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11.98% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 29: Night Raid!

Night Raid! - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 29 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 29: Night Raid!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

There were still more than ten hours before nightfall.

Klein stationed himself there.

There were seven excavations left for today.

He didn't know if he could use them all.

Normally, the catacombs were two different worlds during the day and at night.

It was like the wilderness, with many ferocious beasts appearing at night.

Perhaps it was the same in the catacombs world.

Furthermore, at night...

The eye would always have its limits. Even if Klein's night vision had been enhanced, it wouldn't be particularly convenient at night.

In fact, with Klein's current conditions, he could completely rest in place for a month.

He could only rely on the water condenser and meat field to support himself for a long time.

But Klein wasn't satisfied with his current situation.

He wanted to improve the quality of his life and constantly increase his strength.

Especially after reading through the illustrated handbook, which was incomplete, many powerful crypt creatures had been recorded.

It wasn't that they couldn't move.

If one day they took the initiative to seek him out, his strength would be weak, and it would be difficult for him to fend them off with Little Fox.

Klein didn't stay idle after that.

First, he added 40 pieces of wood to the water condenser and continued making water.

Then, he watered the meat field.

The rest of the time was used to train.

Strength Training: Push-ups, Sit-ups.

Knife and Spear Training: Stabbing, Slashing, Posture

Runic Driving Training: Accurate Shooting, Rapid Reloading, Multiple Shots...

When he was tired, he would stop to rest and stroke Little Fox, or he could look at the chat channel and check his private messages.

Klein learned more information from the world and regional chat channels.

It was mainly about the current situation of the various major players.

Most of them had dug up five or six catacombs, while the best was about to dig their tenth catacombs.

They weren't Klein.

Every time they dug up a blind box, they would find something.

Some fierce players had to stop because they were injured from fighting the crypt creatures.

Most of them were only willing to move forward when their food and water ran out.

Today, a large portion of the players had already met others.

Most of them would choose to form an alliance.

There were also a few who chose to plunder resources!

There were three types.

There were successful counter-attacks, some who only received resources and didn't kill others, and there were also those who killed and stole treasures.

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Among them, there were a few who killed and stole treasures. In other words, there were only a few who were known by outsiders.

The killer wouldn't take the initiative to speak.

Before the victim died, he called for help in the chat channel. When others went to ask, there was already no response.

Similar bloody incidents continued to play out in the catacombs.

There were already players calling for everyone to work together and not engage in internal strife the next time they met.

"Only cooperation can increase the chances of survival. Two people have a much higher chance to survive than just one person. It can also relieve loneliness."

"Cooperation is advocated, not plunder."

"Killing is against the law. Don't do things that violate the bottom line!"

And so on.

After Klein finished reading, he could only say that this small number of people were too naïve.

They had actually moved the morals and regulations of a civilized society to the cruel underground world.

Most of the people in the chat channel didn't respond.

Most of them understood the logic. If there were food and drink, and they could coexist with each other.

If there was a lack of food and drink, who would care if they killed or not?

After all, no one knew they were killing people here, and there was no need for them to be put on trial.

"With more players forming teams, will there be more resources on the market, or fewer?"

Klein was unable to come to a conclusion.

Forming teams would make digging safer, and they could take care of each other. It would also make them safer when they faced crypt creatures.

The team had to go to a crypt together, and the number of times the team could dig together could not be combined. The maximum number of times a day would still be 10.

If they did not form a team, they would not be sharing the same team. The total number of times they could dig could be stacked, but it was more dangerous to go alone.

Each had its pros and cons.

In the blink of an eye, it was already noon.

Lunch was stewed meat.

The meat was made from Rock-Armored Crocodiles and One-Eyed Lizard.

In order to make the taste more layered, the juice of the Black Vine fruit was added to increase the sweet and sour taste.

After seasoning, this lunch was the most delicious meal Klein had ever had since he entered the catacombs.

Rock-Armored Crocodile meat could increase one's resistance to blows.

Klein wasn't sure if it would work on foxes as well.

The sky turned dark.

After dinner,  Klein made his final preparations.

Weapons inspection.

He gave the fox some important instructions.

He also did some warm-up exercises.

At the same time, he would occasionally observe the movements of the next catacomb.

Perhaps the Carrion Jackal would automatically leave.

It was completely dark.

Klein's night vision had indeed improved once again.

In the past, he couldn't even see his own fingers.

Now, his visibility was around fifteen meters.

The night vision of the Carrion Jackal was close to zero. They had no sense of smell, and their hearing was weak.

As long as he was ten meters away, Klein was confident that the arrow would hit a vital point!

At that moment, Klein looked at the catacomb in front of him again.

[There's an attractive silver treasure chest in the catacomb ahead. There's a pair of Carrion Jackals waiting for you. Now is a good time to attack. You can easily take care of them.]


Easily finished!

Klein and Little Fox entered the tunnel they had dug beforehand.

They arrived in front of the black membrane.

Klein looked at Little Fox and said, "Be careful and don't alert the enemy, understand?"

Klein wasn't too worried about Little Fox. Before he entered, he instructed once again, "Without my orders, you are not allowed to attack in advance."

"Wu, wu, wu!"

Little Fox patted her furry chest as though she was saying, "Don't worry, leave it to me."

Klein stepped into the black membrane first.

Little Fox followed closely behind.

The nineteenth catacomb.

It was silent.

Klein observed his surroundings. With his limited vision, he tried his best to find the location of the Carrion Jackals.


Little Fox tugged at Klein's pant leg.

Looking over, Little Fox gestured diagonally forward.

Its night vision was better than Klein's, so it naturally discovered the enemy ahead of time.

Klein nodded slightly and slowly moved in the direction of Little Fox.

Every step he took had to be light enough.

He walked for a full two minutes over a distance of more than ten meters.

Klein stopped in his tracks.

He could already see the outline of the two Carrion Jackals in the darkness.

The time for the hunt had begun!

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