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6.22% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 15: Plan to Capture a Living Crypt Creature!

Plan to Capture a Living Crypt Creature! - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 15 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 15: Plan to Capture a Living Crypt Creature!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

[Perfect Runic Crossbow: Iron 7/2, Copper 15/2, Wind Rune 1/2]

[Five Crossbow Bolts: Iron 7/2]

[Excellent Anesthetic: Cold Play Grass 0/2, Cricket Flower 0/2, Skeleton Grass 0/2, Fire Source]

The runic crossbow had a set of crossbow bolts, so there was no need to obtain the blueprint again.

"The runic crossbow is missing a wind rune."

"The ingredients for the anesthetic aren't complete either."

"I wonder if other people still have wind runes? The ingredients for the anesthetic should be relatively easy to obtain."

Klein had previously browsed the exchange market and saw all sorts of strange plants.

To most players, it was better to try to exchange for other resources if they didn't have enough food to eat.

'I'll search the catacombs first. I wonder if these traps can be dug out?'

Klein closed the interface and looked elsewhere.

As a qualified locust, it was natural to pluck its surroundings bare.

Other than illustrations, anything that could fit inside had to be taken away.

Klein took out a shovel and dug near one of the traps.

After two or three tries, there was a poof under the sand, followed by black smoke.

"Eh? It's destroyed?"

Klein forcefully shoveled and dug out the sand. There was nothing else.

The golden words no longer indicated that there was danger there.

Klein stepped on a corner. This place was no different from other places.

"Heh, I don't believe it!"

He went to dig out a few more traps.

No matter how careful he was, the final result was black smoke.

There was nothing below.

Klein couldn't help but suspect that the trap was too fragile to be supported by runes.

It would shatter at a touch!

If he had known this would happen, he wouldn't have needed to carefully go around it.

Klein searched the entire area. There was only an iron treasure chest in the catacombs. There were no other resources.

There was only one excavation opportunity left today.

Klein planned to strike while the iron was hot.

He checked five directions...

[There's nothing in the catacombs on the left.]

[Dig backward and you'll encounter a Single-Horned Sand Hound. There are many resources available in the catacombs. Perhaps you can wait a little longer. It's still a little risky to enter now.]

[There are some fruits in the catacombs ahead.]

[There's only lava and rocks in the catacombs below. The lava will limit your next choice.]

[Dig upwards. You will encounter a Single-Horned Sand Hound. If you're lucky, you might lose an ear or a nose.]

Digging in ahead was not only safe, but there were also fruit resources.


Klein didn't plan on choosing to go forward. Instead, he planned on digging backward.

If he could produce anesthetics, even without the runic crossbow, he would still have a chance of capturing the Single-Horned Sand Hound alive.

According to the hint, there was only a small risk if he went down now.

The reason why Klein wanted to wait was that he wanted the golden hint at his constitution again.

Or perhaps, he needed to contact his saber techniques more.

Klein opened the trading channel.

Klein opened the runic base and sat on the ground.

Currently, the resources he had were as follows:

Water 410 ml. 250 ml pure milk 2, black vine fruit 2, lizard meat 6, Bacon 3, octopus meat 12;

Copper 15, iron 7, wood 31, stone 18, sand 10, lizard skin 1, lizard bone 4, fluorescent grass 6, fluorescent grass seed 2, black vine 8, red flower 6, octopus fangs 2;

Soul 1. Wind Rune 1. Fire Rune 1. Runic egg 1, ordinary xenogeneic 1;

Flint 2, plastic bottle 3, sleeping bag 1, sheepskin map 1, octopus blood 200 ml.

Even if he didn't move, he could hold out for a long time.

These people were selling at too high a price.

Klein browsed around and wasn't satisfied with the price of the materials he needed.

He thought for a moment and said, "It's better for me to collect them myself and use water to exchange for other materials."

Klein pondered for a moment and listed a few trading methods.


Seller: Klein

Item: 20ml water

Requirement: 1 Cold Play Grass

Inventory: 12


Item: 25ml water

Requirement: 1 Skeleton Grass

Inventory: 2


Item: 1 Cured Meat + 70ml Water

Requirement: 1 Wind Rune

[Inventory: 1]


A total of 410ml water and 1 cured meat.

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Three sets of trading plant ingredients could be used to concoct two sets of ordinary healing medicine and one set of excellent anesthetic.

As for the Wind Rune, Klein didn't know if he could exchange for it.

Perhaps, he would need to increase the price before anyone would be tempted.

In less than half a minute after the four sets of trading were done, the three sets of trading plant ingredients were all completed.

"Boss, why didn't you inform me? I have Cold Play Grass too."

"Brother Klein, can you give me some water? I'm so thirsty..."

"F**k, Boss is selling water resources again!"

"Boss, I have a lot of wood here. Can I exchange it for water?"


Private messages came one after another.

This was already Klein's fourth time selling water and food. They didn't know how much of Klein's stock was left!

The world channel and the regional channel once again revolved around Klein's discussions.

After Klein received the plant materials and set the keywords in his private message, he ignored the private messages.

He began producing anesthetics!

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