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4.93% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 11: Survivor Deviation, Obtained Runic Egg!

Survivor Deviation, Obtained Runic Egg! - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 11 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 11: Survivor Deviation, Obtained Runic Egg!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

[Ordinary Grill: Wood 30/4, Iron 1/4, Copper 8/4]

[Excellent Machete: Wood 30/1, Iron 1/4]

Klein currently had sufficient wood, but he lacked iron.

However, as long as the batch of wood he had was converted into water, it wouldn't be difficult to exchange for iron.

There were many people were selling iron in the trading market.

However, iron was more valuable than wood. It was impossible to exchange twenty to thirty milliliters of water for one unit of iron.

When Klein went to the trading market, it was for a piece of iron. One to two hundred milliliters of water could be exchanged for one unit of iron.

Of course, very few people would exchange for it.

There was still a shortage of water and food.

In other words, everyone was hoarding.

Apart from Klein, no one knew what was in the next catacombs.

If all the excavations were used up ten times a day, food and water would be used up. They would be uncomfortable for the entire day.

The water condenser was still a few minutes away from its end.

Klein had nothing to do, so he went to the chat channel to look.

The main reason was to gather some information.

There was too much information in the world channel.

Klein quickly scanned through it. He would only stop to take a look when he came across a keyword he was interested in.

Some players had encountered crypt creatures before.

However, they weren't killed.

They were mostly beaten back.

According to the players' descriptions, don't be afraid of crypt creatures. If you encounter them, use a shovel to demonstrate your strength.

As long as you hit them two or three times, the crypt creatures would dig up the ground and escape.

Klein believed more in the survivors' words.

Only by surviving could one speak.

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The dead were all shut up.

There were probably many players who died in a crypt creature's mouth.

A few minutes later.

The water condenser stopped functioning.

[System notification: Water+350 ml]

Klein didn't put it into a plastic bottle.

Instead, he opened the manufacturing page.

He chose to use four pieces of wood to create a wooden bucket.

The bucket had a capacity of 12 liters, which was enough for now.

Klein poured all the water into the bucket.

Currently, the total amount of water resources was 410 ml.

After taking care of everything, he put away the water rune base and continued digging.

The ninth catacomb was still a resource-based catacomb.

There were five directions, but none of them were dangerous.

One of them was empty.

[The basement on the left has a rich variety of resources. It has the plants you need.]

Klein chose to dig to the left.

After digging for about ten meters, a hole appeared.

He drilled in.

He saw rocks, iron, copper, and wood all over the ground.

In the corner, there were Red Flowers that looked like snakes.

Klein first went to gather flowers.

If he guessed correctly, this thing was most likely Red Flower. It was also one of the ingredients needed for the Ordinary Healing Medicine.

[Red Flower: Edible plant. Be careful when picking it. Be careful of snakes nearby.]

[Harmless little red flower. Pick it without worry. There's nothing nearby.]

Klein squatted down to gather it.

It was still fully illuminated, leaving nothing behind.

[Red Flower+6!]

He still didn't manage to gather any seeds this time.

Next, he picked up the materials on the ground.

[Wood+6, Iron+4, Copper+3, Stone+5...]

'Now, I'm only three points away from being able to produce Ordinary Healing Medicine.'

Klein opened the interface. The house in the upper left corner was still green.

'There's enough space to store the barbecue grill. If it's too crowded, I can also leave the grill outside.'

Klein didn't immediately build the barbecue grill.

He would wait until lunch time.

He continued digging!

He looked at the catacombs in five different directions.

[Digging upwards, there's a group of green scorpions here. Perhaps, when you dig upwards, the green scorpions will be nearby. With a light tap, you will die.]

[Continue digging to the left. There is only one egg there, and it contains a special power.]

[In the catacombs ahead, there's an injured crypt creature. It's on high alert. If you scare it, it will immediately escape.]

[There are only a few materials in the catacombs behind. It might not be enough to satisfy your appetite.]

[Dig down. There's an erotic magazine that can kill time as well as some snacks. If you feel lonely, you can give it a try.]

Only three directions indicated that there were resources.

Two directions indicated that there was a crypt creature.

"There's an egg on the left?"

"Is it food?"

Klein pondered.

Since the hint was that it contained a special power and didn't indicate any risk, it meant that it could be excavated.

The resources in the other two directions weren't abundant, so they could be discarded.

Klein continued digging to the left.

The passageway was more than thirty meters long.

There was an inflection point in the middle. He needed to use a shovel to try in order to find the correct direction.

"I've dug through."

Klein put away the shovel, took out the short spear, and stepped into the tenth catacomb.

No matter what, there was nothing wrong with being cautious.

This catacomb was relatively narrow.

It spanned about three meters.

In the middle was a small protruding sand dune.

Surrounded by sand, half of a big white egg was exposed.

It was a size bigger than an ostrich egg.

[There's no danger around here. This egg is good stuff. Your lonely days are over.]

The golden words jumped.

"Lonely days are over? Could it be that a beautiful woman can hatch?"

Klein strode closer and observed the large white egg closely.

Its surface wasn't pure white, but there were some silver patterns on it.

He could only see it clearly when he got closer.

The complicated patterns immediately made him think of the runic base and the water condenser.

Is it related to runes again?

Klein threw away the sand and picked up the white egg with both hands.

[System notification: Runic Egg+1]

[Runic Egg: Underage crypt creatures are sealed in the egg by runes. Dripping blood on it will break the seal and bind you. You will obtain a loyal companion that doesn't need to hatch.]

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