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4.95% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 12: A New Crypt Creature? Yellow Sand Octopus!

A New Crypt Creature? Yellow Sand Octopus! - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 12 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 12: A New Crypt Creature? Yellow Sand Octopus!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

"Bind it with blood?"

Klein took a closer look, but he couldn't see the situation inside clearly.

He didn't know how big this thing was.

If it was small in size, he could still feed it.

If it was large in size...

He couldn't release it for the time being.

Otherwise, it would consume too much resources if he had an extra mouth.

Under normal circumstances, if it was outside, Klein wouldn't think of it as a large-sized creature.

But in the catacombs world, even a metal ball could turn into a big stone house, not to mention a such a big egg.

Klein put his ear to the eggshell.

[It's quiet in there. Nothing's happening.]

"Keep it until the food is sufficient."

Klein put away the egg and thought of something else.

Since crypt creatures can dig for crypts, can a player's pet bring something back from another crypt?

For example, if Klein wanted to excavate the left side, he could have his pet search for materials in the other subterranean caverns.

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Klein thought for a moment before saying, "There's a clause in the rules that states that once you enter the next subterranean cavern, the return passage will be sealed."

"I wonder if there are any targeted crypt creatures?"

Klein didn't believe that the game creator would leave behind any major bugs.

Especially in the description of the runic DNA. The keyword was 'bound to you'.

"Forget it. I'll dig another catacomb now."

Klein's eyes darted around as he looked at the hints in every direction.

After thinking for more than ten seconds, he chose to dig ahead.

There was a copper treasure chest in the front of the underground cave, and the hints indicated that there were no crypt creatures.

In less than three minutes, he successfully entered the eleventh underground catacomb.

Klein went straight for the copper treasure chest.

However, he didn't open it immediately.

[Be careful! This treasure chest is smeared with poison. If you touch it, you will be poisoned as well. It will cause you to have difficulty moving for the next three days.]

The hint this time was different.

"Good Lord, they even smeared some poison on the surface of the treasure chest. If I'm not careful, I might have to stay here for three days."

Klein secretly rejoiced at the golden hint.

If it were anyone else, they would definitely have opened it foolishly.

"Use lizard skin."

A piece of skin appeared in Klein's hand.

He was opening the treasure chest.

The material inside was relatively rich.

[System notification: Excellent Dagger+1]

[System notification: Map (Small)+1]

[System notification: Flint+1]

[System notification: 250ml Pure Milk+2]

[System notification: Excellent Sleeping Bag+1]

The dagger was exquisite, about ten centimeters long, and it had a scabbard.

The pure milk was in a paper bag without a label.

The sleeping bag was stuffed under the treasure chest. It was dark blue in color and two meters long.

As for the treasure chest, Klein touched it from the inside and disintegrated it into copper on the spot. The toxicity naturally disappeared.

Of the few rewards, the sheepskin map was the most special.

[Map (Small): This is the distribution of the nearby catacombs. It's an explorer's favorite.]

Klein unfolded the map.

He saw that the middle location was marked with a red dot. With this catacombs as the center, it extended outwards, with dozens of catacombs of various sizes.

Furthermore, each catacombs would be marked.

For example:

With the red dot as the center, the catacombs at the back, which was the tenth catacombs that Klein came out of, were clearly marked with the runic egg. There was no risk.

The map didn't only show the adjacent catacombs.

The five catacombs adjacent to the tenth catacombs were also marked.

It meant that with this map, one could know the specific situation of the two catacombs below.

To ordinary players, this was a good item.

To Klein, its usefulness was discounted by his system.

After all, he could see the hints of the adjacent catacombs.

.I don't know if the sheepskin is 100% accurate.'

As Klein looked at the map, he looked at the golden hints of the next catacombs.

The next catacombs could all be matched.

This catacomb...

'Matter is xenogeneic? What is this thing?'

Klein decided on the mark on his map and fell into deep thought.

If he wanted to go to the xenogeneic catacombs, he needed to dig to the right first. After reaching the next catacombs, he would dig further down.

There was nothing in the catacombs on the right.

If he followed the instructions, Klein wouldn't have chosen to dig to the right, and he would have missed the xenogeneic catacomb.

"It's marked as harmless, and it's another special item. I have to get it."

Klein put away the parchment and decided on the order of the next two excavations.

He thought for a moment before saying, "Let's first plunder all the materials in this catacomb."

He walked around and found two iron blocks and two wood blocks.

After confirming that there were no other items, he headed to the catacomb on the right.

In this round of harvest, the sleeping bag could improve the quality of life, the dagger could defend himself and cut, and the good milk could be drunk as water.

Only flint...

Klein already had one, and it could be used for a long period of time.

The second flint could be stored or traded on the market.

The twelfth catacomb.

The moment Klein entered, he immediately checked the catacombs below.

[There's a strange item in the catacomb below. However, a crypt creature is wandering in the catacombs. If there's a sharp sword, it's very easy to deal with it.]

There was a slight deviation in the bottom chart.

'In other words, as long as I have ultimate move, I won't have to be afraid of the yellow sand octopus.'

Klein heaved a sigh of relief.

If the risk of digging down was too great, he might have to give up.

'Open the manufacturing interface,' Klein thought to himself.

He slid the list down.

[Excellent Machete: Wood 34/1, Iron 7/4]

[Selected Machete.]

[Confirmed manufacturing.]

[System notification: Wood 1, Iron 4]

[System notification: Excellent Machete successfully forged.]

A shiny machete appeared in Klein's hand.

It had a wooden hilt.

The blade was 1.2 meters long, reflecting the luster of metal.

The blade was extremely sharp.

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