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Chapter 7: CHAPTER 7


I was sitting on the bed waiting for my mate to come out of shower be honest I wanted to be the one cleaning her and the sound of water running couldn't help me much but increase my beastly desires but I know I have to be patience with her ...her scent tells a lot about her ...I was happy to know that she was still pure , her scent screams purity ...looking at her I can say that she is still a kid and she is naïve and not like anyother girls who would seduce and throw themselves on other men ... I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't even know that she had finished her shower and now was standing in front of me ..when she cleared her throat my eyes snapped towards him

'fuck' I cursed in my mind when I saw our mate in nothing but a shirt that reached her knees ,her white milky legs were exposed to my hungry eyes ..i looked at her from down to top ..her damp hair made her more sexy ...she was looking way too hot than those top class model and more beautiful than an angel .....i am so glad that she is mine and I am hers

Claim mate , mark mate , mate with her,

Our mate is so beautiful

My inner beasts Vin and wren were continuously trying to come on surface to mark her but i knew that this is not the right time so i blocked both of them

"ummm Mr. vicenzo" when my name rolled on her smooth velvety tongue it sounded more amazing

"I am ready ..." she was looking so fucking adorable keeping her gaze on the floor ..she was shy ...

"come let's go " I said and scooped her in my arms ..she gasped and looked at me with a questioning look

"Tesoro , your foot is still wounded, you won't be able to make it to the dining table and it's vic to you " I said and slowly she wrapped her hands around my neck ...her cheeks were flushed red ...and I couldn't do anything but felt so glad to have a mate like her pure so innocent and mine


Me and Aaron were already sitting on the dinning table where our servants were serving us food ...they knew that finally their queen had come and so they cooked a lot of delicious food for dinner today ..the scent of our mate made us realize that she was here ..we turned to the direction of scent ...she was looking like a porcelain doll in the arms of vic ..her fine legs were increasing my desires to claim her right their right now but I couldn't do so ...wearing my shirt she was looking more sexy but what attracted me more was the innocence and purity in her eyes and Aaron literally gulped our own saliva when we got a proper view of her fine white milky legs ....only we knew how much we were trying to control our desires and inner beasts from marking and claiming her ...

Vic came with her and slowly made her seated next to me and he seated next to her while Aaron was seated infront of her..i was happy to sit so close to her...I felt contend after so many years ..the servants came and started serving us...when one of the servant served her ..she mumbeled 'thankyou' in her sweet voice that was truly a bliss to us ..Aaron and vicenzo gave a chuckle while the servant looked at her in shock but later bowed to her and left ...

When she looked at vic and aron she got confused and asked innocently

"what happened " she asked them

"Tesoro they are servants we don't have to thanks them that's their duty" vic said

"but my mum taught that if someone helps you or gives a sweet gesture to you or do any sort of favour  than you should always thanks them ...they deserve it and if it's their job then a mere thanks from us can encourage them to do their job with more happiness" she replied to vic while the servants face lit up with smile knowing their queen is so considerate and humble

She'll be a perfect queen.........she is the angel to our devils

Aaron mind linked us to which we nodded happily

"belle what happened why aren't you eating , didn't you like anything" Aaron said looking at her Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s_15603192606185205/chapter-7_42042635828912438">;s_15603192606185205/chapter-7_42042635828912438</a> for visiting.

"umm- actually th-that umm" she spluttered trying to explain and slowly she kept her both hands on the table ..and that made her more adorable...her hands were completely under the sleeves of the shirt

"ohhh why didn't you roll the sleeves up baby girl " Aaron said and her face again flushed red

"umm actually I – don't know h-how t-to " she said trying to complete her sentence but we got it ...

"come here" I said looking into her eyes and she gulped nervously ..she slowly stood up from her chair and took few steps towards me .. I took her hands and started rolling up the sleeves ..she was biting her lips nervously and that thing was tempting me to kiss her those red plump lips ...when I was done those bruises again came into my view and so i asked her

"what are these bruises " I asked

And she hastily removed her hands from mine and kept it on her back

"acc-accident" I knew she was lying so I was about to yell at her but vic stopped me

'don't chris she is still terrified we'll talk to her later'

"thank you and sorry for yelling at you earlier" she said and my wolf derek and vampire devon both started dancing in my head

'Our mate is so sweet , she apologized ...she is so perfect , our mate is amazing'

'Oh no you guyzz are whipped already' I said

'You too' they mocked

'Shut up' and I blocked them in my head

When we were done with the food ..i didn't leave any chance and scooped her gently in my arms to which she got surprised of my sudden unexpected action

"I'll leave you to your room that you can sleep and take rest" I answered her honestly

"but I don't want to sleep I have already slept a lot" she said pouting

"ohk so let's have a talk then about it" vic came up with the idea and she nodded with her warm smile ...I took her to the living room and sat her on the couch and I sat beside her while Aaron and vic sat opposite to us ..

"so tell me what's your name belle" Aaron asked breaking the silence and we all patiently waited to hear it

"GRACE FORBES" she replied with a smile

'Beautiful' we all said in our mind

"how old are you" vic asked

"I am 18 years old" she replied

"you are too young tesoro" vic said and grinned

"no I am not I am grown up ..." she whined like a child

"she is" we again said in unison


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