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9.86% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 22: Kill With a Single Blow!

Kill With a Single Blow! - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 22 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 22: Kill With a Single Blow!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

It was late at night.

Klein opened his sleeping bag.

He could only sleep on the ground last night, but he already had a sleeping bag today.

Furthermore, the entire runic base wasn't as cold as it was last night.

The water condenser was in operation.

It was suspended in the middle of the wooden bucket.

If the water was full tonight, it would drip into the wooden bucket.

Both sides of the water condenser had a structure similar to a pot handle. It was just right to use a wooden stick to pass through and place the instrument in the middle of the wooden bucket.


Klein yawned and entered his sleeping bag.

He adjusted his posture.

At this moment, a  white figure quickly entered.

Little Fox rubbed its head wildly.

It seemed to be saying that she wanted to sleep in here at night too!

"It's too crowded."

Klein grabbed the back of her neck and threw the little thing outside.

"Sob, sob, sob!"

Little Fox sat upright and whimpered in grievance.

"Alright, come in as well. It happens to be cold at night. You can be my thermos."

Klein smiled helplessly.

Little Fox quickly crawled into Klein's arms.

"Don't move. Sleep well. There's still a mission tomorrow."

Klein patted Little Fox's head.

Little Fox lay down quietly.

"It's indeed a little warm."

Klein closed his eyes and gradually fell asleep.

It was daybreak.

Klein woke up naturally.

The second night in the catacombs was much more comfortable than the first night.

With a sleeping bag, it was warm enough in the base.

After a while, he said, "Little Fox, get up and stop pressing down on my chest. I thought it was a ghost pressing down on me."

Klein yawned and took the little fox away.

Little Fox cried out aggrievedly and yawned as well. Its two furry white tails moved back and forth, and its eyes were sleepy.

"Wash up first."

Klein went to check the water bucket. After a night of accumulation, the water was about a quarter of its original height.

The water condenser was already full.

Klein played with the water and didn't pour it into the wooden bucket.

He dug out some water to wash his mouth and face.

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The grill was turned on, and the pot was placed on top to boil water to drink.

A leisurely morning had begun!

Probably no other player in the subterranean world could enjoy it as much as Klein.

It was already an extravagant wish for others to have a mouthful of water to drink, but he could use it to brush his teeth and wash his face. No one would believe him even if he told them.

Little Fox, like Klein, rinsed her mouth before using her claws to soak her face in water and comb her snow-white fur.

"Let's take a look at the situation of the meat field."

Klein came to a corner.

He had continuously watered the meat field the day before, and after a night, it had already grown by a large circle.

Klein thought for a moment before saying, "Good Lord, with this growth rate, I should be able to produce at least ten catties a day. I wonder if I'll be able to grow a little more?"

"I'll eat it this this morning to see how it tastes."

Klein took out a dagger and cut a piece of meat from the sky.

A piece of meat landed in his hand.

The meat field squirmed slightly and smoothed out the cut area.

[System notification: Excellent Single-Horned Sand Hound Meat+1]

[Excellent Single-Horned Sand Hound Meat: Specially modified. Tender meat, good taste, and rich in nutrients. Currently, it has a five-star Satiety Index. Overall Score: 70.]

Klein was taken aback.

After being modified by a xenogeneic, quality has appeared?

Be it lizard meat or octopus meat, there were no prefixes.

'After a night, my physique has strengthened quite a bit. My satiety index is actually five stars.'

Klein cut off a piece and prepared to make a meat soup later.

The satiation index would change according to each person's physique.

Yesterday's octopus meat's satiation index was three stars. Today, it had dropped to two and a half stars.

'I poured about 500 ml of water yesterday. The new meat from the meat field can probably cut out ten units of fresh meat. I'll try pouring 10,000 ml of water today.'

Klein made a simple calculation in his mind.

One by one, the meat grew out, excluding the basic meat field.

Breakfast was hot stewed meat.

As Klein ate, he put it up for sale in the trading market.

A few hundred milliliters of water was exchanged for a batch of plant ingredients.

Then, he put up another piece of lizard meat that didn't taste very good. The main purpose was to exchange runes. The message was that there were still good things that could be traded privately.

Almost as soon as the water went up, it was immediately sold out.

Klein received the production materials and made another set of anesthetics.

Before he went to the next catacomb, he had to apply anesthetics on the bolts to increase the safety.

After the meal, he digested the food for half an hour.

Everything was ready.

He dug open the layer of soil on the left.

"Little Fox, are you ready?"  Klein asked with a smile.


Little Fox raised her claws.

"Alright, you'll attract an enemy later."

Klein machete in his left hand and crossbow bolts in his right hand as he stepped into the black hole.


A man and a beast arrived at the sixteenth catacombs.

A fishy smell assaulted his nostrils.

Klein's gaze swept past the two boxes in the corner and the various materials on the ground.

Two black shadows pounced over.

Klein and Little Fox were already on alert, so they separated from each other.

Little Fox's claws didn't create any blood on the black shadow's body. Only four scratches appeared.

The Rock Armor Crocodile looked at the man and beast contemptuously as it opened its bloody mouth.

Little Fox flashed past, and the Rock Armor Crocodile missed its bite.

The master had instructed them to lure one away!

Little Fox deliberately slowed down.

As expected, the Rock Armor Crocodile was tricked. Every time it felt like it was about to catch up, they distance would always be pulled apart, causing it to roar in anger.

On the other side.

Klein was faster than the Rock Armor Crocodile as well, pulling seven to eight meters apart.

Suddenly, he turned around and aimed the runic crossbow at the Rock Armor Crocodile.

A cold light flashed!

A hole appeared on the Rock Armor Crocodile's head.

It let out a sorrowful cry and crashed to the ground.

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