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A New Companion - Diaries from Another World - Chapter 30 by Shyerin full book limited free

Chapter 30: A New Companion

"Is there anything wrong? I thought I heard you said something," He asked with his shadow covered the entire curtain, making him looked like a giant

"I'm here to help," I quickly got close and whispered in her ears. The girl looked at me and nodded.

"Nothing, I was just yawning because I am sleepy," the girl talked with a tired tone.

"Then you should get some sleep. We are still quite far away," the man's voice spoke.

"I know, I know. Keep going," the girl sounded complaining. I looked at her and thought to myself that she would be a very potential actress in my world.

The shadow slowly turned away and I saw him get up to the horse. Then he signaled the other men to go and everything was back to normal.

Both I and the girl were relieved when the wheels started rolling again. She was opening her mouth, about to say something, but I quickly covered it with my hand and shook my head. I was afraid that that guy would find out about my existence.

"Activate Teleport," I whispered very quietly.

[Teleport activated. 3 hours until cooldown refresh] the game system screen appeared.

Of course, we instantly teleported back to where I and Long Dao were. And let me assure you, before we took off, I CAREFULLY positioned myself so that no weird landing would happen like in those anime. But Oh no to my surprise, it still happened SOMEHOW!

*Slap* The girl immediately reacted after we landed. Apparently, I was touching her breasts according to her accusation. To be honest, I don't even know if it was true or not.

"Ouch!" I touched my precious face. "*Sigh* How did that still happen? Is it a curse for every main character?" I stood up and shook my head thinking about it.

I then looked at the girl and saw that she was covering her arms, protecting herself. "Ho… how dare you touch me there?" she was losing her words.

"Yikes!" I thought. "Uhm… I really didn't mean that," I apologized to her.

"But?" she was shy. "If you want to, then here," she then proceeded to undress.

"Woah Woah Woah! Hold your pants, I mean, your dress there lady! What kind of a character twist is this!" I was so shocked. "Uh! What are you doing!?" I quickly covered my eyes and turned the other way.

"It is fine. You want me right? Let's say that this is me repaying you for the rescue earlier," the girl chuckled and PRESS HER BRE... *ehem*… her body against my back. "There, how does it feel?" she was definitely teasing me.

"What are you two doing?" Long Dao's voice then appeared out of nowhere with her arms crossed. I was forgetting that she was there too.

I slowly and carefully opened my eyes to keep myself from seeing UNHOLY things. Once I saw Long Dao, standing in front of me, I just smiled and scratched my head.

"Who is this?" Long Dao asked me. I was surprised that she was so calm.

"Uhm… she is the person I just saved from the carriage," I was looking down, avoiding Long Dao's eyes.

"Well then," Long Dao now looked at the girl who was still leaning against me. "You should put your clothes back on," she ordered the girl.

"Why should I listen to you?" the girl ignored Long Dao completely and press her body even harder.

"Hey! You gonna get me killed!" I was dying inside. "Could you mind doing so? I am feeling really uncomfortable right now," I tried to settle things before it got too heated.

"If you say so. And here I thought you are interested in me," the girl sounded disappointed. She then lifted her weights out of me and that was when I could finally breathe.

After the chaos was over, we all sat down and formed a circle. I took a quick peek at Long Dao and the girl to prepare myself. Long Dao was still as calm as ever, and the girl now became shy again. "Is she mentally unstable? Here I thought she is just a typical tsundere," I questioned myself.

"So then, can you tell us who you are?" I started the conversation first.

The girl looked at me and Long Dao with anxious eyes. I still can not believe, to this day, that she was so OPEN back then. "My name… is Phai… I am a … prostitute," she said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

*Silence*... *Silence*... *Sile...* "The f*ck she just said!?" I yelled in my mind. I then turned to Long Dao and saw that she was also surprised. Her eyes were wide opened, a reaction that I could never imagine coming out of her.

"You said you're a what again?" I asked to make sure my ears weren't deceiving me.

"Pros… titute," she sounded embarrassed and uncomfortable. I was about to feel sympathy for her, but then the vivid memory just a while ago held me back.

"You are not pulling any tricks aren't you?" I made a doubtful face.

"N...No! How could you say that!" she got all riled up.

"Din," Long Dao interrupted out of nowhere.

"Yes ge… I mean Long Dao?" I quickly changed my way of calling her.

Long Dao was caught off guard when I called her by name, so she startled a bit, but quickly got herself together. "I told you to be careful with what you said didn't I?" she still has that general tone in her that couldn't be hidden.

"Yes, I know that, but didn't you see her behavior before…" I quickly defended myself but was cut off again.

"That is none of our business," Long Dao looked at me weirdly, and that made me realized something was off. So I just sat down and stayed quiet.

"Where is your home? We are going to help you?" Long Dao asked.

"If you could take me to V city, that will be great," Phai said.

"How lucky. That is where we are heading too. Let's go then," they both stood, and Long Dao turns to me. "Din," she called.

"I'm coming," I sighed and stood up.

And like that, we began our two days walking to get to V city. But before we started our journey, Long Dao whispered to me, "Keep your eyes on her."

I secretly nodded, "I know."

End of Diary

Shyerin Shyerin

Another Chap for y'all!

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