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93.33% Detective Chaos / Chapter 42: Into the Midnight Hour (Part Two)

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Chapter 42: Into the Midnight Hour (Part Two)


Part Two

I've been waiting for Friday and Seven to enter the hall. We've arrived at the ballroom hall where the Senior's ball is placed. I'm with the three Agati brothers and Effie. Matix and Twilight are out in the open to investigate.

They gave us comms and placed cameras inside this hall to watch Seven's moves.

Hindi ko alam ang tungkol sa planong ito. Twilight told me that they have a plan that's why Friday said yes to Seven's proposal.

With a plan or not, it still hurts me that Friday kept me im the dark. We've been partners for a year now. She hasn't talked to me since then. Two weeks had past and no conversations with her. It feels like she's avoiding me.

"You okay, Chaos?" Twilight asked through the comms.

Instead of answering her question, I asked. "Where's Matix?"

"Oh. Naglabas lang ng sama ng loob sa toilet. He ate seven slices of mango cake." Kwento ni Twilight.

Midnight laughed. "That Matix guy is so easy to trick. Hindi ba niya napansin na naglagay tayo ng pampaLBM sa cake?" He teased. Right, he can hear what Twilight is saying.

Effie laughed too. "Rebel is so good at acting."

Rebel's face cringed. "Pinagpapawisan na nga ako kanina. You know that I can't tell lies verbally."

One thing that's interesting about Rebel is that he can't tell lies verbally. He always tell the truth.

Slate grinned. "Yeah that was hilarious and embarrassing at the same time."

Then Twilight suddenly spoke. "Friday is coming. She's with Seven—oh wow, is that really Friday?" Twilight bleated.

"Why? Did Seven hurt her? Is she okay?" I worriedly asked.

"No but, look at the entrance." Twilight sounded in awe.

At the same time Rebel tapped my shoulder and pointed at the entrance.

And there she is.. Friday in her most breathtaking black halter plunging high neck long gown. Her hair braided in dutch crown.

She's so beautiful that my eyes are glued into her and her alone.

But the man beside her, is too ugly for my Friday.

I hate how Friday is clinging unto his arms like they are a couple.

A few students murmured. "Sila na ba? Bagay sila!"

Then the student photographer walked near the two. "We are taking pictures of students with their partners. Bagay kayong dalawa kaya mas maganda kung pipicturan ko kayo."

Then Friday freaking smiled and faced Seven. She said something and Seven just nodded.

The photographer took a picture of them. Friday clinging unto Seven's arms and Seven, looking at Friday.

I clenched my fists. Something tells me that I should take her away but looking at her, smiling warmly with Seven made me feel insecure.

Of course, I'm just Chaos. Someone who's a magnet to disasters. She may not show it but someday, she will get tired of me because I always bring her problems and chaos.

Damn that Seven. He got the attention I've been wanting from Friday.

But to think of it, I don't have any rights to be jealous. Friday isn't mine anyways. She looked at me in disgust when I confessed and she only see me as a friend.

Then Effie walked near me and said, "it hurts, isn't it? The person you love has her attention to someone else."

I clenched my fists as I continued staring down at Friday and Seven still clinging unto each other's arms as they walk near us.

I was about to walk away when I heard Friday's voice. "Hey, guys." She called.

I stilled. She looks radiant like she's not being chased by the beast or X.

"Hi, Friday. Ang ganda mo ngayon ah." Effie commented.

Friday slightly chuckled. "Thank you, Effie. Ikaw rin." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Friday glanced at me and quickly looked away. Then Matix spoke through the comms. "Hey guys, I just came back from the toilet. Anyways, when the clock strikes at midnight, Friday will lure Seven outside the hall. The others should be in position and block all entrance ot exits."

No one replied since Seven is here but I'm pretty sure we all heard it because we all looked at each other.

This plan might fail because we don't have concrete evidence if Seven is X or maybe affiliated with X. But based on Twilight, who's in charge of investigating X's identity, the clues all leads up to Seven.

From the incident at the gambling center, all people in relation to the number seven ingested poison to the seven videos in X's file. They are eighty percent done into cracking the passcode.

Twilight also explained why Seven entered their office. He didn't steal anything but implanted a small camera and microphone device. Mabuti nalang ay nahanap agad ni Twilight ang mga iyon.

That sounded suspicious kahit para sa akin so this is why we're taking a risk.

Minutes of silence between the group, the emcee shouted. "Okay, students, grab one mask in front and grt ready for the dance!"

I sighed. Wala sana akong balak kumuha but Effie took my arm and dragged me with her. "Huwag kang KJ, Chaos. Wear a mask that hides your face and talk to Friday. I'm sure hindi ka niya mamumukaan."

Hindi ba niya talaga ako mamumukaan? Somehow, I wish she can notice who I am even with a mask on.

Effie and I took one mask each the same goes for the Agati brothers and Friday and Seven.

With a red mask on, I stared at Friday who is now searching for Seven.

She's alone. Good.

Mabilis akong pumunta sa kaniya at hinawakan ang kamay. I dragged her to the dance floor. "S-Sino 'to?" She asked.

I didn't answer. I gripped her left hand with my right and held her waist with my left hand.

"You're hurting me." I stated.

"W-Who is this?" She asked.

