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7.43% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 18: Strange Meat Field, Fragrant Roasted Meat

Strange Meat Field, Fragrant Roasted Meat - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 18 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 18: Strange Meat Field, Fragrant Roasted Meat

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Half an hour passed, and the Single-Horned Sand Hound gradually regained consciousness. The anesthetic effect had yet to disappear, so it could only move in a small area,

However, it was trapped in a square container, and it could only stare blankly.

Klein opened the lid of the water condenser and took a look. The water was already about 200 ml.

He began the process.

He took out a dagger and came in front of the Single-Horned Sand Hound. He wanted to implant the xenogeneic into the Single-Horned Sand Hound. The Single-Horned Sand Hound had its four limbs clamped in the corner of the wall, with its back facing the outside.

Klein used all his strength to slide the dagger to tear a hole in his back. The Single-Horned Sand Hound let out a low growl, and the pain instantly struck it. Klein took it out from the boulder and gently propped it open, the flesh on the back of the Single-Horned Sand Hound was forcefully stuffed.

The eyes of the Single-Horned Sand Hound revealed a look of fear.

Klein saw a shocking scene through the crack. He saw a type of tentacle that grew rapidly after touching flesh and blood. It was rooted into the flesh like the roots of a large tree. It was an internal blood vessel... It was an increasingly repressed tumor-like substance that was firmly attached to the Single-Horned Sand Hound's body.

In just a dozen seconds, the Single-Horned Sand Hound's body was reduced to nothingness from the bones that had disintegrated its body from the inside. Its body collapsed like a puddle of mud.

The system reminded him. Klein leaned forward and looked down. There was only a puddle of meat under the xenogeneic. It looked like it was made from minced pork.

Ordinary meat was the sweet main ingredient. It was made from the life of a Single-Horned Sand Hound. This was the sweetness of meat. Klein had goosebumps all over his body.

After watching the entire process, Little Fox shivered and jumped into Klein's arms to act coquettishly. She pointed at the meat and pointed at her own teary eyes.

Klein understood what Little Fox meant and couldn't help but laugh. He said, "Don't worry, I won't do this to you..."

Little Fox shivered. She was clearly shocked. Curiosity had killed the fox. If she had known earlier, she wouldn't have watched.

Klein used the water dispenser to pour all of the water into the meat field. About 200 ml of water touched the meat field and was quickly absorbed into it. It even made gurgling sounds as though it was drinking water.

At the same time, the entire meat field floated up a little. Boy, it was growing fast enough.

Klein hesitated for a moment and didn't prepare to use his knife. He hadn't eaten a single piece of the One-Eyed Lizard meat or the Yellow Sand Octopus meat. It was enough for a few meals...

He didn't touch the meat field for now. He had used up all his excavations today, and it was already noon.

Klein's stomach began to growl, and Little Fox wasn't doing any better either. She stared at him anxiously.

Klein said, "I'll cook some barbecue for you later."

An ordinary barbecue required 30 pieces of wood, 13 pieces of iron, and 15 pieces of copper. It was 1.3 meters tall, 1.8 meters long, and 1.6 meters wide.

The system reminded him to add a piece of wood so that it could run for 30 minutes.

The system reminded him to add a fire source on his own.

Klein brought the barbecue and added a unit of wood to it.

At the moment, there was more than enough wood for 25 units of barbecue. He fired a flint and took out a piece of One-Eyed Lizard meat and two pieces of Yellow Sand Octopus meat. He used a dagger to cut them into pieces to be placed on the barbecue.

Under the sizzling heat, the barbecued meat emitted a meaty fragrance. It was too fragrant.

Klein took a deep breath of the meaty fragrance. Although he had been in the catacombs for less than two days, Klein felt like he hadn't eaten meat for at least a month or two. His mouth was salivating crazily.

It would be even better if there were spices. As Klein flipped the barbecued meat, he opened the trading channel and searched for spices.

There were more than a hundred types of seasonings, and their prices were all inflated.

There were quite a few types of seasonings.

There was pepper powder and sea salt msg.

Using cured meat to exchange for seasonings?

Klein wanted to put the trade on hold, but on second thought, even half a piece of cured meat was definitely worth more than a bottle of seasonings. He might as well try it on the world channel.

He immediately opened the world channel. He hadn't used the small speaker today.

Klein: "Savory cured meat for seasonings. If the price is high, do not contact me."

This piece of news from the world channel immediately spread through the entire channel.

In China, Klein was now very famous. The moment the news was released, it was immediately captured by many people.

"Klein, the rich man, is here again?"

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Some people had already given the title of rich man to Klein. In just a few seconds, Klein received tens of thousands of private messages. Some of them did have condiments, while others planned to use other substances to exchange for them.

"Boss, give me a piece of meat to eat. I have an Ordinary Doll Blueprint that I can exchange for it?"

"Boss, I have a bottle of pepper. Can I exchange for it?"

Klein naturally chose the best. He would trade with whoever gave him a lot of conditions.

Of course, if there were special items, he didn't suggest using cured meat or lizard meat or Yellow Sand Octopus meat to trade. Now that he had sufficient capital and a meat farm, he would trade if he could.

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