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7.02% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 17: Capture a Single-Horned Sand Hound Alive

Capture a Single-Horned Sand Hound Alive - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 17 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 17: Capture a Single-Horned Sand Hound Alive

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

[Dig backward, and you'll encounter a Single-Horned Sand Hound. There are many resources available in the catacombs. A fox is enough to take down a Single-Horned Sand Hound. It's not shameful to live off a woman.]

Klein muttered, "Live off a woman."

However, since the Little Fox could deal with the Single-Horned Sand Hound, there was indeed no need for him to make a move.

Klein: "Little Fox, come over."

Klein squatted down and waved at the little fox, who was enjoying herself on the ground.

Little Fox pounced into Klein's arms and rubbed her head against his chest.

Her two pink ears gently shook and hit Klein's chin.

Klein: "Little Fox, I'll give you a mission later."

Klein saw the Little Fox stop acting cute and listened carefully. He smiled and said, "I'll smear an anesthetic on your sharp claws. Remember, it's an anesthetic, so don't lick it.".

Little Fox tilted her head and thought for a moment before nodding.

Klein: "We'll go to the catacombs at the back. After entering, we might encounter a big dog. Your mission is very simple. Use your powder-coated claws to give the big dog a few vicious blows. Don't kill the big dog, understand?"

Klein had already taken out a bowl of anesthetic.

Little Fox sat upright with a serious expression.

This was her first mission, so she had to perform well for her master.

Klein said, "Come and stretch out your right paw."

Klein's finger gently tapped on the little pad on the right side of Little Fox.

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Little Fox obediently raised her right forelimb.

With a brush, four metal-like sharp claws shot out.

Klein's fingers were dipped in the powder and he carefully smeared it on the tips.

The system reminded him that there were two-thirds of the Excellent Anesthetic left.

He would just have to smear the remaining two times.

Klein was worried that the dosage wasn't enough, so he decided to use all of them.

Since the cost wasn't high, it was safer to use two more times.

Klein said to the fox, "Follow me. Before we enter the next catacomb, it's best if you don't let the anesthetics on your four paws fall off. Retract them first."

Klein patted Little Fox's head and took out a shovel to start digging.

The fox followed closely behind.

The black hole appeared less than 20 meters from the excavation.

Klein turned his head. The fox was standing on three feet on the ground, her right forelimb still raised.

Klein said, "You've already retracted your claws. Don't worry, the anesthetic will fall off."

He didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

Only then did the fox put down her right forelimb.

"Remember what I said just now. All you have to do is give the big dog a few hits. Don't kill it. After the mission is accomplished, I'll treat you to roast meat for lunch."

After giving his instructions, Klein took the lead and stepped into the black hole.

The small fox followed closely behind like a loyal bodyguard.

The 15th catacomb.

There was a wide field of view. It was about 30 meters wide and flat.

Klein immediately became alert the moment he stepped into the catacomb with his machete in hand.

A series of low growls came from in front of him. He focused his eyes and looked over. Ten meters away, a big, yellowish-brown wolf dog was baring its teeth.

It had a black foot, little fur on its body, and a robust body. A pair of ice-green eyes stared fixedly at Klein, as if warning him, 'You've barged into my territory.'

The moment the fox entered the catacomb, she saw a single horn. The fox immediately flew into a rage because it was disrespectful to its owner.

The fox's voice was soft and cute, and it didn't have much of a deterrent effect.

However, the Single-Horned Sand Hound wasn't willing to be outdone and provoked her again.

Soon, Little Fox was like a white shadow and charged out like a cannonball.

The Single-Horned Sand Hound also began to charge.

This fellow wasn't slow. He lowered his head and aimed the horn in the direction of the fox.

Klein didn't know if Little Fox was a match for it, but she quickly caught up with it with claws in her hands.

Suddenly, Little Fox's speed increased. The Single-Horned Sand Hound wasn't expecting this, and there were four wounds on its body.

Little Fox was light as a feather. She jumped away from the Single-Horned Sand Hound and landed lightly on the ground. She raised her chin slightly, feeling pleased with herself.

The Single-Horned Sand Hound was even more infuriated. It ignored Klein and charged at the Little Fox once again.

The high-speed movement skill wasn't over yet. Little Fox's speed wasn't something that the Single-Horned Sand Hound could catch up to. Its nimble movements allowed Little Fox to turn the tables once again, leaving another four scratches.

The hound realized that its opponent was difficult to deal with. It glanced at Klein and slowly retreated.

At that moment, its hind legs went limp and it sat down on the ground without Little Fox needing to go up. Klein hurriedly called out to Little Fox, who was about to attack again.

A line of golden words jumped above the Single-Horned Sand Hound.

[The anesthetic has already taken effect. It can hold on for another three seconds at most.]

Klein silently counted down to three seconds. Once the Single-Horned Sand Hound lay on the ground, it gradually lost its movements.

Klein took large strides forward and gave it a light kick. The effect was really good.

Klein opened the runic base and first added four pieces of wood to the water condenser before starting it.

The meat field needed to be watered and prepared in advance. He didn't know what the meat field looked like, so he pondered for a moment before taking out his construction hammer.

Knock, knock, knock!

[System notification: Stone-8]

In the corner of the base, the two large stone slabs were placed at right angles and upright, forming a container with the two walls. Once it was done, the meat field would be stored there. He didn't know if it had enough capacity.

Klein picked up the unconscious hound and placed it into the four-sided container. Not only could it be placed down, but it also had extra space. The anesthetic effect hadn't worn off yet, so when there was more water, he would implant the small fox in it. He wouldn't have to worry about the Single-Horned Sand Hound waking up and causing trouble.

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