothes it's so dirty did you get bullied? haha] (balimor)


he's...laughing? then arisha noticed us and make us to go inside the house already,i was so confused and so silent after that and then we started eating dinner after i change my dirty clothes and take a bath,arisha disnt complain about my dirty clothes,balimor just laughed at me that i get beaten up?

[haah,oatroling outside the village is really tiring] (balimor)

[hmm did something happen on your patrol?] (arisha)

[yeah monster are so active these days,well atleast we handle them without any problem] (balimor)

[and by the way,blank.] (balimor)

[e-eh?uh yes?]

[Did someone bully you? your clothes are so dirty and you face is swollen] (balimor)

[eh?i-i'm...i'm oka-] (arisha)

arisha smack her hands on the table that i was so shocked and...i started to tremble again,i feel like blacking out,i dont want to hear anything,i dont want to experience those things again and then

[who?] (arisha)

eh?"who?" i was so confused and clueless.

[ "who?"] (blank)

[Who bullied my blank!?] (arisha)

[c-calm down honey just relax let's ask blank slowly,ok?]

arisha is pouting and she seems so really mad? and balimor trying to calm her down...i dont know why but,did i just heared her ask on who bullied me?

i dont what to say and im so confused,and then suddenly arisha hugs me and pats my head,i dont what is this situation...i expect them to say many hurts words to me just like from those bastards....

[There there,if they hurt you again just tell it to me ,ok blank? i will always be there for you] (arisha)

ah,i see...i always compare this world to my previous world but,i'm wrong...they're different person,this is a different from back then,this is an another life...a new life that have been bestowed to me,and then i didnt notice tears flow out to my eyes...for the first time in my life,i feel the warm of a someone who really care for you,i didnt stoo crying...i dint know why but just this once let me take out this tears and sadness that i always want let out...

[eh? blank? why are you crying???] (arisha)

[hahaha is that really hurts to get punched? blank? hahah dont worry i was like that too when i was at your age ahahah] (balimor) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Stop laughing and sharing your useless past! cant you see that my precious son is crying right now!?] (arisha)

yeah...whoever gave me this new life...thank you,i make a decission now for myself...i want to live peacefully with my new life.

[dont worry i'm alright now mother,father] (blank)

i smiled in front of them,balimor my father,arisha my mother i want to keep this precious memories in my whole life,because for the first time in my life...i feel the happiness that i always yearn for.

chapter end~

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