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15.76% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 38: A New Player Has Arrived At Klein’s Territory!

A New Player Has Arrived At Klein’s Territory! - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 38 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 38: A New Player Has Arrived At Klein’s Territory!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL


Klein drank the last mouthful of warm Night Whistler blood.

After boiling it, the taste was actually not bad. It wasn't as disgusting as the last time he drank lizard blood.

"There's no change?"

Klein sat quietly for a few minutes, but there was no change in his body.

"Should I wait until night?"

"Or is it already ineffective?"

From what he knew, he could only wait until night before he could verify it.

Klein put the stone pot away and took out a large jar of blood.

1200 ml of Rock Armored Crocodile blood.

It could be used to temper melee weapons.

It also had a certain chance of improving the quality of the weapon.

Klein then took out the runic speed blade.

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The way to temper a weapon with Rock Armored Crocodile blood was relatively simple. There was no need to heat it up. All he needed to do was smear the blood onto the weapon.

Klein smeared the runic speed blade with the crocodile's blood bit by bit.

After smearing it a few times, the blood of the Rock Armored Crocodile was immediately halved.

Every time it was smeared, the blood would quickly disappear, as though it had been absorbed by the blade.

The runic speed blade didn't change at all.


Klein scratched his head.

"Let's try using another weapon."

He took out the machete.

Following the same pattern, he smeared the dagger with blood.

[System notification: The Exquisite Machete has been successfully tempered.]

[System notification: The Exquisite Machete has upgraded into Perfect Machete.]

"Is it a probability problem? Or is it because it's a runic weapon that it's more difficult to upgrade?"

Klein pondered for a moment and smeared the remaining crocodile blood onto the runic speed blade until it was completely absorbed.

The runic speed blade still didn't respond.

It's most likely because the runic weapon was too high-grade.

Klein put away his tools and prepared to go to the next catacomb.


Suddenly, a  two-and-a-half-meter-long crypt creature collapsed in front of Klein.

It looked like a leopard, and a bloody scar appeared in the middle of its forehead.

With a thud, its head was split into two.

Klein didn't levitate in the air, nor did he use the runic crossbow.

Instead, he faced it head-on and killed it in close combat.

During this period of danger, even Little Fox wanted to take the initiative to attack.

"Sand Leopard. The danger factor is 26, but that's all."

Klein slowly put away his runic blade.

Two wounds appeared on the back of his hand.

They were scratched by the Sand Leopard.

This was already the twenty-ninth catacomb.

Today's first and seventh excavation.

More than two hours had passed since Klein walked out of the twenty-third catacomb.

During this period of time, he continued to dig according to the hints.

In order to train his knife skills and increase his combat experience, he would always do it alone.

He didn't rely on the little fox, nor did he use the runic crossbow.

Up until now, Klein's strength was truly astonishing. The lizard's blood gave him an extremely fast reaction speed.

Along with a runic speed blade that could cut through metal, it wasn't a problem for him to face crypt creatures with a danger factor of less than 25.

This Sand Leopard had a danger factor of 26. It was fast enough to leave two wounds on Klein, but it wasn't a problem. It was just a flesh wound and a little blood.

Klein took out half a bowl of sticky healing medicine and smeared it on the back of his left hand.

When the healing medicine touched the wound, it was very cool and the pain was quickly alleviated.

After smearing half a bowl of healing medicine on the wound, the pain was gone.

"It's almost noon. After plundering the resources, I'll rest in this catacomb later."

Klein rubbed his belly, which was already growling.

He had put his heart and soul into every battle today, so he had used up too much energy.

After a round of plundering, another batch of resources was obtained.

Starting from the twenty-fourth catacomb to the twenty-ninth catacomb, the six catacombs mainly brought two crafting blueprints and six runes.

Two wind runes, one fire rune, two water runes, and one earth rune.

Klein had already learned the excellent crafting blueprint for machetes, so he planned to put this one on the market and exchange it for another crafting blueprint.

The other perfect blueprint for making soft armor wasn't made of complicated materials. It was made of copper and iron, as well as a wind rune and an earth rune.

Klein was currently wearing a very thin piece of armor, just like a piece of clothing.

It could protect his chest, abdomen, back, and other critical areas.

Furthermore, the runic armor's defense was astonishing. Ordinary swords could only leave a scratch on it, and it was impossible to pierce through it.

Klein entered the runic base.

Little Fox followed closely behind.

"I'll have instant noodles for lunch. I must add more meat, haha."

Klein dug out two packets of instant noodles in the upper catacomb. If Little Fox were to eat as well, he would have to add more meat, or she wouldn't be full.

"Wu! Wu!"

When Little Fox heard about eating, her eyes were like two light bulbs.

As for what instant noodles were?

She wasn't sure.

All she knew was that her master's food had never been sloppy. It would definitely be delicious!

On the balcony,  Klein had already set up a barbecue rack.

He added charcoal, wood, and started a fire.

On the stone pot rack, he added water and waited for it to boil.

At the same time, he sliced a few types of meat.

Now, Klein had too much meat on hand. The meat and blood of crypt creatures that tasted bad and had no effect were all placed on the trading market.

A runic device manufacturing blueprint or a runic device finished product...

Most players were willing to exchange runes. As for the runic device manufacturing blueprints, no one was willing to exchange it with him for the time being, even if the price he offered was very tempting.

There was no need to mention the finished runic device. Most people would keep it for their own use unless they had extra materials to make it again.

While Klein was focused on cooking, the space on the left side of the mud wall in the catacombs fluctuated.

Two men and a woman had arrived in the catacomb!

The three of them were fully armed.

They stood apart upon entering and observed their surroundings vigilantly.

"Over there."

The three of them were all attracted to the castle not far away.

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