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12.44% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 30: Silver Treasure Chest Found! Base Upgrade Scroll?

Silver Treasure Chest Found! Base Upgrade Scroll? - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 30 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 30: Silver Treasure Chest Found! Base Upgrade Scroll?

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

The smell from the Carrion Jackals was strong.

On the left and right, two Carrion Jackals lay together.

At night, they lost all sight, no different from a blind man.

This was the most dangerous time for Carrion Jackals.

Therefore, Carrion Jackals usually appeared in pairs.

At night, they took turns keeping vigil.

Although they couldn't see, they would prick up their ears and try their best to capture the sounds around them.

If there was a slight movement, they would immediately wake up their companions.

Klein and Little Fox were already ten meters away.

The Carrion Jackal that was keeping watch still didn't notice.

Klein took out the runic crossbow.

He loaded the crossbow in advance.

"There's no mistake in shooting at the head."

Klein held his breath and aimed at the head of one of the Carrion Jackals.

If it was during the day, he could guarantee that he would hit every target that moved.

At night, his vision wasn't very good, so he needed to aim carefully.

He adjusted his posture and pulled the trigger.


In the silent darkness, a crisp sound appeared.

The Carrion Jackal that was on night watch instantly got up.

The Carrion Jackal let out a strange roar.

It sounded like a wailing ghost.

[System notification: Soul+2]

At the same time, Klein's body trembled. His vision was blurry, and his brain seemed to have stopped working.

About half a second passed before he recovered.

Fortunately, it was nighttime, so the Carrion Jackal couldn't discern the enemy's position at all. After it roared, it slowly retreated.

Was its companion dead?

It wasn't sure.

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Gritting its teeth, it let out a low roar, hoping to scare the attacker.

'Looks like I don't need Little Fox to do anything,' Klein thought to himself.

Its night vision was really trash.

No wonder the notification said that it was easily resolved.

There was no danger even if he came alone.

Klein took a step forward and closed in again.

It was another arrow.


The Carrion Jackal fell.

Another headshot.

[System notification: Soul+2]

When Klein saw the notification, he could confirm that he had nailed the Carrion Jackal to death.

But that was the best part about the system. He didn't need to worry about the crypt creatures faking their deaths.

The two Carrion Jackals only provided Klein with four souls.

As for the corpses, after decomposition, the blood couldn't be eaten.

The bones had already rotted.

The entire body was filled with trash.

The Carrion Jackals weren't the main point.

Klein lit a bonfire and used the light from the fire to search for the situation inside the catacomb.


Klein ran straight for the silver treasure chest in the corner.

He picked it up and walked to the side of the full fire.

Under the light of the fire, the silver treasure chest reflected a luster.

It was made of pure silver.

If it was sold outside, it would be worth a lot of money.

"Come, Little Fox, let's see how your luck is."

Klein recalled that outside, someone had opened a chest with the help of a pet and even obtained some good items. They were there to entertain him.

"Wu, wu, wu?"

Little Fox looked up at him in confusion.

Klein grabbed one of Little Fox's paws and placed it on the treasure chest.

Open it together...

[System notification: Silver Treasure Chest+1]

[System notification: Low-Level Rune Base Upgrade Scroll+1]

[System notification: Perfect Runic Speed Blade Blueprint+1]

[System notification: Fragrant Rice Tree Seed+21]

After dissecting the treasure chest, Klein couldn't wait to examine the three brand new items.

The focus was on the runic base upgrade scroll, as well as the fragrant rice tree seed!

[Low-Level Runic Base Upgrade Scroll: Use to upgrade the base to x,  50 Iron Blocks, 50 Copper Blocks.]

[Fragrant Rice Tree Seed: When it matures, it will be a small sapling, but you can use it to grow white spring rice. There's a lot of it.]

[Perfect Runic Speed Blade Blueprint: The scripture of the nation. When used, it can increase the speed at which it can be modified. Like the wind, it can easily cut through copper and iron. It's a rare close-combat weapon.]

After Klein looked through the details of the upgrade scroll, the corner of his mouth twitched.

A weapon. He actually needed so many materials to upgrade!

Copper and iron were easy to collect, so he had quite a lot of them on him.

He also had five souls.

Runes were more difficult to deal with.

The current number of runes Klein had were as follows:

Wind Rune 2, Fire Rune 4, Earth Rune 2, Water Rune 0.

He was lacking 1 wind, 1 earth, and 3 water.

The base was sufficient at the moment, so he could choose not to upgrade. He would first forge the runic speed blade and the floating propeller.

Klein reluctantly put away the upgrading scroll.

It would be the slowest.

Now that he had more water and meat, he wouldn't have to buy them at a high price. He didn't believe that no one would come knocking on his door.

Rice Tree seeds...

It was necessary to create the runic planting pot.

"Perfect runic speed blade blueprint. Learn!"

Klein looked down at the blueprint.

The next moment, it turned into a beam of light.

He chose the manufacturing list and looked at the formula for the runic speed blade.

[Perfect Runic Speed Blade: Wind Rune 2/2. Iron 45/8. Copper 42/8.]

Wind runes again!

Should he create a floating propeller or a runic speed blade?

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