"What's with you and Seven?" I asked changing my voice a little so she couldn't recognize me.

"We're just friends..." she uttered. I can see her eyes trying to recognize me but I can't look straight to her so I'm staring at her lips instead.

"Friends?" Paninigurado ko.

She nodded. "Seven and I are friends." She insisted as we continue dancing.

"The more reason I get jealous because we started off as friends too." I mumbled.

Now, a slow dance started to play. "S-Sino ka ba?"

I continued, "I have been so much happier when we spend our time together. Being with you makes me happy. I hate how your smile is inked to my mind. I hate how I can't stop thinking about you and I hate how I really like you. Yes, I hate those things because I know that you can never feel the same way as I do."

A lone tear fell from my eyes. "I understand if you don't like me. I mean, all I bring to you are problems. You've been kidnapped, hurt and scared all because of me. I don't have the right to make you happy because all I bring to you is pain." I cried.

Friday stopped dancing so I stopped was well. Her grip to my hand was so tight like she was afraid of letting me go.

While the others around us go dancing, the two of us stopped and stared at each other. I don't care about the world.

My world is in front of me anyway.

Finally, Friday spoke. "I don't understand why you like me. I'm nit perfect and I'm sure you're not either. I may have been in pain and kept in the dark but I always feel secure and safe because I believe you'll save me. That's what you always do, saving people important to you." Her grip tightens.

"When I think about all the journey we made, I have always been thankful. I'm glad I met you. I'm glad and blessed that you bumped into me that day."

My heart pounded. Does she know who I am already?

Slowly, she took off my mask. She smiled gently. "Masaya ako na nakilala kita dahil mung hindi, hindi ako magiging masaya tulad ngayon." She slowly walked near me and hugged me tight.

And said the words I've been yearning to hear. "I like you, Chaos. I like you so much."

My tears just fell with overwhelming happiness as I hugged her back. I don't care what the others think. I'm just happy. Plainly happy.

Then we heard Matix's voice. "Guys! I don't know where you all are but the cameras are blocked. Good thing the comms are working. I lost track on Seven but based on the tracking chip that Friday implanted on Seven's arm, he's still at the ball."

I groaned and held Friday's hand. "Let's go."

She nodded and we ran towards the exit of the hall.

Matix spoke again, "Seven picked out a black mask with gold designs. The two black feathers on each side." He informed.


Friday and I looked back, still holding hands. It was Effie with the Agati brothers.

Effie looked at our hands weirdly. "Kayo na?"

Friday and I just looked at each other and awkwardly chuckled. "That was fast.." komento ni Midnight.

Umiling-iling si Effie. "Anyways, Seven got away. Sinusundan namin siya ni Rebel but someone suddenly dragged him away."

Luminga-linga ako. Where is that damn Seven?

"Matix, what mask is he wearing again?" I asked.

No answer.

"Matix." I called.

Still, no answer.

"Twilight, nasaan si Matix?" Friday asked.

Again, no one answered.

Then Midnight spoke, "Matix, you fucker, what are you doing with our sister!"

Still, no one answered. I even checked if the comms are on. Naka-on naman ito pero bakit walang sumasagot?

"We'll check on them." Slate said.

We all nodded but before Slate could walk away, we suddenly heard series of muffled voices and grunts.

"Matix! Twilight!" Effie called.

There was a voice who answered, "Hey, guys. It's Wednesday. The organization sent me here. X hired ten men to distract you so he could run away. They attacked the van where Matix and Twilight are staying." Wednesday said.

"Is Twilight okay?" Rebel was quick to ask.

"She's fine so does Matix. Papunta na sila diyan. Stefano and I will block the mem for you. Bye." Friday's sister commanded umtil the line died.

Nang mawala sa linya si Wednesday, saktong tumatakbo papunta sa amin si Matix at Twilight.

"Okay lang ba kayo?" Friday asked.

Twilight and Matix both nodded. "We're fine. Wednesday saved us in time."

"Mabuti naman at okay na kayo." Ani Effie.

Twilight nodded. "We found Seven's whereabouts. H-He's on his way towards the parking lot." Himihingal nitong sambit.

Tumakbo kaming lahat papuntang paking lot. I found Seven who is running as he keep looking back to us.

"There he is!" I shouted while pointing towards Seven's direction.

We all ran in the same direction. Midnight and Slate ran towards a different one to catch Seven.

But we were too late. Seven went inside his car.

"Go to the van. I'll drive!" Rebel shouted.

We all ran again to the van. Rebel immediately started the engine and drove off, following and catching up to Seven's car.


"Where are we?" Tanong ko.

After following Seven's car, it lead us to an old but big warehouse.

"The warehouse has two doors. Alin ang bubuksan natin dito?" Midnight asked habang tinuturo ang dalawang magkahiwalay na pintuan.

"Shall we split up?" Slate asked.

"Then my team and Chaos's team." Midnight answered.

Chaos nodded. "Sure. We take on the left door."

Tumango ang kabilang grupo. Nauna na kaming pumasok. I held unto Chaos's shirt as we enter the warehouse.

Pagkapasok namin, isang madilim na hallway ang sumalubong sa amin.

An automated voice then spoke,

"Seven's game begins. For team A, you have thirty minutes to turn on the light and find the key to the next door. Enjoy."

We all heaved a deep sigh. Another game that X made...

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