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11.57% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 28: Get the Propeller!

Get the Propeller! - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 28 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 28: Get the Propeller!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Klein 182.56: "My conscience won't hurt."

Rogers 178.23: "???"

Klein 182.56: "Isn't this a premium exchange? I'll give you five pieces of snake meat. Do you want a temporary pain, or do you want to starve to death?"

Rogers 178.23: "This... But, that meat doesn't smell good!"

Klein 182.56: "Even at this stage, do you still think it tastes bad? Do you believe that after starving you for five days or seven days, you will still be willing to eat a piece of shit in front of you?"

Rogers 178.23: "..."

Klein 182.56: "How about this, I still have 400 ml of beast blood here as a supplement. You should know the importance of water resources. Blood can also replenish water and has a certain amount of nutrients."

Rogers 178.23 said, "Alright, thank you, Boss!"

A moment later.

Klein traded 400 ml of snake blood to Rogers.

Rogers 178.23 said, "QAQ."

It seemed like he wanted to express that the smell was still bad.

Klein stopped chatting with Rogers.

The other two buyers who received the snake meat didn't complain.

This was because Klein was trading at a premium. An extra piece of meat could last for a few days.

A stomachache was small price to pay. It wasn't diarrhea.

Klein found an iron treasure chest on the other side of the subterranean gallery.

After checking it, he opened it.

[System notification: Iron Treasure Chest+1]

[System notification: Perfect Floating Propeller Blueprint+1]

[System notification: Earth Rune+1]

[System notification: Fire Rune+1]

First, he disassembled the iron treasure chest.

He kept the earth rune and fire rune.

Klein only had a blueprint left in his hands.

Another perfect blueprint dropped!

If nothing went wrong, it would be another runic device.

[Perfect Floating Propeller Blueprint: A daily/combat runic device that hangs behind you like a backpack. It's portable and can shoot out powerful winds, allowing the user to float in the air.]

A flying backpack instantly appeared in Klein's mind!

This thing could be good or bad.

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It depended on the flying speed and the dexterity in the air.

If he flew slowly after floating, he would only become a living target.

If he was agile enough and equipped with a runic crossbow, he wouldn't be able to fly kites slowly if he encountered flying creatures or long-range attacks.


Klein's hand lightened, and the blueprint turned into a beam of light.

He opened the production list.

He found the synthesis formula.

[Perfect Floating Propeller: Wind Rune 2/2, Copper 42/12, Iron 45/12, Silver 0/2]

He happened to find two wind runes in the previous catacombs.

However, he was lacking silver.

If the crypt creatures in the next catacombs can be solved, then according to convention, the silver treasure chest could be broken down into four silver pieces, and the materials would be gathered.

Klein's gaze landed in front of him.

According to the map, the catacomb in front of him was his final destination.

[There's an attractive silver treasure chest in the catacombs ahead. There's a pair of Carrion Jackals  waiting for you. If you're willing to sacrifice your pet, you can give it a try and patiently wait for the opportunity to come.]

The hint wasn't optimistic!

Klein's expression was solemn as he looked at Little Fox.

Although they hadn't known each other for long, they already had some feelings for each other.

Sacrificing Little Fox?

That was definitely impossible.

He opened the illustrated page

"Search: Carrion Jackal!"

Klein could only gather information before slowly choosing a countermeasure.

The search result appeared!

[Carrion Jackal: Fast and very flexible. More than 70% of its body has been decomposed. It won't feel any pain even if one uses a knife to slash at the decomposed area. The decomposed area caused it to lose its sense of smell. Its hearing is weak, and its eyeballs have mutated. In the dark environment, all of its vision is lost.]

[Ability: Mental Roar]

[Weakness: Night vision ability is zero]

[Danger Factor: 28]

"Check the details of the ability."

[Mental Roar: Through a unique pronunciation method, it causes a mental shock to the surrounding creatures. There is a chance to cause the target to temporarily lose focus. Cooldown time: 60 minutes.]

After Klein browsed through the information in the illustrated handbook, he regained hope.

'No wonder I have to wait. The reason is here! The movement speed is fast, so it's indeed difficult for me to hit it.'

'And the advantage of Little Fox lies in its speed. If I'm honest, I can't take advantage of it. It's very unlikely that I'll be able to survive against two more powerful crypt creatures.'

Klein sighed.

He had to wait until tonight before he could take action.

Because he had consumed lizard blood, Klein's night vision had already been enhanced last night. It would definitely be enhanced by today.

It was impossible to make night as bright as day, but it wasn't to the point of being blind.

Last night, under the dark environment, his range of vision could reach ten meters.

With an increase today, he should be able to increase it by a few meters.

Ten meters. If he quietly approached and relied on the runic crossbow, it would be easy to complete a sneak attack.

Klein thought for a moment and said, "There's still a long time before it gets dark. Let's wait patiently."

Klein rested in his spot.

At the same time, he looked in the other four directions.

Unfortunately, it was indeed as indicated on the map. There was only a silver treasure chest in the catacomb ahead.

In the other four directions, the best reward only had a bronze treasure chest.

It was too different from a silver treasure chest.

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