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Diary of a Slave to Queen

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Author: Holy_mackrel

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*Yuri* Princess X Slave with a hidden identity

'Sui, don't raise your head, and don't let yourself fall for the glamour of the Imperial Harem. Keep your head down and be as invisible as you can.'

Those words were Sui's shackles ever since she could remember. This was Sui's mother's last advice before she perished.

Living by these words, Sui always showed herself off as a simple servant of the Imperial Harem. From attending to the Concubines to serving the guests, she did all the tasks she was asked to.

However, Sui could never curb her burning desire to learn more, and she ended up getting entangled with the one and only Imperial Princess, who had secrets of her own.
This is Yuri so enjoy it. The rating will change.

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    Thank you for all your love for this story. Don't worry, the real craziness is yet to come. My dear characters will keep you up on your toes. Give me PS, reviews for faster updates.

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    I read the story before it was plotted and I loved it. I hope it will do well for my friend

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    I love this story but unfortunately I don't have money to containue reading it I really want to read it... But... I don't have money nor anything to pay to read it I just hope one day they will all be unlocked

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    Really good story and development so far. Besides a few grammatical errors, the overall writing quality is great too.

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    The story so far is good and the princess is interesting but then again she could have just been like this. I do hope she has a reason like something really bad happened in the past. Overall I enjoy reading this story and can’t wait for more updates!

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    I love this novel so much and im so happy knowing its not dropped or on hiatus right now, knowing next day ill have more chapters to read.

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    Hi! I noticed something interesting in Chapter 20 of your story. The main character's personality seems to shift a bit around there, especially in the way she talks. I was wondering if this was something you had planned for her development, or if it was something you might want to revisit. I'm always interested in learning more about the characters in the stories I read, and this little change caught my attention. Just curious to hear your thoughts.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    I like Yuri, and I also really like the updated schedule. I hope I do not jinx this

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    People have already said all already. Give it a try

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    I love the little interactions between characters

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    Review from a big fat bird here. I really love the chemistry of our leads. Both sides are hiding things and I cannot wait for the story to develop more.

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    I don't usually read FL, but it's yuri and I love the character of the princess. she's epic

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    Good so far enjoyable to read and interesting characters. Princess is obsessive bully whilst the slave has a big secret

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    Author Holy_mackrel